29 thoughts on “Let's Play Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled!

  1. Anyone correct me if any of this information is wrong please this is what we know so far: We are getting the tracks from every game except for cttr, the trophy girls and twana are playable and a few others, the grand prix are the way to unlock them and spyro and the baby characters, in the n. Oxide edition you get exclusive skins and stickers and decals, with it you get oxide, zem, zam, and crunch at the beginning at the game instead of unlocking them and crunch comes with a exclusive skin, there are no exclusive characters and if you pre order the game you get the electron skins. If any of this is wrong or i missed anything please tell me 👍

  2. U clearly can tell that the director of the game Thomas Wilson really loves the original one and enjoys playing it

  3. 4 more slots left to make it 30 Characters,
    We the people ask you for:
    Tag Team Racing Characters (Nina Cortex, Pasadena O'Possum, Ebeneezer Von Clutch), & the long-rumoured Spyro.
    You've been doing an awesome job at this game, don't stop, keep us thrilled.

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