If In Doubt... (When Idiots Play Games #125)

If In Doubt… (When Idiots Play Games #125)

don't give a shit dragon it's okay oh shit all right o'night that's what karma does Russell karma whoa what's he fucking nice lighting Hey are you kidding me it's in in the problem so next [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] no longer in your possession great job do we finally found each other okay [Laughter] [Applause] victim injuries a black hello that hi [Applause]

45 thoughts on “If In Doubt… (When Idiots Play Games #125)

  1. 2:12 A little video edit mistake for ya. Just so you know…
    It says division 2 instead of battlefield.

  2. Most of this Shit isn't even funny N most of these People got annoying Laughs like Its not even that funny

  3. 🤣 You are my UNCONTESTED favorite channel Man!
    others one can't make me laugh like that,Thank you again! 👍

  4. lol you should have had the number in the intro lol like when it said games you should have been like number 125 or #125 or number 125 or something like that you know? lol

  5. That Mordhau clip about doors finally explains the Mystery in Scooby Doo.. When they run through one door and exit from the adjascent door..

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