Marble Race lego GBC - Conveyor belt - Elimination tournament

Marble Race lego GBC – Conveyor belt – Elimination tournament

today for marble Kubica we have a unique twist on one of our more common races is another time trial race between countries for our tournament and there is a very different aspect there it is right there on your screen it is a literal conveyor belt which will be incorporated in the middle of the time trials here today for this 16-team field there are the team statistics for 2019 and for MSP a time Rick O'Shea welcoming new to today's tournament just see the statistics and now you'll see the teams that are gonna compete it's the Philippines Russia Australia with a rare appearance in Germany and the bottom left quadrant of the bracket and then the top left consists of Brazil Vietnam all eyes are gonna be on Indonesia and will take an Argentina Colombia the United States Portugal and Iceland and then Mexico Japan the Netherlands and Malaysia first matchup is the Philippines against Russia it's gonna be very interesting to see this matchup here this begins to the first one and see how the conveyor belt needs gonna be a lot of bit banging back and forth as they are continuing to make contact with each other early and right now Russia jumps to the lead there they are on the conveyor belt making their way through I don't think there's any chance that these marbles will fall or whatever big drop into a funnel and through first it's gonna be a pass the Philippines has believed we're down to the second funnel now let's see if Russia can make that same pass the answer is no now we make their way towards the pegs that they have to make their way through and now this large portion and all the way to the finish as the Philippines finish and rush is actually gonna get stuck so they are disqualified and will not finish but they were far enough behind anyway and with too little track to remain that it wouldn't matter as the Philippines move on they win the first match if one thing to note there is that it does come to a sudden end as if the Netherlands against Malaysia now that very large view I love that view of the course there and lead right now belonging to Malaysia and they're gonna take that week making their way up the conveyor belt great look there where they come into the funnel and they are now that'll be joined by the Netherlands Malaysia in the gray in the lead and not for long as the Netherlands pass them up another pass happening in one of those funds that has been a very common happening recently and I think that's because they've noticed that you're able to make those passes if you come in hard and make contact we're stopped for the Netherlands are slowly making their way through trying to get down towards the bottom and they will finish ahead of Malaysia and they will move on and that's gonna be the end of the day for the Malaysians they've finished four seconds behind and are eliminated one thing to note here is that there's not as much time we saw in our last video Indonesia and here they are trying to defend their crown yet again I should know because they continue to when and they've got the the advantage right now but now it's gonna be passed up that was so tight they almost ended up in the same one very close with each other slight advantage for Argentina now here comes Indonesia there's not as much time for them to make up a mistake though so it's really important to see who gets out first and right now through the first funnel at least it's gonna be Argentina and now here comes Indonesia trying to make that pass it looks like they've got the angle do they have the finish no they do not not quite they are very close with each other who can get through first Argentina making quick work here comes Indonesia it's gonna be too little too late Argentina wins and they have eliminated Indonesia in the first round to end their reign of terror against the other countries three consecutive podium finishes three consecutive finals appearances and consecutive back-to-back wins Turo have gone to Indonesia that will change now as here is Colombia against the United States and the u.s. trying to bounce back from an early exit in our last video elevator video which I've referred to in the Pat's before as a conveyor belt definitely not as much like a conveyor belt as this oh look at that pass are you kidding me Colombia came in behind they just bumped the u.s. right out of the way and said I'll take that they've got the lead now they're both in the funnel let's see if the u.s. can return the favor the answer is no Colombia's got that lead Wow a little bit of bully ball we can play here by Colombia just pushing the United States out of the way now the u.s. gets back in the lead making their way down the pegs right around the corner great run there by the United States and they are going to start to slow and they're having a little trouble and now here they come towards the end here comes Colombia they push it out of the way again and get the win Wow Colombia just dominated the United States there and shoved them right out of the way and said we will be moving on thank you very much they get the win over the United States by just over a second and now it is Brazil against Vietnam now with Sonny's shocking run big contact there between these two marbles facing off another contact may be big run they're slowing and falling back a little bit was Vietnam it cost him a spot on the conveyor belt they've still got the lead no very interesting the way this conveyor belt works you can kind of just push people out of the way and if you line up wrong you could potentially lose your spot and have to drop back a spot Vietnam still got the lead over Brazil couple more favorites out early the United States two-time defending champs three-time defending final appearances for Indonesia and they lost not gonna be the case though here for Brazil they'll move on and so they are able to advance to the second round and now they will face Argentina would have been a second consecutive appearance or a tournament at least that we would have seen result against Indonesia in the second round that's not to be they'll take on Argentina and now that towards the top iceland's got a very beautiful white marble with some blue yellow red mixed in classic green and dark red for Portugal wanna banging back and forth there and stealing that spot is Iceland they have the lead it's tight though early on really interesting the strategy involved here for this tournament different aspect here as Portugal is gonna take that lead right back pass them in the funnel that's clearly if you're not gonna get the lead and have it consistently oh look at the move there by Iceland they pass them back they've got the lead they're heading down right through the middle of the course they've got one more move to make now they're starting to slow they get stuck they get stuck and Portugal's gonna win Iceland blows it at the last moment oh what a helpless feeling they had it and they had it easily and at the last turn they get stuck that is heart-wrenching heartbreaking for Iceland oh my [Applause] it already takes on Australia now buddy's got a different look there black and white here today and Australia's got blue and red and they are clear as well and they've got a lead right now oh my goodness that's just heartbreaking for Iceland for losing that fashion now here comes Germany trying to circle it they will get through the first funnel making their way down and Australia they look good and they're gonna take the lead right back don't want to head down the middle that's exactly what Australia did maybe opening the door for Germany if they can head down the side nope they're gonna follow suit and meanwhile Australia is gonna win 4203 the time everybody starting to struggle but they will at least cross the finish line seven seconds later they're eliminated and one more spot it's Japan against Mexico we've seen a couple of our by the fanpage which are their favorites and tones of their success rates go down the fan in Mexico Mexico is definitely one of them they've got a lot of success and they are right now following ahead of the pan but Japan jumps ahead at the last second and Mexico passes them up as they're waiting for a spot on the conveyor belt we saw Colombia do that to the United States and Mexico just did it to Japan and now Japan trying to pass them back up they do that is the perfect way to combat that let's see if they can get out of the second funnel okay they do they've got the lead had to do the final portion of this course getting through pretty quickly making their way down towards the bottom last move to make they've got it and Japan is gonna take out Mexico very fast time 4201 a respectable 48 18 but still well to slow against Japan Mexico is eliminated Japan's moving on and our quarterfinal matchup is set first one will be Brazil against Argentina Argentina with the upset of Indonesia and Brazil with their onlookers and supporters sitting right next to the Argentine contact made there there's no really struggling right now getting stuck and meanwhile Argentina able to build a lead but it goes right away that was a big comeback early in this race for Brazil for a moment it looked like they might just get stuck all entirely instead they're able to come back get right up next to Argentina here as they enter the first funnel oh this is tight Argentina though holds on to the lead that's big for them and now here comes Raziel again trying to make that pass and they will they've got the lead back Argentina following them very closely it'll come down to the end Argentina with a little stumble and it is enough for a very close win for Brazil Wow only a tenth of a second Brazil is moving on now it's Portugal against Colombia [Applause] I'll be there too yellow red and blue big contact and the lead right now to Columbia trying to make quick work here oh look at the move there by Portugal and they've got the lead past him up at the last moment and stood their ground Columbia bullied the United States right out of that spot that time Portugal would not obliged they've moved there by Columbia who's gonna get out first it's gonna be Columbia good move weren't able to force Portugal out of the way but they did still pass them in that funnel and now Portugal will pass them right back starting to build a lead Columbia struggling in that second funnel that might be too late Portugal one more move to make they're starting to slow but it's not going to be slow enough they're gonna finish first and advance to the semi-finals and now Columbia is gonna get stuck and so their day will end with a disqualification as they are eliminated just trying to finish the course and they couldn't and now Australia will took a take on the Philippines Philippines won our first matchup there they are and over a couple is Australia Australia has not been a very common opponent here today here I should say this year in terms of making appearances in tournaments and a rarity here are the spots separating these two on that conveyor belt that hasn't happened very often and the Philippines they don't care they pass them anyway Wow big comeback there by the Philippines and now Australia passes them back this one's gonna be tight ere comes the Philippines there goes Australia down towards the end they've got one more move to make but they're not gonna make it they're gonna get stuck oh the pass at the end Australia does come back to win back and forth they went and they made the move at the last moment almost looks like they were waiting preying on the Philippines waiting for them to move out of the way so that they could make the move don't know if it was intentional or not but if it was that is a great run either way it's gonna get them into the semi-finals and get us to our next our next matchup which is the Philippi I'm sorry the Netherlands against Japan pretty tight right now Japan is gonna move on into the conveyor belt first and very large lead there is one two three spots on that conveyor belt separating these two I just said that hasn't happened very often that's the largest lead heading into the funnel that we've seen from anyone let's see if that's gonna be able to matter it doesn't look like it will there goes the Netherlands they not only eliminated that deficit but they take the lead and now Japan trying to take it right back they will back and forth they go in the funnels that's been a theme for today's matchups Japan trying to make quick work they do one more move to make and they're moving on with a time of 45 16 pretty quick run they're pretty quick for both sides but a little bit too slow for the Netherlands as they are eliminated and our last matchup I'm sorry our first semifinal matchup will be Australia against Brazil you're guaranteed a spot in a match to get on the podium that's if you use you'll play 4/3 if you win you are into the final Brazil's Australia like we said the Aussies haven't played very often in these tournaments but they are showing up here good start and they're going to have the lead just barely no separation right now first funnel [Applause] Australia yep they will take the lead they will have it out of the first funnel now here comes Brazil Australia trying to pull the off to the upset but here comes Brazil they will get towards the pegs first making their way down into the final portion of this track making quick work Raziel now here comes Australia and they pass at the end they did it again back-to-back times Australia makes the move and they are moving on to their first final of the year and they'll face either Portugal or Japan now that is a very dangerous move in terms of trying to block it if the opponent is doing that which we've seen from Australia a couple times now it's hard that that's hard to beat in size ly right now for Japan what they're trying to figure it out they're having a hard time doing so 1 2 3 and then Portugal oh good sized leap to Japan let's see if they can continue that they do keep the lead into the second funnel still in the first funnel is Portugal they're making their way out trying to distract a pan get them to not be able to finish the funnel it won't work they're on to their final portion of this track and you finish it quickly the answer for Japan is going to be quick enough they're gonna get the win 47:12 Portugal is gonna get stuck another disqualification this time it's Portugal they are disqualified from this match doesn't just qualify them from a chance to play for 3rd though so they will take on Brazil it's Australia against Japan but first the third-place match there have been some close calls in this one Raziel fell victim to that Australia passing them at the last moment Portugal coming off a disappointing semi-final match up in which they were unable to finish and they do take the lead now here against Brazil no separation as they enter the funnel looks like that's Brazil with the upper hand it is they are gonna take the lead over Portugal now all over the place and it is looks like that still Brazil it is we're still still in the lead and now they are stuck they're in trouble here comes Portugal if they hit them they've got a chance if they don't it's over it's gonna be over Portugal's gonna win third by virtue of another disqualification Brazil had a huge lead but they see it slip away just like we saw with Iceland in the first round Brazil misses out on the spot on the podium and now it is Australia against Japan look at the metallic looks on both these marbles at least from our camera that's how it looks ooh look at that move right there by Japan they're gonna take the lead they are silver and some white mixed in a lot of clear blue red involved for Australia and it's Japan through the first funnel first moving on to the last funnel and in the final portion of this track and they're gonna be mixed up in there with Australia trying to confuse them distract them and take the lead themselves they cannot Japan towards the final portion of the course now here comes Australia it's gonna have to be a mistake for Japan will they make that mistake the answer as no and the luck runs out for Australia Japan wins this tournament Australia did it when their last two times where they were able to catch their opponent in a mistake and make a move with the killer instinct that's not to be this time Japan got ahead stayed ahead and finishes in first third place goes to Portugal there on the podium Australia with a very strong second what all eyes are on Japan as they get the win in the first conveyor belt tournament very interesting aspect added to these Time Trial tournaments as the conveyor belt allowed us some passes to be made that we may not have normally seen and it added a an extra element of surprise and excitement to our tournament so we're glad that you watched it and we're glad that we were able to have a fun and exciting tournament so again congratulations to Japan until next time I'm ricochet and thanks for watching you

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