MID-SEASON 2 COMPILATION | Hot Wheels City | Hot Wheels

MID-SEASON 2 COMPILATION | Hot Wheels City | Hot Wheels

– [Narrator] Last time we
were with the brothers, they were fightin’
giant spiders, a big and a huge gorilla! Now they’re doing
what they do best. Racing. – [Chase] If I make it to the
burger joint first, I win! – [Elliot] Ha, well what
happens when I beat you there? – Then I’ll challenge you to
a burger eating competition! – What happens
when I win, again? – [Chase] You really
think you’re the best at everything, don’t ya? – Duh!
– How ’bout being the best at eatin’ my dust? – [Elliot] Game
on little brother! Hahaha, I win again! – I love burgers, man! – This just in, burger
eating competition has begun! – [Employee] Order up! – I ordered the
burger, not the shake! (eerie music) – [Elliot] A giant scorpion! Where did that come from? Raven’s in jail! (suspenseful music) – Order up, way up! (dreamy orchestral music) – [Chase] I think
this scorpion and I have something in common! – [Elliot] What’s that? (screaming) – [Chase] Ah ah ah, I
don’t wanna be eaten! (police sirens wailing) – (laughing) All the police are now
chasing my giant scorpion! And now, for my
escape in three, two, ah! (laughing) (calming music) (engines revving) (child crying) – [Elliot] Hey Sheriff! – (mumbles) Sheriff!
– You’re gonna need a bigger burger! – [Sheriff] Right boys, meet
me at the police station, I have a plan! (suspenseful music) (both screaming) – I don’t know about you boys, but I like my burgers to go! – [Elliot] Forget this
scorpi-on, let’s get scorpi-off! – Code four, better get
this varmint outta town before he wants seconds! – Where is that scorpion? How do you not see
this place, it’s huge! – New news, Draven
keeps channeled with the help of his
giant, furry friend! – Well, that’s the sub-par
police work that I’m known for. – [Elliot] Sheriff,
you need to launch us! – [Sheriff] What is
that contraption? – [Elliot] It’s the
double-lane launcher, Sheriff! (engines revving) – Ah, that scorpion’s
not coming, is he? Oh, look, well at least
the news is on time. (dramatic music) (laughing) You didn’t think a jail cell could hold little
old me did you? I am undetainable! (crowd screaming) What in the? Are you kidding me? – Sheriff, we’ve got
eyes on the hairy beast! – Yeah, and the
gorilla’s there, too! – Ah, look, it’s the
brothers, save the day, what? Ooh, look, they’re
just flying by! Tata! – Just got word Draven’s
at the (mumbles) lodge! – [Elliot] Thanks, Sheriff,
let’s get there, fast! (upbeat music) (both screaming) – [Chase] Look out below! – [Elliot] Brace for impact! – [Chase] And here I thought
I needed my tires balanced! (upbeat music) Burn rubber! – New news, Draven and
McLela have escaped! Tune in for the newest new
news, news hour, at 11! – [Chase] Where’d they go? – [Elliot] Not here either! – [Chase] Really,
a car wash, now? – [Elliot] Hey, it was dirty! Also, Draven’s not here. (upbeat music) Not at the skatepark! – You know, there’s only
one place we haven’t looked! The beach! What in the? (quiet beach ambience) Since when does Draven windsurf? – [Elliot] Wait a
minute, that’s a shark! – And a sharp! Somersalt! And, stuck it! 6.5, my form was impeccable! Ah, you know what, forget it,
I don’t wanna die for this. (suspenseful music) Everywhere I go, these
two are always in my way! Eat them, and let’s be
done with it already! – [Elliot] Wow, keep
doin’ that little brother, you’re makin’ a sand tornado! – Oh, no, no! That’s a classic smokescreen! Haven’t you seen any cartoons? – [Chase] We’re stuck and
we just keep spinnin’! – I love the beach, (mumbles). (both screaming) – [Chase] The sandnados are gone and the shark is comin’ back! – [Sheriff] (mumbles) no
match for the Tanknator! Get in the Tiki
launcher, go, go, go! – [Chase] Thanks a lot, Sheriff! – Oh, you want a piece of me? I’m packing heavy steel! That’s what I thought! – Woohoo.
– You did it, Sheriff! (crowd cheering) (crowd screaming) – It’s time for the
single smack shark attack! Ah, just waxed it! Well, that didn’t work. – There’s some new
cars up on the dune! (upbeat music) – Yeah!
– Nice! – Mm, wait for me! (suspenseful music) That’s fair, just you wait. I’ll be back (mumbles) – Hey uh, little help? I’m stuck. Kinda can’t move.
– Oh the Sheriff! He needs our help!
– Quick, throw him a line! – [Chase] Yippee
ki-yay, my brotha! – I don’t think
this is a good idea! – [Chase] What are you
talkin’ about Sheriff, this is our best idea ever! – Ah, come on! – He’s free!
– Uh, guys? The police station is
back towards the land! (upbeat music) – [Chase] Who knew
fightin’ a shark would get our cars so dirty? – Haha, I’m tellin’ you
man, rainclouds aren’t gonna get seaweed and fish
bones off your ride! – Hey man, we put our
cars back together, I think we can handle
a little seaweed. (upbeat music) – Game on! (upbeat music) (Chase screaming) – (laughs) Your
car still stinks! – All this dizziness
for nothin’! I’ll get you for this, clouds! – Do you need me to show
you how to be fierce? Just go like this, rawr! – Rawr?
– No, like this, rawr! – Rawr?
– Rawr! (alligator roaring loudly) – Whoa, whoa! Not bad, I could work with that. (dramatic music) (mechanical whirring) (Sheriff mumbling)
– Sheriff, what? You’re cutting out!
(Sheriff mumbling) – What are you trying to say?
– There’s a giant gator at the car wash! – No! (suspenseful music) – Little brother, you okay?
– Who turned out the lights? – Dude, you’re in
a gator’s mouth! – (laughs) I thought you just
said I’m in a gator’s mouth! (suspenseful music) – [Elliot] Hey, outta my way! Being a hero! – [Reporter] Wow, look
at those drivers go! – Smile for the camera? – Watch out, oh! Oh, I’m flat, oh! Oh, uh, yup, meant to do that! – Looks like Chase and Elliot
have this under control! Wait, that’s not
Chase or Elliot! Who’s drivin’ those cars? – I don’t get it, all the
roads come right here. Where are they? (suspenseful music) – [Chase] Never thought I’d
be mouthwash for a gator! (alligator roaring) – [Elliot] Check ya
later, giant gator! (suspenseful music) – Dude, you’re free!
– I knew I could count on ya, big bro!
– Ah, I didn’t save you, bud! They did!
– Much appreciated, next time, a little sooner, but
hey, you know, thank you! Can I at least get your names? (car honking) What’s that? (imitating car horns) Or was that,
(imitating car horns)? – Nah bro, I think it’s
more like, beep beep, honk! – Now, maybe that was,
honk honk, (mumbles)? – Beep, beep, honk, honk! Beep beep, bup! (silly music) – [Elliot] Oh, who are
these mystery drivers? – [Chase] Why won’t
they stop, man? I just wanna say hi! (upbeat music) – Got ’em in our sights!
– You betcha! There’s absolutely
nothin’ that’ll happen that’ll change that! (upbeat music) – Time to shred the gnar!
– Grip it and rip it, I always say! – Woohoo (mumbles) (judge crying) – [Elliot] Nice try
mystery drivers, but now, what, how, we lost ’em! – I thought you were
goin’ really fast! – Thanks little brother! I thought so too, but, those other drivers,
they must’ve gone You got eyes on our guys? (suspenseful music) – [Chase] Uh, they
disappeared like ghosts! How are we ever gonna
find them again? I mean, ya can’t
even see ghosts! (car honking) (upbeat music) – Except, if they’re
driving cars! – [Chase] Go, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go! (silly music) – Time for a shortcut!
– Roger that! (suspenseful music) – [Chase] Uh, I think I
took the wrong shortcut. – What do you mean?
– Uh, just a hunch. (upbeat music) (suspenseful music) – Where are you? We lost ’em! – [Chase] It’s hard to explain! You might wanna
come to the beach. – [Host] Hold onto
your board charts, ladies and gentlemen, we
have a new entry into the surf comp, goes by
one name, Chase! – [Elliot] Dude, it’s
no time to catch waves! (upbeat music) – (laughs) I’ve got the brothers where I want them, right
in front of my giant shark! – Every time there’s danger,
that guy is always around! (suspenseful music) – [Elliot] Brochato? You have got to carve
outta that barrel! – [Chase] Dude, I’m
about to get pitted! – [Elliot] You’re
gonna get axed! (suspenseful music) – [Chase] I don’t understand
why people are fighting sharks, they’re so easy to evade! – [Elliot] Don’t worry, broseph! I’m droppin’ in! (dramatic music) (suspenseful music) Not scary not scary not scary! Not scared. – [Elliot] Time for the
old band-aid buster! – [Chase] Surfs up! Ah! Surfs down. – Oh you think I’m finished? No, I’ve got eight reasons
why the brothers are doomed! (evil laugh) I’ve been working
on my evil laugh. – Bro, you wanna do
Don patrol tomorrow? Dude I’m so there, and
I’ll be like (cheering) – And then I’m gonna
be like (mumbles) Haha, chilling at the
beach is so sandy! – [Elliot] Chase. – [Chase] I mean,
probably everybody? (upbeat music) – It’s somethin’ about
gettin’ a car wash man that just makes me feel good! – New news, giant octopus
sighted at the lighthouse! Be on the lookout! New-er news, mystery drivers reveal, and they challenge
Chase and Elliot to a race! (upbeat music) – Chase, we need new rides! – Here you go!
– No! – Yeah, huh? – Nope.
– How about this? – Unacceptable.
– How about the Bubble Matic? Hoo hoo, bubbles. – Are you even taking
this seriously? – Okay okay okay,
one more, one more! (toilet flushing) – Come on!
– Haha, I’m just teasin’. May I present to
you, the Muxmeter! – [Elliot] Next time,
lead with that one! Now these are some Hot Wheels! – Alright, listen up! I want a good, clean, race! Starts here, and ends here! Got it? Good! Are you ready?
– Wait, what? I didn’t see it! Where, where are we going? – Go go go! (suspenseful music) – [Elliot] First
born, first place! Ain’t nothing gonna change that! (suspenseful music) – Not if I’m in front! (suspenseful music) – [Elliot] That’s impossible! – I’m about to be rad! – [Elliot] No way, I
think I’m the raddest! – [Chase] I’m so
rad, when I was four# and a choir showed up to
the hospital and sang, rad! – [Elliot] Bro, you’re
jammin’ my flow! Watch out, ow! So rad. – [Chase] So rad. (suspenseful music) – [Elliot] They passed you! (crowd cheering) – [Chase] How does it feel
to get fourth place, pal? (crickets chirping)
– Joey, over here! How does it feel to be the
newest news, on new news? – I’ll tell you! – Elliot, how does it feel
to be the newest old news on new news? (sad trombone tune) – Hey, I have an idea? How ’bout we make a new team? (loud crashing) (suspenseful music) (crowd screaming) – I’m tangled in tentacles! – What, I don’t get caught! That’s Chase’s job! – [Sheriff] Don’t
worry, I got this! Don’t got this (crying) – [Woman] Hey! He’s only got five tentacles left to grab us with! – I’m number five!
– I’m number four! – [Racer] I’m number three! – [Other Racer]
That makes me two! – The last one’s all me!
– No, Joey! – You can do it, Chase!
– That means his tentacles are all full. – Okay, you can just
drive up there and bop ’em the head!
– Cue the hero music! This is my moment! Octo, pow! – [Joey] Chase, you did it! – [Woman] Yeah you did! – [Elliot] I knew you could
do it, little brother! – [Chase] We all did it! – [All] Go team! (upbeat music)

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  1. Nice video, all the creatures are cool for me. This is just half on the season 2 right? I hope there is still more creatures coming up. If this is just the mid of season 2, will you still show up the monkey at the power plant station, the shark in the ultimate garage, the bat in the manor and the piranha in the aquirium?

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