Jenny Rissveds Scott Spark RC 900 | GMBN Pro Bikes

Jenny Rissveds Scott Spark RC 900 | GMBN Pro Bikes

– Right, this has got
to be one of the most successful XC bikes out there. This is Jenny Rissveds’
Scott Spark pro bike check. (upbeat hip-hop music) Like always, I’m gonna
start off with the frame. It’s a full carbon bike, so it
has a carbon front triangle, carbon rear triangle, and the suspension travels at 100 mil. It’s a nice little Topeak carbon bottle cage there, to go with it. But this is a signature
bike, just for her. You cannot get this out
there on the market. It’s got her name on it. So there, it says Jenny Rissveds. She got the top flag there,
it’s the Swedish flag, so that means she’s a national champ. Then, she’s got the rainbow
colours under there, she’s under 23, world
champ in this category, so she gets the colours. Right, there’s one thing I
wanna point out on this bike: these details are not stickers, they are painted in from factory. That is pro. Moving on to the drive
chain, this is SRAM XX1. It’s Eagle, it’s gold, and it is sick. It’s one by 12, it’s 50 to 10 on the rear. On the front, it’s a 36-tooth. She’s got carbon cranks, she’s got some Ritchey V6 pedals, clipped, so she can’t get out. Alright, moving on to the wheel. This is where you start to see
a lot of gold coming into it. She’s not only just a
national champ in her country, she’s not under 23 UCI world champ, she is an Olympic winner, so this is where all the gold comes into it. This is a DT Swiss
wheel build, carbon rim, full carbon, with some
Maxxis Aspen wheels, super high-rolling tyre
for those fast speeds. Right, much like the rear,
DT Swiss wheel build, Maxxis tyre, just you start
to see a little bit more gold. Look here, #GoldStandard, gold nipples, gold on the hub. Even the SRAM logo on the brake is gold. The thing with these front forks here, the Rockshox SID: special, special colour. Nino Schurter and Jenny
Rissveds are the only ones that has this colour, and
it’s got her name on it, and it’s a hundred mil of travel. Right, moving up to the
cockpit of the bike. Every rider out there has their difference in bar length, drop, rise, everything. For Jenny, she’s got 680 length of bar, full carbon Syncros bar. She has 90 mil reach on
her stem, it’s a Syncros XR 1.5, with a 25-degree sweep down, not up, so it’s a low riding position, and the bar has a five-mil drop as well. So that’s quite a low-riding bar. Right, these are the controls;
there’s a lot going on here, it’s like spaghetti junction, but they all do a purpose. She’s got a Garmin computer
here, that takes her time in, her heart rate, and all that
distance she does on the ride. Moving on to the brakes,
she’s got some SRAM Level Ultimate; this is where you can see a little bit more gold, look
at that, on both levers. Then she’s got the Scott
TwinLoc, right here, so that locks out the
suspension, front and rear. You don’t want it to sag
on those big, big climbs. She’s got a nice Rockshox dropper post. That is weird. This is an XC bike, and
she’s got dropper posts. Talk about dropper seat posts, this is a Rockshox
Reverb, and I was speaking to her mechanic, Yonic,
and he’s doctored this one so that it only drops 30 mil. That is interesting. And then, all those hours
of sitting on that saddle, she’s sitting on her own signature saddle, Jenny Rissveds, it’s a Syncros saddle, and it’s full carbon down to the rails, gives it that extra rigidity. Right, enough of me
talking about your bike. I’m gonna ask you a few questions. Are you, like, super nitty
picky on a few settings, or is it just? – No, to be honest, I’m not
that into the mechanical part of mountain biking, but I’m trying to learn, ’cause this is actually, it’s my job to know about my own bike. So, what I’m trying to get used to, is the suspension, and the fork, yeah, fork pressure, and–
– ‘Cause you raced hardtail, for a long time.
– Yeah, I did, and I jumped on a full
suspension, last season, for the first time, and I really liked it. – Way more comfortable
on those long rides? – Yeah. As soon as you get used to it, and learn how to handle it, ’cause it’s a completely different riding style. You have to go more aggressive, and, if you learn how to handle
it, then you can use it for your advantage. Yeah, it’s super cool, I really like it. – Right, I see this little
lever here, on an XC bike, and you’ve got one of these. You’ve got dropper posts
on a full blown bike. What’s that? Is that new? – Yeah, I tried it. We did the Cape Epic, a
state race in South Africa, and I tried it for the first time, and I’m, yeah, I really, I love it. And so, I will also try
it out at the world cups, the upcoming World Cup season, and see how it works. I’m able to drop 30mm, which is quite, it’s not that much.
– Still, it’s not that much, but it’s enough for you
to get far back over. – ‘Cause I really like to, I like when I can still sit on the saddle, but drop a little bit, and then I have, yeah, a little bit more
control and bike handling, and cornering, corners, and–
– And on those descents as well.
– Yeah. So, yeah, that’s a new thing, and so far, I really like it.
– Yeah, I noticed. We have to mention the colours. – [Interviewer] Oh yes, yeah. It’s beautiful.
– The most important thing on my bike, in my opinion. No, and actually, it’s a
custom fork, from Rockshox, with a, yeah, at least,
I don’t know what to say about the, what the colour is called, but turquoise, in Swedish. – Turquoise.
– Turquoise. – Turquoise.
– Yeah. That’s my favourite colour. – Thank you so much for
showing off your bike, Jenny. I like it, it’s a super nice bike. – Thanks!
– If you wanna see another pro bike, click
down here for Nino Schurter. If you wanna see XC versus downhill, click just down there. – And if you wanna
subscribe to the channel, you click here.
– Click right here, and give this bike a thumb-up like. This is hot.
– I’ll be back. Arigato. – Bye.

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