How To Get Faster Every Time You Ride Your MTB | Mountain Bike Skills

How To Get Faster Every Time You Ride Your MTB | Mountain Bike Skills

– When it comes to gettin’
better on the bike, there really is no replacement
for gettin’ out and riding as often as you can. But here are a few other
things to think about as you’re tryin’ to improve, every time you ride. (intense music) – Pushing yourself. If you’re not constantly pushing yourself when you’re out on the trail, you’re gonna find yourself
in a little glass box and it’s gonna be hard to break out of it. It doesn’t have to be huge steps. Small steps. A corner, for instance. Perfecting that, getting better. Even jumps. Hitting jumps can help you progress and get more creative and sick at riding bikes. – Timing yourself out there on the trail is a great way of pushing your skills. – Yeah, you can get a
mate with a stopwatch or use something like Strava. I used to use that
quite a lot as a carrot, try and get fit and steal
one of my mate’s KLMs. – (blows out breath) Well. Right, I’m your mate and I’ve got a timer. – Right.
– Are you ready? – I’m ready.
– Are you steady? – I’m steady. – Go!
(grunt of exertion) (intense music) – Gah. How did you get there? Fast or not? – Very. Look at that. – Oh, nice. – Very fast. – Try to really concentrate
and think about what you’re doing when you’re riding. Maybe that section that you’ve ridden a hundred times on your local trail. Is there a better line through there? Could you be a smoother rider? Then maybe think about
learning to pump a bit better, or even in corners, does
it feel like your front wheel could wash out? Maybe think about bike
set up and practising your cornering skills. Thinking about what’s going on also makes a big difference with bike set up. As an ex-pro, I used to test components and suspension, often doing repeated runs on a downhill course against the clock. But sometimes it’s just
thinking about how it felt, and then recording the differences. So it’s actually surprising how quickly you can coach yourself to
set your bike up better, when you really start to think about it. – So yeah, take your time to mess around with all those
settings on your bike. This is a great one. These spaces under your stem. I just moved mine up and it’s made a hell of a difference. Tyre pressures is a good
one to mess around with. Also, don’t be scared to mess around with those settings on your shocks, your front and your rear. That can make a big
difference; can make you faster and smoother at the same time. – Ride with others. It’s great to have a
bit of friendly rivalry to push yourselves on, but also it’s great to have a safety net
of having a buddy there in case you do fall off. – Exactly. Following someone that’s
a little bit quicker than you, or you’re quicker than him, or egging each other on is great fun. And it helps you progress. (grunts in effort) – Try to empty the tank, physically. So maybe hit one more climb and descent than your usual ride, or maybe just push a slightly harder gear than is comfortable on
that big last climb. It’s just gonna give you
a little bit more fitness, while ultimately, make you a faster rider. (sharp exhale) So there you go, there’s a few ways to get faster every time you ride. – Exactly. If you wanna subscribe, click this little globe right here and you won’t miss another video. – Click down here for
How to Ride Corners Fast. – Click down here for
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39 thoughts on “How To Get Faster Every Time You Ride Your MTB | Mountain Bike Skills

  1. sometimes it's better to ride the trail slower and you spot lines that you wouldn't spot at speed. then try hit them at speed.

  2. please invest your time in producing less videos of higher quality. Oftentimes a video is a repetition of concepts that have already been covered in the past. You do not have to upload a daily vid to be a great channel!

  3. The best way that I improved was riding with fast bad a$$ riders who push me to keep up. Ofcourse I always Strava and always try to PR at least 1 or more segments every ride

  4. #ASKGMBN I was recommended by a local MTB shop as a beginner to buy the Marin Bobcat Trail 4 (29er) What are your opinions of it? It'll cost me £600 and I'll receive free bike service every year

  5. I am selective on what trails I go fast on. I pick one that I like and time myself going down. At first, I memorize the trail at a moderate-fast speed. Once I feel comfortable with my knowledge of the trail, I break down what I could do to improve or make focus on decisions like if I should to flow with the berms or cut corners, maybe getting one extra pedal revolution in at certain moments or not to because I might over extend my knee. Then play around with gearing, and once I get to a point where I have pretty much gotten the best time I could get, I go home and watch GMBN videos to work on cornering, pumping and what not.

  6. Another tip for riding faster is "DONT OVER THINK"… Over thinking every moment of your ride only makes you slower.

  7. I do think that once you go supersonic the energy dissipated by the shock waves you generate, especially the bow shock wave in front of you, will make it extremely difficult to get faster every time you ride.

  8. I would add that riding the same course several time within a week will make you faster on that course.

  9. I would also add that doing intervals, especially up hills, will jump you to a higher level of fitness; which will make you faster.

  10. Also, dont try any of this on multi use trails. you never know whats around the corner(ex: horseback rider)

  11. you wanna ride fast kids? Ride with no brakes. Honestly brakes are a gimmick, you don't need them like shit eventually you're gonna stop. Ride fast or eat ass yeye!

  12. Is there a version of mountain biking that concentrates more on taking in the scenery of the mountain instead of how fast you can go down the hill?

  13. Another tip
    When starting your bike on hills, wheel-start it so that your front wheel doesn’t pressure the most.

  14. Amazing video !
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