How to Quick Flush Your Cars Cooling System

How to Quick Flush Your Cars Cooling System

Hey guys ChrisFix here today We’re going to flush the coolant on this 2000 BmW 540I go through all the steps to get all the old Coolant out then flush the whole cooling system, and then put brand new antifreeze in so let’s begin We’re going [to] start by removing all the coolant from the system, but before you remove the coolant from this system What you want to do is you want to make [sure] that it is cold You don’t want to touch a hot cooling system the cooling system is Pressurized [if] you undo any caps or you loosen any hoses [you] could have hot coolant shooting out at you, and that’s never good So you want to make sure the coolant temperature is in the blue area or below? So now we’ll go under the car and look for the radiator. Petcock. Which is a drain plug for the radiator So here’s one corner of the radiator. There’s the other corner in this case It’s on the driver side Corner the [petcocks] are almost always located in the corner of the radiator and this blue thing right here is what needs to get unscrewed And the coolant will drain out of that next step. We’re using one of these baking pans aluminum. It’s disposable Slides underneath the Bmw BmW is pretty low. We didn’t want to jack it up now. We can go underneath and drain the coolant As we wait for that to drain let’s check out what we’re going to need to do a coolant flush So here are all the tools you’re [going] to need you might need some basic hand tools, so get your toolbox We’re going to be filling up with 50 50 antifreeze make sure you check your owners manual for the correct type of antifreeze that you Need to use get your paper towels [final]. We’re using distilled water to flush out the cooling system Make sure [you] use distilled and not filtered We’re going to be using a anti rust sealer and protector And when we’re doing the flush We’re going to be using a chemical flush that will help flush out the radiator even better After the coolant drains out make sure you collect all the coolant and dispose of it properly, so animals don’t drink it You don’t [flute] the area then we can put the drain plug back and tighten it up all the way So we could fill the cooling system with water So on this Bmw we’re going to fill up this reservoir here with water you can see it’s emptied. Just get your funnel this system takes three gallons After you fill it up all the way like that go start your engine With the engine running [add] the rest of your water the water pump will suck the water into the engine and radiator Allowing you to fill it [completely], so there’s no air in the system Now we’re going to add our chemical flush and the whole thing Okay, let’s go for a ride On our ride the car is running great and maintaining operating temperature We’re going to drive around for at least 10 minutes So the water and chemical flush clean out the cooling system as we drive pay attention to the temperature Make sure that you don’t have a problem with air in the system that could cause your engine to overheat You want to make sure that you’re blasting your heat all the way You want to feel the heat if you don’t feel the heat then you have air in your heater core? And you might not have edit enough water We’ve been driving around for about 15 minutes the temperature has [been] stable So we’re going to head back and flush out all the water and then add our antifreeze and go for another ride Now that we’re back from our ride let’s go drain the water out of the cooling system get all the crud from the cooling system flushed out as We wait for the engine to cool down We’re going to fill up the old containers with the old antifreeze so we could recycle it. So you want to take your old coolant Fill up your containers that you’ve been using so you can recycle it Your local auto parts store your town recycle center and many other places take this stuff So you’ll have no problem recycling it once your cooling system is cool to the touch and the temperature gauge is on low Now we go underneath and drain the water So to have the coolant come out faster. Take off the radiator cap or in this case the reservoir cap and That’ll just allow air to come through here So there won’t be any suction if the water stops draining And you don’t think you got it all out? Start up the engine this will cause the water pump the poorest out any of the remaining water into the radiator. So it could drink You give it some guests as you can see we got most of the water out. Which is good Make sure you get all that water out of there. You can see It’s pretty clear we went from this coming out of the radiator to That which means our cooling system is pretty clean and now we’re going to add the brand new 50/50 antifreeze mix Before we do that. Let’s install the drain plug Make sure you lock it into place. So you don’t have any leaks Now we’re going to fill up the cooling system with a 50/50 antifreeze mix the stuff We’re using is compatible with all cooling systems, but make sure you check your owner’s manual [so] you know the correct type of antifreeze you should use we know that we need 3 of these [1] gallon? Containers to fill the cooling system, so if we don’t use all the containers We know some water is still stuck in the cooling system [a] little water is okay But you don’t want too much because then your water [to] antifreeze ratio won’t be close enough to 50/50 we have our last bottle of antifreeze and when you can’t add any more antifreeze start the end And it’ll suck it right down, and you just keep adding it make sure your heat is on A Little trick is if you turn this sideways and then you pour it out It’ll pour out smoothly so it won’t splash all over the place now we’re adding our anti rust and sealer additive this engines old and the additive will prevent any leaks due to the flushing of the cooling system, [and] then we’ll finish our third bottle of antifreeze and we’re almost done, so [we] know that it’s filled up all [the] way because We added the correct amount of coolant so we could take this out And you can actually see it’s filled up right to the top where it needs to get filled So now we’ll put the cap back on and we’ll go for a ride [on] our ride the car is running great and maintaining operating temperature We also have the heat on and I could feel the heat coming up right now Which is good that means the heater core doesn’t have air in it, okay? We got back from a ride and if you look the coolant temperature is exactly where it’s supposed to be 106 Celsius and we look here the coolant temperature gauge is right in the middle where it’s supposed to be and That’s a job well done That’s how you flush a cooling system in a car. Hopefully this video is helpful If it was remember to give it a thumbs up also consider subscribing I’m going to let my bud do the top tip what’s the top tip for this video top tip for this video is make [sure] You check the weather [before] you go outside and start a project because you don’t want to end up outside and rained all wet especially when it’s 40 degrees

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  1. Chris:

    Thanks SO MUCH at 4:07 for saying what you said about starting the engine so that the water pump will force out any water you think might be still in the engine block. Ya kinda left that step out of your "Super Flush" video when you flushed the Mazda. A lot of people, myself included, were wondering how you emptied the engine block of ALL the water.

  2. It's just radiator flush. On many cars you need to clear it from the engine and heater also. In Russia we also plug in coarse sanitary strainer, because heater radiator lines inside very thin. Theres black slag in the engine at the bottom of the cooling channels appears and clogs the heater.

  3. distilled water is enough for radiator, your own refrigerator or A/C water is a good distilled. all antifreeze and coolant just marketting and business

  4. Reminder: ChrisFix followers. Please please please wipe up ANY spilled Anti-freeze old and new. It is deadly to cat and dogs etc and they love it cause it is sweet to the taste. Thanks all. CHeers from Michigan. Thanks for mentioning this Chris.

  5. Does flushing rad flush out the heater core as well? If it depends on vehicle I drive an 02 LEXUS rx300 ????!!! Pls help

  6. Hey my name is Constance and I have a transportation bus that has been converted into a tiny home can you show me how to flush a 40-foot bus or if you're anywhere near the Bay Area maybe you can video tape mine being flushed

  7. Coolant started to slowly rise up into my funnel from my radiator opening while I was filling it with water, and was about to completely overflow the funnel until I turned off my car, is that normal? Did that mean the car was too hot to fill and pressure built up?

  8. I find the quickest way to get the temperature back down is to simply shut off the ignition. Only takes about 1-2 seconds! 😉

  9. Chris I swear we need your help we are women and don’t know , what to do we have a Pontic g6 it keep over heating we change thermostat and water pump but it’s still over heating.. now I hear it’s the radiatior need flushing is that true .. I really need your help

  10. I have 2005 Infiniti G35 coupe and I got flush the coolant because the car was sitting for almost 3 years how many gallons of distilled water should I use ?

  11. It would be better to use 100% antifreeze in this case not 50/50 since you already have water in the system. You can use a $3 antifreeze tester to tell when you have the mix in the car right. It would also be good to burp the system of air bubbles to avoid over heating problems.

  12. thanks for this tutorial, did you do anything on the coolant reservoir ? or when you flush the coolant inside the radiator, reservoir coolant will automatically be emptied ? thanks

  13. Instead of buying 50/50 mix, but full strength which cost a little more. Put half the full strength in another gallon container, top the two half gallons with distilled water and you have two gallons of 50/50 mix for a little bit more than the price of one premix.

  14. Good job running the DOUBLE ELECTRIC water pump dry there. Remember people if you change from red coolant to green coolant DO A FLUSH. If you just dump red and refill with green there can be a reaction between the 2 different types giving you problems. Take it from someone who worked in radiator manufacturing.

  15. i have an engine on a stand right now and I want to flush the block just in case anything got in there while it was be built. any idea on how to do this without running the engine

  16. Bro, are you from Minnesota?? That's where I live. Just noticed on the distilled bottle said Minneapolis, Minnesota. So thought maybe..

  17. I went into the AAP store in town (rural) to buy the required coolant for my vehicle. The girl behind the counter suggested that I check out this really smart & cool guy on YT who has videos on flushing. She wrote down 'ChrisFix' on the paper and I started laughing 😂😂 I told her that I have watched almost every one of his videos, is a subscriber and this video is the one that gave me the incentive to do this in the first place. ♥ .•:*¨¨*:•. ♥

  18. Did he not show the part where he filled it up with water or am i just dumb. From what i see, he flushed it out and removed the clear water/cleaner and then added coolant

  19. my vehicle has so many hoses and lines running every which way, that I have no clue where the heater inlet and outlet hose is. ridiculous that I can't find any literature on a 2011 Nissan Altima. I even have the service manual, which explains nothing.

  20. Here's a tip for you. If you keep squeezing your main radiator hose, you can "burp" the air out of your radiator line.

  21. It is not a good idea to flush your system..I've seen it time and time flush the system and the heater core gets clogged..a straight water flush is ok..but never use any flush type of liquid in your system.

  22. Can you just pour the water and let it flush straight out to cleanse the system as oppose to having to drive the car with water in it? Thank you

  23. Anyone know where to get the sealant/anti rust solution. My local parts stores only sell coolant flushes and leak repair solutions

  24. Nice video ChrisFix. I have a question about the coolant of my car. I have an Audi 80 1.6 71ps, model year 1992 and i want to change the coolant. Audi says that the correct is the green one but the car has the red coolant for a few years. Should i use green or red coolant now? Also, because i can't lift the car, i am thinking to empty it with a pump and fill it with the new coolant. What is your opinion is it right to empty it with a pump and what kind of coolant should i use?? Thank you and continue the good job!!

  25. My coolant level is decreasing gradually. I need to add more coolant probably 3-4 times a year, which is not normal. It is not a significant drop, but I am worried that it will lead to a big problem in a long run. Would you be willing to make a video about how to diagnose a coolant leak?

  26. I have a QX56 and only 2 out of the 4 gallons come out when I drain. Can I really start the car with the drain unplugged?

  27. After watching you for years, did I just see your face for the first time??? Because if so you look different than I thought lol

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