How to Fit a High-mount Cycle Carrier  | Halfords UK

How to Fit a High-mount Cycle Carrier | Halfords UK

Fitting a cycle carrier is a safe way to transport
your bike whilst saving space in your car. Here’s a quick guide to fitting a Halfords
high mount cycle carrier. First, fit the security straps… Take the
boot mount top strap and fit it inside the vehicle. Thread it through the boot, leaving 1 to 2
inches space between the toggle and the top of the boot. Repeat this on the other side – making sure
the straps are between the hinges. With the boot still open.. wrap the middle
strap around the boot lid, threading this strap between the boot struts and the boot
lid, like so. Place the carrier onto the boot.. and make
sure the lower horizontal bar fits nicely on the upper part of the bumper ..the lower bar sits on the boot with a minimum
of 5cm clearance to bumper. The main carrier should be angled towards
the vehicle and the top bars slightly above horizontal… though this can vary depending
on the vehicle shape. Then, thread the straps through the cam buckles
– ensure they thread through in the right direction. Repeat this on the other side. Next, secure the lower straps on either of
the vehicle chassis or on the tailgate.. depending on your car. If you are fitting it on the vehicle chassis…
thread the strap and find a strong steel section on the bottom of your vehicle to secure the
hook. Make sure the strap is away from the exhaust. Repeat this for the second mount hook. The other option is to fit it onto the tailgate. To do this.. attach the two lower straps to
the lower metal rim of the tailgate. Now attach the two side straps using the cam
buckles… ensuring they thread through the right direction and the rack is positioned
centrally.. making sure you thread it in the right direction. Then repeat on the other side – securing
in the centre. You should alternate the tightening process
– making sure there’s a minimum of 8 centimetres between the frame and the vehicle. Lastly.. position the frame locators so you’re
good to mount the bike. Lift the bike and ensure it sits securely
in the frame locator. Use the locator straps to attach the top tube
to the carrier. Tighten and secure to the carrier. If you’re
using a second bike.. use the same straps to secure them. Take care not to obscure your lights or number
plate with your bikes. If you find they are being obscured.. you
may need to use a cycle carrier lighting board or attach an additional number plate. Please ensure the red strap is utilised as
described in the instructions. It is very important that this strap is correctly
used as this will help to keep your bikes secure on the carrier. Once that’s done, you’re good to go! If you’d like your carrier professionally
fitted.. pop into your local Halfords and our team will be happy to help you for a small
service charge! To see our range of carriers, head on over
to the Halfords website!

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