LIE Detector Test of GAME MASTER Hacker in Real Life! (Rescuing Kurt from the Quadrant)

LIE Detector Test of GAME MASTER Hacker in Real Life! (Rescuing Kurt from the Quadrant)

– [Matt] Okay, get him
inside, get him inside. Okay, you got him? – Lock it Matt. Okay, here Kurt. – [Matt] I'll get this, you
got the red light on him? – Yep. – [Matt] Okay. – Now Matt where should I take him? – [Matt] Take him over here. – Matt, Matt it's flinching, it's flinching!
– It's blinking. It's blinking. What What? – No no! – [Matt] No no! Kurt! – Hold on, hold on,
Kurt I got it, I got it. Here, oh my gosh. Okay. Grab a chair. Right here Kurt. Daniel should be here any second with the lie detector mixture. You guys we're gonna have Kurt take a lie detector test
and we need to get him out of this hypnosis. – That's right, we're trying
to rescue Kurt right now. Kurt's a good friend of ours,
but he's not acting himself because he's under
hypnosis from the Quadrant. Keep the red light on him. It's the only thing that works right now. – Okay just. – [Matt] Oh! – Is that the Quadrant? Did they follow us here? – [Matt] I don't know. – I don't know go check Matt. Oh the doors locked. – [Matt] Who is it? I can's see you through the door hole. It's Daniel. – Okay, good. Then we can de-hypnotize Kurt and give him a lie detector test. – [Matt] Exactly. – Hey. – [Matt] Okay, you have the antidote? – Where's the antidote? – No we can't give him the antidote yet. – What? No. – I had an idea hold on. We need to give him the
lie detector mixture because as he's bad Kurt
he can hypnotize Kurt, we can get all the
information we need from him. – About E3? – [Matt] Oh! – If we give him the antidote,
he may forget everything. We need to find out all
the details about E3, how to stop the Red Hood,
maybe even who the Red Hood is. – Smash a thumbs up button, comment below if you think we should give
Kurt the antidote first or it you think we should have him take the lie detector mixture first? You're right, he's forgotten things before when we de-hypnotized him. – Yeah, I don't know if
this is a good idea guys. I think we need to give
him the antidote now. Let's get Kurt back! – Game Master Network we
need your help right now so comment and let us know
what you think we should do. Also we're shouting out
people later in the video that got 100% on the last test. – I say no antidote. – You know E3's supposed to be coming up. I kind of agree with him Matt. I think that he needs to take that so we can get more
information so we can stop E3. – You know if Kurt was
actually himself right now, he'd probably want us to
do the right thing too and that's figure out
more information about E3. – Okay. – Let's give him the lie
detector mixture right now. – You guys remember when
I played the Clue game in real life at the hacker's mansion. That Kurt was hypnotized and he actually took out all of the other hackers, and they went missing. Then he tried to grab us, because we had the remote
and ten thousand dollars. – [Matt] Do we still need the red light with the mixture? – Gotta test it, but I think
now that he has the mixture, we should be okay, we should be safe. – Okay, we're gonna turn it off and if he's good and
doesn't come after us again. – Okay, three, two, one. – [Matt] What's happening? – White, he's still. We're good, we're good. We gotta turn it off. This is not the normal
Kurt, this is bad Kurt, so any questions you think he might know, let us know what we should ask. – As you guys know, we've done a ton of these lie detector tests before. We need to start with
some baseline questions just to make sure that
it's testing out correctly and that the mixture is working okay? Is your name Kurt Hugo Schneider? – Yeah. – [Rebecca] Okay. – Okay, it's usually just yes or no, but we'll take a yeah. – He's hypnotized Matt, he
doesn't know any better. – I know. Second baseline question. Kurt, are you wearing purple right now? – Yeah. – Okay it's working. – It seems like it's kinda working. You have to get three before
you know it's for sure. Are you a master of music? – Maybe. – [Daniel] There's a maybe. That's an interesting answer. – We're pretty sure,
yeah, we're pretty sure. – But you know, Kurt doesn't like to brag so the read Kurt would answer
that honestly like that. – He's super modest and humble. Kurt, who do you work for? – Project Q. – [Daniel] Project Q? – Q. – Wait, we heard rumors about this. – Yeah. – It's real. – [Daniel] Wait, how does
he work for Project Q? – I don't know, that makes no sense. We thought that was tied to Q. We should ask a question about Q. Maybe he knows who Q is. – [Daniel] Good question. Kurt, do you know who Q is? – Only the Red Hood knows. – Oh, so Kurt doesn't even
know his true identity. – Does anybody know who Q is? Q was tricking us this whole time. We got close to him, but he's just tricking us the whole time. – He was pretending to want to be a part of the Game Master Network,
but he was really working for the Red Hood we think. What do you guys think? We need to ask something about E3. – Okay. What is gonna happen at E3? – Just a game. – [Daniel] Just a game? – It's just a game? – [Daniel] What does that even mean? – E3's just a game? – [Daniel] Or it's gonna involve a game. – Yeah, remember the Roblox picture we saw on Q's phone, remember? A lot of people thought it was Roblox, but then a ton of you guys commented that that was actually Minecraft. Both of those are games. – Plus we found the remote. And we got the remote back. – [Daniel] Yeah. – It's a game remote. – [Daniel] I think it has
to do with video games. – If games has to do with E3, we need to figure out how to stop it, how to stop these games. Do we just not play them or what? – Do it. – Kurt, how do we stop E3? – Remote. – [Daniel] The remote. – The remote we have. – No, the remote in the box
we found at the game Clue. – Wait. – [Daniel] Oh right. – Look, this had the
ten thousand dollars too and Kurt was after this. You guys commented the last video that you thought the three-digit code, that it might be the three fingers that we saw at the Red Hood's mansion when I was trapped there for
24 hours, remember Daniel? – Oh, when we stopped E2. – Yes. – [Daniel] On the typewriter. – Exactly. – [Daniel] Okay right. – So you guys commented that it was 689. Do you think this is gonna open it up? – Before you put that in,
why don't we ask Kurt? – Okay, yeah, Kurt. – Is 689 the code for the box? – 689. – It is, it is. All right, Zam Fam, smash the
thumbs up button right now if you think this is going to work. I think it is, I think Kurt's giving us. – As you can see, we put 689 right there. – [Daniel] There it is. – Do you think this is gonna work? – I hope so. – Three, two, one. Oh! – It's a remote. Wait, this isn't even real money, this is. – It's a note pad. – The Red Hood was
tricking all of the hackers into thinking they were
getting ten thousand dollars if they played Clue, but
it wasn't even real money. – These are million dollars. – [Daniel] Fake money, but look at that. – This is the re– – Can you imagine if this was real though? – [Daniel] Wow. – This is like 20 million dollars. – It's like an Xbox remote. – But it says E3 on the back. – [Daniel] Okay don't press that, remember what happened last time. – [Matt] Oh yeah, you're
getting button happy. She's going crazy with those buttons. – [Daniel] Yeah, don't press it. – I didn't know, I was just testing it. – [Daniel] Remember Matt,
I mean, remember that. Do you remember that? – Yeah, I'm gonna set this down. – Guys, what are you talking about? – [Daniel] It's okay. – You said remember Matt. – [Daniel] No. – Like what? – [Daniel] No, not Matt. – We should continue the lie detector test right now on Kurt. – [Daniel] Okay, you're right, okay. Yep, here we go, next question. – All right Kurt, so we
found you at the mansion. Like you were there at the mansion. It seems like you work for the Quadrant. Is that right? – Yes. – At the mansion, while I was in the van, I saw everything from
every security angle. You framed everybody. Was that part of the plan? – It was all part of the plan. – He's smiling so creepy. – Wait, are you thinking
what I'm thinking Daniel? – [Daniel] It was all a big trap. – What? – He was trapping everybody. – What do you mean? – [Daniel] Designed by the Red Hood. She even said this is a big game. Think about it. Those were some of the best
hackers around right now. – Where are they now? – [Daniel] They're all
trapped in the mansion with the Red Hood. Maybe she's using the hackers. – It's like a super hacker group now. They're gonna try to
build something for E3. – [Daniel] Ask, ask, let's ask. – Oh my gosh. – Were they building something for E3 with all the hackers? – You'll find out soon. – [Daniel] Oh my gosh. – Okay, we gotta do something. What do we do? – So what if they're all trapped in all those different rooms. I mean we only got into some of them. They could be in all of them. – There's many doors
that we did not go in. – [Daniel] That's true, but
luckily we have the remote so I think we still
have the upper hand to. – We do. – [Daniel] I think it means that E3 is still a go probably, right? – Let's ask that. Is E3 still happening next weekend? – E3's on. – It's still happening. – It's still the fifteenth
and the sixteenth. We've never had a two day event. – [Daniel] Wait, so even
though we have the remote, they're still gonna move forward? I don't understand. – That doesn't make any sense. – They might have to move the date if they don't have the remote. We might've slowed it down. We might've stopped it. – We need to find out more information before we get Kurt out of this. – [Daniel] Good idea. – So we need to know more
information about E3, let's look at more the beginnings. When did you join the Quadrant for E3? – E2. – [Daniel] No, no! – [Matt] At the recording studio. – But Matt, you de-hypnotized him. – [Daniel] Yeah. – Yeah. – We did all this stuff. Maybe it only temporarily worked.
– It didn't work. – I mean, I was just in there by myself, I might have done something wrong. – [Daniel] No. – No. – [Daniel] We all thought it worked. – But Matt also did the exact same thing and he's fine, but. – [Daniel] Is he fine? Matt are you fine? – I'm fine guys, what's up? – [Daniel] All right, all right. – Do you think when
Matt de-hypnotized Kurt that it might have worn off? And do you think that Matt
might still have a chance of still being hypnotized? – We need to know more
information about E3 guys. – [Daniel] Yeah. – Like we don't even know what it is. Okay Kurt, who are the targets for E3? – Everyone's a target. – Everyone? – So it's not just YouTubers. – What do you mean by everyone? – Yeah? – Everyone who plays games. – [Daniel] Games, see. – Everybody plays games, I play games. – [Daniel] You play games,
mobile games, video games. – Candy Crush, like everything. – Yeah, you guys, if you play a game, let us know which one you play. I think a lot of you
guys played video games. – Xbox, PlayStation. – Yeah. – Call of Duty. – And mobile games. – Fortnite. – Cooking Fever, I've played that. – Best fiends. – Yeah. – Okay, in order to stop it,
we need to know where E3's at. – [Daniel] Right, good question. – Kurt, where's E3? – E3 will be everywhere. – What? – [Daniel] Everywhere? – His answers are so vague, it's hard to get a real clear response. – It's so ambiguous, I
don't know what to do. Okay so, E3's back on. Nothing's stopped, I
thought we got the remote, we stopped everything. – [Daniel] And E3's gonna be everywhere. What does that even mean? – I don't know, but it affects
everyone that plays games. Maybe he knows who the Red Hood is, we can figure that out. – [Daniel] Okay, good question. – I think if we stop the
Red Hood we could stop E3. – [Daniel] Great idea. Good point. – Kurt, who is the Red Hood? – We're all the Red Hood. – Hold on, is Daniel the Red Hood? – All of us are the Red Hood. – This is creeping me out. We need the antidote, we
need the real Kurt back. Do you have the antidote? – Yeah, okay. Here it is. – Wow.
– Wow. – Even kind of spilled a little on me. – [Matt] Oh no. – Daniel, why didn't you
put a lid or something. – Somebody lost the top I think. Okay here we go. – Wow. Oh my gosh. – [Matt] Yeah, you need to. – Bash the thumbs up
button if you want Kurt to be back to good. – [Rebecca] I do, I do. – [Matt] Smashed. – Here we go. – Please work, please work. What if it doesn't work? – It'll work, it'll work. – C'mon Kurt. Just need a little bit. – [Rebecca] Kurt, what's wrong? Are you okay? – How did I get here? – [Matt] What, he's back. – He's back. – Kurt! – [Matt] Okay, hold on, hold on, Kurt. – What? Oh my goodness, I've got some style. – How did I get here? – You were involved in a
giant Clue game in real life. – You were Professor Plum. – Yeah and you were
working with the Red Hood. – Yeah. – I was working with the Red Hood. – Yeah. – I was taken by the Red Hood, wasn't I? – Yeah and then we rescued you, but apparently when Matt
had you de-hypnotized it didn't work. – [Matt] Yeah, I'm sorry man, I messed up. – I remember when we were
in the recording studio, but then I got out and that's
the last thing I remember. – That's the last thing you remember? – [Matt] Wow! – You've been hypnotized that long? – How long has it been? – It was weeks. – Oh my god. – Okay, you must be exhausted. I think you should go home and rest. You're saved now. – There's so many people I
have to get in touch with. Okay, I mean, if you guys
need any help, hit me up. I can pick locks, I can do whatever. – You're right. – We might need that for
the Game Master Network. – [Matt] Keep your phone on you okay Kurt? – Yeah. – [Matt] We'll be calling you soon. – Go get out of those clothes, here. – I don't even know what
I'm gonna do with this cane. Thank you guys so much. Thank you guys so much. I'll see you guys soon. – Bye Kurt. – We just rescued and saved Kurt. This is amazing. – I'm gonna go lock the
door, set down the antidote. I'll be right back. – That's crazy, Kurt doesn't
remember anything since E2. – Oh my gosh. I wonder if they took
him right after he left the recording studio. – There's a lot of questions
that we don't know. We don't have answers. What is that? Wait, it must be Kurt. – [Matt] Kurt probably forgot something. – Yeah. – Hey Kurt? Kurt?
– Kurt? – Can you see? – Kurt? – I don't even see anybody. – [Matt] Daniel, can you see anything? – That's not Kurt. – Wow, wow, wow. Keep the door locked. – [Matt] What? What's going on? – They're wearing all black. They're in a black sweatsuit. – It's the Quadrant. All right, it looks like the Quadrant is trying to get back in
the safe house right now. I don't know what's going on. Make sure to watch the
video right over here. Turn on your notifications,
like and subscribe. And also shout out to these two guys. You guys got 100% on the last quiz. Make sure to go to if you want to take the
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