Michael’s $2000 3kW DIY eBike – How good is DIY?

Michael’s $2000 3kW DIY eBike – How good is DIY?

hi and welcome to wrong way and this is Michael’s DIY ebike for $2,000 let me tell you more about so obviously this is not my bike if there’s my clothes bike [Music] so let’s talk about the features of this bike obviously it’s electric what kind of battery do you have it’s 16 s 9-p enough on this engine 45 amps is the power of the controller right here you can see the box where there are 144 cells in here what kind of sales are these so this is the LG mj1 cells and these are some really good cells with really nice parameters once this bike does not look like a cyclone ebike viper or venom it has actually really really good components for example the brakes and these brakes are supposed to be legendary form or anyone and so it’s the highest quality pranks in the world I can say here you can see the brakes obviously they after a hydraulic I’m not a specialist when it comes to brakes but where the whole cycling bike team tells me that these brakes are the best and I just say okay I have the throttle in the left hand so I can switch the gears in the right and when you brake does it also deactivate the motor and no it doesn’t so I can know that by now what is the top speed of it it’s like 75 kilometres per hour it depends how is your wife and the motor is a pinke height okay it’s mxo straight week and here you can see also some machinery on the front of the bike so there’s a light with three modes yeah and there is another light and actually you can see here all the braking cables they are wired so it is for example better quality than magura brakes and what about the fork front fork is the RockShox reckon it’s pretty good for this bike it’s not the best but it definitely handle the speed and what is the range of this bike is 85 kilometres throttle loudly enough for everyday journeys and what is the charging time you said you have a slow charger what is like it’s my childhood is torrent of amps and from 0% to 100 in 10 house ok can I take it out for a spin yeah how heavy is it 32 kilograms all right let’s jump on it that’s just the front shocks here okay the right button this is for acceleration no oh my god it has like three right next to each other so this is the Bell this is the gear right and this is oh so big eater so where’s the okay here you told me about it oh my god these brakes so easy to break with them all right so actually it feels really nice it feels like sporty so to speak like not like a mountain bike so to speak but like posture very still [Music] [Music] okay I could definitely see myself traveling with something like this in longer distances for sure this is faster than my wheel but I will cover them but already because there are no mud guards here because Michael doesn’t like mud guards that look bad I am that Delta yeah man you can see also the light in the rear I think we didn’t show them before and yeah and this is also your first bike yeah that’s awesome and the batteries work was ready you bought is ready yeah I bought ready but now I can build it myself alright so here you can see you can build a bike for two thousand dollars which is very functional very fast and for sure better than highly overpriced giant ebikes or other ebikes that just go 25 km/h and if you’re still here please leave a like on the video subscribe to see more content like this I’ll see you in the next video see you soon [Music] [Applause] [Music] so thanks again for showing me with this bike everyone can have or build himself a knee bike and yeah you’re all covered in one soon [Music]

5 thoughts on “Michael’s $2000 3kW DIY eBike – How good is DIY?

  1. Sterownik GT1500? 😉
    Miło wspominam, miał "coś" w sobie, prostota działania, kop,.. dźwięk – wtedy denerwował, teraz nawet za nim trochę tęsknię 😉

  2. Hardtail with rear hub motor it's shock ass,not comfortable,only on road use,not mtb.Nice drift- with foot stand only.General not my style.Mr Mark from Cyklon in 2.10 ! greeting !

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