How To Remove REALLY Deep Scratches and Swirl Marks! – Nissan Altima – Chemical Guys Car Care

How To Remove REALLY Deep Scratches and Swirl Marks! – Nissan Altima – Chemical Guys Car Care

What’s up guys welcome back to the Detail
Garage, we are glad you could join us. Today we are in here with another quick tip
on how to polish your car. This Nissan Altima is the perfect canvas to
show you guys exactly how to polish and how to remove scratches and swirls. If you look at this paint it is completely
thrashed. The owner looks like they’re either a wild
bobcat or they don’t know exactly what they’re going when they wash and dry so now it has
tons of swirls and scratches and really deep imperfections but I’m going to show you how
to remove it and reveal and factory finish. So over here, I’ve got V34 and V36. These are the two products I’ve chosen to
polish this car because V34 has abrasives that will refine the clear coat to bring out
fresh paint and then to jewel the paint we’ll finish it off with V36 which is as cutting
polish to give it that last touch. I’ve got my TORQ 10FX here, since I’ll be
working in a small section I’ll show you guys exactly how to use the polisher and the right
pressure and the right technique. To start off I’ll place my pad on the machine. It is important that you center the pad as
best as you can, this way as it is spins it won’t throw it off balance and you’ll get
the best results. Now we’ll apply five dime sized drops to the
pad, we’ll just shake up the bottle before we begin. Now that we have applied our drops we’ll spray
some Pad Conditioner to help reduce friction on the pad while rejuvenating the chemical
so that is has enough time to break down thoroughly. Lets blotch it out in this small section,
now on the lowest speed setting we can spread this out and when we are ready we’re going
to go over this area on the highest speed setting. setting. It is important to keep the pad perfectly
flat this way it isn’t digging in or creating holograms or marring. Also the amount of pressure makes a big difference,
so I’m going to rest my hand on the machine giving it about five pounds of pressure and
if you put too much it will stall the pad which means it won’t spin and in that case
you aren’t polishing. It will simply vibrate across the paint and
you’re not cutting which isn’t polishing. So we’re going to spread it out and get started. Well guys there you have it, you see it has
been a huge transformation. It is basically night and day from how it
looked before. This side most of the scratches and swirls
have been removed although it is not 100 % corrected but it is still a whole lot better than it
was. Now this car is ready for its next step where
it can either be glazed. sealed and/or waxed to give it the ultimate
shine. So if you guys want to learn more about these
products go to our website If you like this video be sure to give it
a thumbs up and we’ll see you guys next time right here in the Detail Garage.

95 thoughts on “How To Remove REALLY Deep Scratches and Swirl Marks! – Nissan Altima – Chemical Guys Car Care

  1. What was the actual amount of time for using each pad and the total volume of product to get that result? Please summarize?

  2. I use auto finesse polishing compounds with a rotary polisher. regardless of how much i blotch out the product across the surface, as soon as i turn my polisher on it throws polish over the rest of the car. Any advice?

  3. Hey Nick, ive got the TorqX after i spread the material on setting 1 i usually follow that using setting 3 on the machine, i scared lol of going any faster than that, any advice, and btw the whitewalls on my antique camr out mint using the spray cleaner

  4. The left side, while it does look a lot better, still shows scratches under the light. Would this be corrected by repeating the steps in the video, or would more drastic measures need to be taken? When do you decide it's time for a new coat of clear on the paint?

  5. Looks better but title is misleading those aren't deep scratches this are barely on the surface

  6. are they big differences on porter cable then a toro I have same scratch problem on my car I use v 34 – 36&38 the results are not the same

  7. You didn't show or explain how long you spent actually polishing. You said one pass each way? Vid needs more clarity and explanation instead of slow mo camera work.

  8. Any more than 5lbs of pressure will stall the pad on that Torq machine? That makes it sound pretty weak.

  9. Question! So I've used orange pad and v32 to remove a lot of the scratches on a mini van's hood. I can still see some scratches but would a microfiber pad do a better result?

  10. can you test presa da polisher and do a review cuz ill be honest your da's are way to expensive and i cant afford one

  11. Would like to see this guy presents all next videos cos he is very good at explaining and detailing. Great job

  12. Very informative looking to do my first polish with VSS tomorrow on a car with mostly light swirl marks. Too be fair though… would you say you actually removed some scratches/swirls or did you simply make the paint shiny ? That end comparison is kinda shocking I was not expecting that many scratches/swirls to be left.

  13. I have a older model pickup with just barely any rust in just two spots on my rear fender but the paint otherwise is in pretty decent shape should I clay bar and polish even though there little rust is it worth it?

  14. Great work the only way to get it almost perfect is by colorsanding it. The glaze help it out bit. i love detailing ! been doing it for 25 years !!

  15. you no remove the scratches just only cover. you need to do it whit sand paper and next whit compound, polish, sealer, wax.

  16. That paint was trashed. I will be honest I did my car by hand last year I used a rubbing compound and a polish it was the worst thing ever. I will never ever do it again I'm buying a machine and doing it I didn't get the results that I wanted and can't wait to try it again this summer and see how it goes. Keep up the great work Chemguys this video was awesome

  17. I would like to see what would happen if you handed the owner of that car a big rotary buffer. It couldn't be much worse than it already is.

  18. How much clear coat is removed on a typical job like this? Do you ever measure the paint depth before starting a polishing job? How many times can you typically polish a vehicle before the clear coat would need to be reapplied?

  19. Aside from this being a 'make it look better' not fix it video – as ever the pseudo science to shift product upsets me….pad conditioner 'rejuvenates the chemicals'…. Where do you get these ideas? Plus using the word rejuvenate suggests there's a problem with 'the chemicals' in the first place. It's a shame because your older videos taught people things as well as promoted products. Lately all your videos are now just a series of 2 minute long adverts where you don't learn anything

  20. If you wanted to do a panel at a time (as I don't have a machine so don't always have loads of time to complete) so could I detail apart an area clean. Clay it and then VSS it ? Green happy ending Towells for clay residue remover. What towel for buffing would you recommend. As I last used cheap ones and put more light scratches in 🙁 love the videos as always

  21. How to you clean the polishing pads once they have been used for polishing with the compound. Is there any special product to clean those or just warm water will be ample… And secondly, as in the end there still were scratches, so is it possible to get those ones removed completely.

  22. WOW, people just don't get it. That didn't look like a 'show car' to me. He showed how to improve a neglected car. You have to decide how far you're gonna take it. You can't keep grinding on a car or there is nothing left for the future. Clearcoat on some cars is pretty thin. Once something is scratched badly,(deep) you CAN make it better, but that's it.

  23. Well, you're about halfway there! Time to really finish it off though and make it shine to perfection to really show us the 50/50!

  24. Thank you, nice video. Short and to the point. I have learned ALOT from your vids. My 10 year old scion that got washed with old towels and who knows what kinda soaps looks great. I did the whole Kory detail board thing and now keep it well groomed. I even have people ask me to detail their cars. Please keep informing . Thank you.

  25. What would be the next step? My car looks like the finished side and I want the glass look like when I bought it.

  26. Nice video Chemical Guys.

    BTW, for those here bitching about how so many scratches still remain, let's get real. It doesn't take a detailing genius to see that this is a VERY neglected and abused car, probably a daily driver that before this, was treated with a no shits given attitude. Most scratches too deep to remove with a 2 step polishing process aren't worth chasing after if you don't want to end up with no clearcoat.

    Let's face it, the vast majority of the scratches were successfully removed and under normal viewing and lighting conditions, the remaining scratches aren't easy to notice.

  27. You offer four different compounds. 32 – 38. I was under the impression that you should always end with the 38 polish. However, you did not. Also, It looked as the scratches were significant. Could you have used V32? Finally, is it okay to skip from say, V34 to V38 etc?

  28. Nice video but it is misleading title.
    Surface and some moderate scratches has been removed, but all deep and REALLY deep scratches are there and visible.
    I would just change title and it would be awesome video.

  29. If you had a choice between the TORQ 10FX and the TORQX which is the best option for someone to buy a single tool?

  30. Can someone tell me what size pad he used? I'm torn between getting 5.5 or 6.5 orange pads when I order a torq 10fx

  31. now that's what i been waiting for to see a car with a lot of scratches keep them videos coming, thanks you guys.. this guy explain good, what happen to Greg?

  32. what do I need to make spokes on my Honda Shadow 600 chrome again & my aluminum engine to keep it that Chrome look

  33. This guy is definitely my favorite. Granted you had the time, would v32 or v34 with a yellow pad, v36 with the white, and v38 with the black have yielded better results?? just Curious if finishing off with the v38 would have made a difference

  34. I am waiting fro my TORQ 10FX to arrive but I have a question before I start.

    Should I always polish, buff and finish a section on my car first then repeat every time for other areas on my car?


    should I polish everywhere first, then come back buff everything?

    Please help.

  35. So the chemical guys kits have V32, 34, 36 and 38. Why not start with V32 to work on those deep scratches that you can still see at the end. And why not finish with V38 for a higher polish?

  36. It's nice to see a video with realistic results. He showed the before and after even though there were still light scratches left. For deep scratches you have to wet sand before polishing

  37. So with the 5 inch pad you can do a 2×2 area. I just purchased the 7inch pad so how much area can I cover with that pad ? And why don’t you guys use a bigger pad to cover more area and get the job done faster? Just curious because many customers complain about how long it takes to polish so I’m just curious to find different ways to quicken the process with the same results

  38. I've used many many detailing products over the years, from auto parts products to high end detailing products. Chemical guys products give the best results, and the best value!!!!

  39. Only thing I see wrong with this video is when he dabs the polish on the drunk lid with the machine off. Maybe its me, but he did it kinda hard looked like the trunk lid flexed a little.

  40. lol, i was trying to decide between a rotary and a RO and the first 5 seconds of this video settled it for me and i ordered a dewalt 849, as a offroad guy in the deep dark forests of the PNW those are what i consider light scratches for the most part, there's a few good deep ones in there but my truck looks way worse than this…..i'm also kind of a dumb ass to, i was caught/helping out in a forest fire last summer and had about 1/2 inch of ash build up on my truck, like an idiot i wrote WTF in the ash on the hood/bonnet and now that crap is etched into the paint…which is why i'm on a mission now to R&R my paint job just to fucker it all up again…. anyways, if you read this far into my stupid story, from what must seem like a stupid person, i thank you for these vids, it really helps out and im going to give your products a try just because you guys put in the effort to make videos like this and help stupid people like me figure out how to do this sort of thing, i'm usually a 3m guy when it comes to my chemicals, across the board, i've had good experience with almost all of their products, i mean a company that large can't bat 1000 all of the time but i generally trust them, that said, i'm making a break from that line of thought and am going to ordered up some of your products from start to finish and see how it goes, i'll be reading up on how to do all of this with just a rotary and i know it's not the best place to start but i'd consider myself a craftsman so i should pick it up quickly and for the type of work i am doing i'm not really considered about a show quality product when i am done, i just want the scratches out, so for my level of detail and how bad some of these tree branch scratches are i think i can get it done, i may end up having to fill and touch up, but we will see…. regardless i am beyond grateful for your videos guys and gals!

  41. Those ain't "deep" scratches jack lmao! Deep would be a scratch going nearly through color. THAT my gringo is on the light side of moderate.

  42. This is the video I needed to see, since the condition of the paint is closest in comparison to mine!

  43. Hey guys when you use V34 and an orange pad do you follow up with v36 on an orange pad too or white? Then do we use v38 still?

  44. I love watching this guy when he does vids like this he shows what he actually uses instead of using 6 different products that do the same thing

  45. Wow thank you nick for the tip about how much pressure you put with your hand. I was actually pressing hard instead of just resting my hand with no pressure. maybe that explains why my pads were clogging up and getting soggy because i tried reducing my amount of product and that didn’t work. thank you

  46. Hi, Nick 👍🏻👍🏻 Awesome job using the TURQ 10FX👍🏻 I have always waxed my vehicles by hand just using a pad, back in my earlier days they only had those round orbital machines so I was always afraid I would burn the paint, I enjoyed watching you use the TURQ 10FX it seemed to just glide across the paint only using a slight pressure to help remove the scratches. I really like your style Nick awesome, informative information and knowledge in all your videos using all the Chemical Guys products. I have a Ford F-150 it’s a Champagne color I would so like to see you detail my truck back in the day I had a 69 Camaro it was dark green with white pin-striping it looked black in the sun I kept that car clean and waxed all the time. Thanks for sharing, enjoy and have a Great week !!! Danny

  47. that was perfect i been trying to do this and i still have swirls. i have the torqx maybe its not strong enough. i am using the Boss fast correcting cream with the yellow CG heavy cutting pad

  48. A nice wet sand and a rotary buffer would probably been the better choice and would have taken the same amount of time or less! All those marks at the end were etched into the paint, or the clear coat breaking down for years of neglect! Great job though with a (DA) Dual Action Polisher! Next time try a wool pad on the DA polisher it would do a better job!

  49. Just picked this up (fx10) what speed settings are you using. It doesn’t have the traditional 1-6 instead says 15-40. Compound speed/polish speed/wax speed thanks !

  50. Hey chemical guys I recently baught a yellow heavy compound hex pad and I'm looking for a video with yall using it can you help me out

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