40 thoughts on “Leesburg Bikefest 2012 The Most Dangerous Biker Clubs in the East !

  1. Some of them look lost,the typical cookie cutter drone type,fat chicks with big bellies,and a few cops . Yawn.

  2. I don't know, I'm not really seeing the dangerous part. Granted they're out in public, but I have to say I've been to events where there's been members of so called biker "gangs" present and I've never felt intimidated or scared. They do their own thing, they don't bother me, and I certainly don't bother them.

  3. Beautiful motorcycles but man their chicks are beat except for that one and she's probably being paid to be there

  4. So much pig iron heavy ass Harleys in one place, I'm surprised the earth wasn't out of balance for a couple of days 😅😅😅🏍🍺

  5. After seeing that discovery show about the Warlocks I can´t take that group seriously, haha, what the fuck happened to them?

  6. 90% yuppies

  7. All I saw was a street full of people that need to take a shower. I can smell the stink right thru my phone screen.

  8. Nosey people video footage. I'm sure it got turned into the cops and discovery channel for later use and more footage for "Gangland"

  9. I've run into aot of cops with big mouths but bikers always act like gentleman and i hung out at places with alot if different clubs present

  10. Dude with the camera did they beat you up and take your candy or your milk money. Then leave them alone. They are just like me, you, and everyone else. They are not doing a damn thing wrong but hanging out having fun. Just because they are wear their club color cuts. Don't mean a damn thing . Shit me and my wife went to the bike rally here in South Dakota and we walk bike the hells Angles and they didn't beat us up or any thing. Another guy from some other club talked to me just like a human being and nothing went wrong. So leave them alone.

  11. I realized in this world nothing is what it looks like
    There's nothing scary about this people a bunch of 40 50 60 70 year old people most of them probably taking blood pressure medicine.
    This are scary criminals
    This People probably can't even run what kind of crimes can this people commit.
    I know what kind of criminals they are
    they'll probably will be upset at the nurse in the doctor's office when they go to get there high blood pressure medicine.
    Scary people

  12. Bunch of narcissistic tossers desperate for recognition. Fat old has-beens or never-weres with ugly lard-asses to ballast their hogs. Perhaps their old ladies are the hogs? Do they know what self-parody is?

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