How to Improve your riding skills on a motorcycle

How to Improve your riding skills on a motorcycle

hey guys Here I am again I set up the
microphone to work inside the helmet on this video but that didn’t work so you
guys are stuck listening to the sweet sweet sound of my broken English on a
voiceover so what is the best way to learn how to wheelie and do all sorts of
other stuff and in general improving your Street ride without breaking the
bank when I found out that the best way to learn to really slide and how to
position the body on a bike is to actually get a cheap dirt bike and get
on it especially my wheelie game can pop a wheelie but it was never a solid
balanced controlled wheelie until I got myself a $1,300 there bike and started
pretty much practicing obviously on the street is not legal to pop wheelies at
least in America so you’re not supposed to do it on public streets the the
benefit with their bike is that on dirt well it’s okay you know you’re not on
public roads and you can pop all the wheelies you want
there is another component that comes into place and that is the fact that if
you flip a dirt bike well dust it off and off you go again while if you flip
for your $15,000 motorcycle street bike other is gonna be expensive to fix
replace or or whatever so there is one thing of your mind when you’re popping
wheelies on top of that the power-to-weight ratio on a dirt bike is
very favorable and not to talk about the the gearing on a dirt bike the rear
sprocket is way bigger that means he’ll take way less power to get a dirt bike
to go up to 12 o’clock then it does on a street bike when you start riding a dirt
bike at first it’s gonna feel awkward you have at least I had no idea what I
was doing the only vehicle I ever took off road before then was a Vespa so I
don’t think that counts but after a while you start getting into this
mindset of losing a grip in corners and sliding the rear tire and playing with
the power to to maintain the direction and and that comes back when you write
your street bike and you are on not-so-clean roads or riding in the rain
at that point you’re not gonna freak out if your rear tire actually slides a
little bit so that’s another great point on favor
of their buy-in as always if you slide and put down the dare bike a the bike is
fine pull it up toss that off then go again
and trust me I did lady’s bike down multiple times and that nothing ever
broke actually did the only thing was the the hang guards so just the hangers
off and there I was again if your main purpose is to improve your wheelie
capability with their bike it’s fairly easy you don’t even depending on the
size of the bike and depending on your size you don’t even need to clutch the
bike up when I started riding this bike I used to use the clutch to pop the
wheelie quite a bit the result is after two hours of me clutching on a clutch
assembly that is almost twenty years old that makes the clutch pretty pretty hard
the result was that by the end of the day my hand was hurting because
obviously I’m clutching with two fingers and and that was it until I was like
what’s it gonna happen if instead of using the clutch I’m actually just
gassing it up and revelation it’s the bike will go up they’ll go up with
absolutely no problem and you don’t have to you don’t strain your hand in your
key you can actually keep a nice grip on the on the handlebars another thing
is because I’m not worried about destroying a $15,000 motorcycle I’ve
been pushing the the wheelies higher and I are trying to get to the balance point
that the beautiful thing is because the gearing is so short yes obviously
covered the rear brake too to push down in case you’re about to flip but on the
dirt bike as you release the gas there is so much engine braking that the
bike is coming now so as long as you roll the throttle off the bike is coming
down another beautiful thing of dirt bike it’s it’s not like an adventure
bike or began to revive well yeah you can get some dirt and you kind of need
to stay on the trail even if the trail is a single single track trail on a big
adventure or enduro you better off by staying on the trail I found out with
their bike there’s really no limit that was like a wild pig coming out of the
woods in some occasions because I got off the trail and willingly am I say and
that turned out to be not such a big deal you just gas it up and with those
big knobs just like a wild pig make your way through the bushes and off you go
again so it’s quite a bit of fun it’s just the freedom of pointing in one
direction saying yeah I’m gonna go that way and off you go that way
so that there are many many pros and like for example the first time you
catch some air where you’re a foot off the ground
and it feels like you’re five six feet off the ground it seems like you’re
flying through the air for an ungodly amount of time while instead it’s just a
second maybe two but it’s a very exhilarating sensation and after a while
you actually learn to control the bike attitude when when you’re off the ground
those are all things I had no idea as I said never done any off-roading
with their body so it’s a lot of fun but together short as you guys have seen
this video that day I had a blast on this yz4 26 and I really recommend
getting a dirtbike insurance is cheaper registration is even cheaper and you can
get a good bike for $1,500 or less in good conditions and if it’s not in good
conditions they are so simple so simple that you can fix it up yourself one
thing to beware get electric start after it’s it’s better this better for tuning
is better for starting it up and unfortunately the older bikes are
all gonna be carbureted but if you can get electric start and fuel injection
even better but anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope you all have a
chance to get on a dirt bike some experience in a little bit of dirt
I think it’s very beneficial even if you just wanna improve your street riding
abilities other than that if you liked this video like if you loved this video
subscribe actually even if you don’t love this video subscribe because the
more subscribers I have the better things I can do I think this is gonna be
it for the year I’m gonna take a little bit of time off so you guys enjoy the
early days and I’ll catch you up all next year

7 thoughts on “How to Improve your riding skills on a motorcycle

  1. Hi, Albe. Enjoy your time off! Thanks for all the 2019 nice videos!
    Still waiting to see you here in Brazil/Santa Catarina!
    Wish you a great 2020!

  2. That's probably the most freedom you'll feel. Knowing you can just look a direction and go there and be confident that from there you go anyplace else you want, and not be worried about needing a road. Your friend that was attacked by a dragon should get one too. Even a 250cc would probably be fine out there.

  3. Hello my friend. It's good to see you out on the dirt bike. Do yourself a BIG favor. Take some time to look for another area to ride. Wooded trails or something like what you have there by your house but with much more challenging riding. Your ready for it.
    Whatever you do dont go alone though. Look for a local riding group. You need to push things further then you are now. Get up on that tank for corners and let rip!
    Have fun out there and remember if your not falling your not riding hard enough.

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