Most Funny Fail Handshakes in Sports

Most Funny Fail Handshakes in Sports

[Applause] [Applause] the game following up again for the he just shoves Maddie out of the way dump soul from puts his hand down like she wants to help a love and takes it away John Collins got ejected at the end of the game on the weekend high-five and everybody on the way out including that kids face Cass fan on the left here he's left hanging but watch the recovery Jean Rondo always mischievous around the free-throw line up to the high jinks now he gets a high-five from Marvin Bagley cause he comes out of nowhere pull sneaky that's good high five [Applause] yeah [Applause] just wants to be tapped up any one time come on Kevin anybody coach I go you gotta a minute so much turn around yeah they're Detroit Philly Andre Drummond well they went on it they were training trash talk and buckets and a beats are got the last laugh cuz he drew a deep into his sick foul and he told them you're out of here hit the showers is my favorite part it's the crowd scoring against the Grizzlies he's gonna give us a little dance a little Chanel or falling moving this guy just wants a high five well the Wizards need to take a page from the sons playbook here look at the coaching steadily happening deaths are happening someone get cold swims in there Reggie Jackson he just wants I drive some death anything from his headphones of Dan Van Gundy while yelling at him coach Stan just ignores them but in the end after the game they shared a very awkward exchange yeah playoff Rondo nothing's he can do anything including high-five opponents good move by draymond though I want a draymond rondo LeBron was on fire in Miami hit basically every shot but he didn't miss this high-five this guy plays it well get her started with head coach Scott Brooks the Washington Wizards it hasn't been a good year in this school visits and all that great Jamal Murray fan from Jamal keep an eye on hand at the free-throw line you can try and steal this high-five between the Bosnian beasts and nature just jumps in thank God now Josh hard at the Lakers on Sunday night beautiful pass at a car Koosman for the finish and he wants the high-five filed putting attention hey I thought he was in a little trouble since people they guessed right defensively got in front of him was able to put it up with that left hand [Applause] [Applause] but just keep an eye on Jeremy with bigger high-five okay it's like [Applause]

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  1. I used to fence and – no matter what had happened – at the end of each round you shake hands with the opponent and the Ref. No excuses for not doing so, as everything else is just disrespect – not funny. It should be that way in every sport.

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