Motorcycle Close Call - A Lapse In Concentration

Motorcycle Close Call – A Lapse In Concentration

all right so here's the breakdown it's three things that are the main factors here number one is lack of sleep at about four hours and the two is a wave at a person who I thought was a workmate whose field you can see here on the right I thought that was a workmate but it turns out it wasn't when I watch the video in fact the number three is I took my concentration off the road not realizing it's already a red light and looking at the bike rider and when the video resumes just in a second you will see I had the choice if I were going left or right and as soon as I realized that no cargo left because it could be a car there so I took it in and go right now this is this poor asset this car in front of me is in the left side of this lane because if it was in the middle I probably would have been a ping-pong ball between the two so I had to go through there I remember thinking I can't apply the front brake too hard because you know could wash out and you can see here the three sets of lights that I go through the left the middle left and the far right that are all red completely red and I went straight through it it's just lucky that there was no pedestrian there walking across the road I would have hit them maybe by this point if could have slowed down in time but it's already doing 60 by the time I went through there and is also lucky there was no red light camera otherwise I probably would have lost my license as well so if I was to put my finger on it yes it's my fault I caused this it's a lapse in concentration you know I'll admit that all day I'm not going to hide that that's why I'm posting this video to show people it does happen to experienced riders but what saved me from not crashing was my riding experience and the fact that I didn't hesitate I didn't grab a fistful of the front brake and go straight up the arse of this car even with ABS our day he'd be able to stop in time that's why I ducked it to the right because I didn't know if there was a car on the left so thanks for watching and as always ride safe fuck it out

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  1. A bit of a shocker mate, don't know what I would have done – think I would have tried to stop after going between the vehicles, but you never know……

  2. Ahhhh damn brotha good thing your didn't get hurt, I know what its like to be tired and riding. Work graveyard from 9pm to 07:30 am sometimes i go home later then 07:30 since i do over time. You are absolutely right though hesitation will cause accidents, today i rode with my two friends and one of them is a beginner and he was splitting lanes. It was narrow lane the lady in front of him was hogging the line and talking on her cell phone,he hesitated just for a second he was concentrating on splitting. The lady in front of him braked and he slammed on hes brakes skidded a bit. After that i took lead and just reved through the lane and at least drivers saw that we were present. Ride safe everyone.

  3. After you moved to the right why didn't you then start braking hard ? I think that you could have stopped in time.

  4. good on you for admitting you were wrong.

    there isnt much else you coulda done in the moment braking is just too dangerous in that kind of senario

    you lose control, you slide, go head over, skid into the path of traffic

    ride safe man

  5. I could watch this all day long! It's nice to see someone acting proper in a potentially lethal situation. Go on the break just a little bit enough to slow you down ~10km/h or so while trying to lean the bike in the direction you want to go and don't get stuck with your eyesight in the rear of the car and then go on the throttle to straighten the bike to the left making for a straight path in the narrow gap between the vehicles. Absolutely amazing! 🙂 

  6. Your straight forward in your admission & yes we all have done one thing or another screwing up and fortunately most of the time we survive. It is always a wakeup call and a learning experience. Keep having fun.

  7. People need to practice emergency braking, you could have stopped even before entering the intersection, you'd be amazed at how quickly you can stop a bike. "I don't want to hit the brakes because of fear of washing out" is not an excuse. This was pure luck.

  8. It's most likely been mentioned before but I haven't gone back far enough in the answers to see it. You were riding one handed. Obviously you were in a very casual mood most likely brought on by tiredness. But the fact that in the verbal breakdown of the video you didn't mention it is a fault on your part.

    You're lucky to be alive and I for one am glad that you are.

    Keep safe mate.

  9. I don't like those box shaped stop lights, the go and stop lights are too close to each other and can lead to a misread. Not saying the vertical "tree" is the best, but having go and stop at opposite ends, I feel takes less concentration. 

  10. I give you props for posting this video and breaking down what exactly happened. This could have ended very badly. So glad everything turned out OK.

  11. I just got my first bike today, I won't ride until the spring but Im concerned about other drivers when I do. I just wanted to thank you for posting this. I love the honesty in it. It's a great reminder about caution while riding. Im glad your ok.

  12. In case this is ever needed! How wide angle cameras compare to eye sight!
    How a wide angle dash cam compares to eye sight

  13. Nice reflexes, and the honesty to admit your own mistake. It could happen to any of use, so you're right to point it out. Luckily, nothing bad happened this time, but we have to be focus on the road continuously… V

  14. I did this the other day after a long day of riding, didn't notice the car in front of me was slowing down for the yellow light and without thinking about it I swerved to the left in an open lane and went through. 

  15. fact that youve uploaded footage showing mistakes and putting your hands up shows you are a decent rider but like all road users we all make mistakes also with that in mind showing fault and turning it into a learning and instructive vid is in a sensse ad say punishment and serves as reminded of what can happen on any road but total respect and top marks to you bud and ride safe

  16. So glad it didn't end badly! It's really cool you explained what happened so others can learn how to respond instead of react too.

  17. Let me explain for you how this is a fake.
    Number 1: You can see him riding the bike with both hands
    Number 2: He just want an excuse for going too fast
    Number 3: He used an editor to make the lights red, but if u look  close u can see they are green!!!

  18. I liked it because you assessed the situation and made a decision, also the honesty to boot. In the end it worked out, at least it is better than panicking.

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