KTM RC 200 Crash | Why ABS is Necessary? | Orange Day India

KTM RC 200 Crash | Why ABS is Necessary? | Orange Day India

Here’s a raw crash of a brand new 2018 KTM RC 200 which happened on this weekend. There was no rider error other than the panic braking, which even I have been a victim off. But yet again, we see an example of how ABS could have intervened and helped him, maybe just stop him from locking front brakes and not sliding. What do you think? COMMENT below…

Please be nice, a fellow rider is hurt. If you think you never made any mistakes then maybe you’re on a different level.

69 thoughts on “KTM RC 200 Crash | Why ABS is Necessary? | Orange Day India

  1. I honestly don't believe so, mate. Even with an ABS system he would have gone down, or crashed into another rider. I intentionally got a bike with no assists for my first bike so I would know how to brake and not rely on a computer system to counteract any mistakes. Plus most bikes fitted with ABS systems have longer stopping distances. I just threw out the extra cash for advanced riding courses.

  2. bro even if it abs or not. we must practice the panic breaking… he saw side and suddenly when turned front got panic and applied full break that's wat made him crash… abs will help in many tough time I accept it but panic breaking must be practise by riders so that we can overcome any tough time at our rides…

  3. The only reason why i hate group rides even though u have the full control but u need to coordinate one single error can cause a crash

  4. That guy asking you are you fine? It is bit funny over there. Similarly some guy fell down once I just got his bike pickedup and people asked me r u fine. I can relate 😁

  5. Both ABS+Riding skills/Panic braking skills are important IMO……

    And yes, I do believe ABS would have saved him from falling!

  6. My taught is that ABS should present in all the 200cc and above bikes!! Because they are born for speeds😎😎 safety is everything!!

  7. This the only thing which happens almost every Orange Day or Orange Ride. Amateur riders crash. As far as i can guess he pressed front break so harsh that tyre locked and he slipped. Even with ABS he would have crashed.
    It takes experience to save your self from a crash not ABS.

  8. Abs is still necessary fr all bikes I have seen dat crash I was riding a little ahead of him it was terrible 😨 but he was safe he got some of minor injuries

  9. Hope your friend wasn't hurt bad mate?
    It is this sort of stuff that stops me organising group rides, I'd feel so guilty if someone got hurt on a ride I organised!

  10. People in india still buying bikes without abs..even if abs is available optional in the variant . they don't care about safety ..

  11. Is abs gives the surety with 100%that u will not crash.. No.. Its also depends in riding skill..? Abs is good but when u crash then u crash abs will not help..

  12. in middle of such high cruze speed he was dreaming no one is bewakuf to pull those power brake in such a speed he was amature an careless even u have abs u are not that much save all mechanical thing is same only disk lock is little less..

  13. Bhai bike ki build quality shi Ni h Kya …..halka se me hi saayad uska handle tut gya n…Bhai mujhe leni h rc isliya puchh RHA hu glat mt smjhna….

  14. WTF blogger u r ??? U first picked up the bike instead of helping him ??!! Really… is the bike more important ? Humanity bro

  15. RC 200 single channel ABS or R15V3 dual channel ABS. Which is a better option for a BEGINNER?…πŸ€”

  16. Don't want to comment on ABS since it deprives the rider from improving their braking skills but I can accept that it is really necessary in an unpredictable world.. The main reason he crashed it his mistake imo, we need to maintain a distance from others, u guys where riding like herd of sheep. It was so dangerous.

  17. In these situations one should control his/her hands while pulling the brake lever. Addition of ABS would save him. But one should always keep distance while riding in big groups like these cause u never know when one can use his Bybre'sπŸ˜‚

  18. Apart from ABS lets be frank and ask your friend if he was concentrating on roads rather wondering somewhere. I own an rc 200 and abs aint a necessary shit for a rider who can ride properly

  19. Abs is a must. My bike always skids whenever I used the brake a little harder but as long as you're using both front and rear brake at the same time, everything's going to be alright. But remember to ride safe and be focus on the road and what's in front of you, rear, and both sides and also remember to always keep a good distance from other motorists.

  20. Bro take care the person in the video did a right thing he didn't wanted the road to be blocked so he decided to remove the bike and the person was taken care by others member of his group well done guys take care

  21. Tody one son of a bitch mother fucker dashed in to my Parked rc 200 with his mother fucking omini my bike stand broke off and it never start again because of its sensor and i have take my bike in small carrier and reach my city…this was soo much pain in the ass now i got to fix my bike, dont know how much it will cost

  22. ABS stands for braking with both hands on the steering wheel!

    the rider was clearly not paying attention. right before it happened you can see his left arm was not on the steering wheel. he did some hand gesture or fixed his helmet. then suddenly he noticed he got too close to the biker in front of him and braked too hard and that only with his right hand (the front) and nothing with his rear brakes.This is because he's out of balance and he noticed it too late. cuz it takes a few seconds to put your right foot on the brake pedal compare to your right hand on the brake lever. If you have both hands on the steering wheel you could use your rear brakes properly, braking during an emergency while not having your both hands on the steering wheel will cause uneven force on the steering wheel and may result in turning your wheel just like what happened in the video. (so nothing to do with abs in my opinion) the lesson here is always have your both hands on the steering wheel especially if you gonna ride with a group. in case you need to brake suddenly you will stay more likely in balance while braking. brake equally and keep your eyes one the road!!

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