Hottest Tech At The Ironman 70.3 World Championships | Expo Tour Nice 2019

Hottest Tech At The Ironman 70.3 World Championships | Expo Tour Nice 2019

– As you can see, I am
here at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Nice. And behind me is an expo. And it would be rude
not to go have a visit and see what tech we can find. (logo whooshing) (computer text beeping) (upbeat guitar music) (upbeat guitar music) (upbeat guitar music) (upbeat guitar music) – You’ve probably heard us
mention Deboer on GTN before. Well that was talking
about their wetsuits. Well they now have a new swimskin out and this is a Tsunami 1.0. And first impressions,
it’s a little bit thicker. Well this is apparently
because it’s got 36% lycra. So it does make it a bit thicker. But that also means it
can have more compression, which will in theory help
you move through the water that bit faster. And it also has a different
coating on the outside and the inside, which repels water. It’s C-6 coating, but this is also more environmentally
friendly than teflon, too. (soothing music) All right, what have I found here? Well I am at the Ameo stand, and this is their Powerbreather. So I’m sure they won’t
like me saying this, but it is a snorkel. But a very different style of snorkel. As you can see it has two vents and the mouth piece here. So you breathe in through this bit, which obviously takes the air from above. But instead of blowing the air
back out through the vents, the air actually comes out
this little section here. And it means then, the
water can drip through. So that’s the sort of
technical side of it. But the importance or the
significance of that being, obviously, as with a snorkel, the idea is you can
focus on your technique, ’cause you can keep your head still, and you don’t need to
think about your breathing. And interestingly you
can actually, apparently, get more oxygen in, so it’s easier to use for interval type sessions because you’re actually
breathing the fresh air from outside as opposed
to rebreathing the air that’s going to be stuck in here. So it really is multi-use. And if you’re swimming hard as well, it’s got a head adjustment, so you can make sure that
it’s securely on your head. But I’ve just discovered a new wheel. And this is a little bit different. I’m at the Incisiv stand here in Nice. And these are still prototype. As you can see, this is the section wheel, which might look like a
normal deep section wheel, but actually, this is
clipped on to the basic rim. So it’s all carbon and incredibly light. But when you buy a set you
can have a 30 mil deep wheel, you can have a 50, an
80, and even up to 110. And you can actually chop
and change as you go. So much so that apparently,
they’re going to be so easy to take off that the valve
isn’t even left showing. So that if you do need
to get to your valve, you just simply unclip. But as I say, this is a
prototype at the moment, so we can’t actually show you here. But these are going to be incredibly light and quite an exciting new invention. There’s some exciting news form Cervelo. I am next to their brand
new P Series bikes, which have only just been released. And the most obvious thing
to me is the disc brakes. Cervelo are no longer
doing any rim brake bikes in any of their lines, so all disc brakes. Now the P series range
right up through from the Shimano 105 Mechanical, up
to the Shram Red Etap Access. So that’s where the protocol changes. They’re all called the P series. But interestingly,
apparently the bike frame has been designed from the P at the front, and then the S bikes at the back. Now I’ve been riding the
Cervelo S3 in the past and I love how it handles. So apparently they’re taking
the handling aspect of it and that’s where they’ve
combined the frame. It’s also got an aero bottle
here on the down tube. Now this one has got zip handle bars, but they’re going to be
using vision for the others. And as a result of that, they can actually put
hydration on the front as well. And then finally, there’s
a little unit here on the seat post which will allow for bottle cages to be
attached behind as well. We’re just outside of the expo and come across the road and found a lot of bikes lined up. Now this is not the transition area. These are actually bikes in transit. Well pretty much at the
end of their transit, because this is Tri Bike
Transport behind me. Now they come and collect your bike from your home and bring
it to the race for you without even taking it apart. So how you see it when
it leaves your house is exactly how it arrives here. These are still waiting to be collected and then the athletes will
literally have to just take them out of here, walk them across the
road and into transition. So if you’ve got a lot of
really lovely tech on your bike, or you just love your bike and you want to make sure
it gets to a race safely, it’s a pretty nice way to
do it. And I must admit, I hate dismantling my bike, putting it in a box, and taking
it out on the other side. And there’s always that worried moment when you think is anything
actually survived the journey. You can take the worry out of it. And I know I would absolutely love that. (calming music) (calming music) (calming music) (calming music) (calming music) (calming music) (calming music) (calming music) (calming music) (calming music) Right, you know that at GTN we love socks. So we have just spotted these special edition Lucy Charles socks. How cool are they? A little mermaid, and then on the other side, Lucy’s actually got her
name on these socks. And if you’re really lucky, you get here in time, can actually get a signed pair. So as you can see, they’ve got the blue and the pink. And I can’t decide which ones I prefer. Might have to get both. Okay hang on a minute, I’ve just found another pair of socks. And yes you’re going to get bored, but look at these. 1000 WATTS. Guess whose socks these are? Okay, here’s a little hint. It is uber biker Andi Dreitz, who’s designed his own socks with Sporcks. And apparently the rumor on the street, it did say 500 WATTS, he’s changed it to 1000. I love that. I’ve just come along
to Gram Carbon Cycles. And I know I’m pretty strong, but have a look at this. This frame is incredibly light. Now other than being incredibly light, I don’t know much more about it. So Joe, if you can tell me a
little bit about the background to what’s so special about this frame? Other than it being light. – Okay so, it weighs around 700 grams depending on the size. It’s a full monocoque build, so it’s all one piece. A true monocoque. And what that means is, so there’s no joints. And typically where you have joints, and most bikes are made, most bike frames are made with either tube to tube, or tube to lug construction. Which means that every joint you have some form of glue, some kind of reinforcement because a joint, essentially
is a point of weakness. So there’s no joints, no points of weakness. And it’s also extremely strong. So it’s guaranteed for life. – Wow, okay. – Yep. – That sounds quite a big statement. – Yeah it’s a big statement, but whilst it’s light it’s also extremely robust. – I know making TT and road bike frames. – So yeah, so you can, we build bikes in either
road configuration or TT configuration. And what you can also do is buy, what you need to do it
change the seat post. – Yeah. – And the handle bars to make the change. So you can buy a frame. – Okay so it’s one frame. – Yeah, buy the necessary components. – Well you might’ve seen in the past a swim skin from Zoot, but they discontinued theirs and they had a long period without. So now, they have their
brand new swimskin. It’s the Ultra, and it is out ahead of Kona which you might recognize from some of these designs here. Now they’ve paid attention
to detail with this suit. You’ve got the silicone bits
at the bottom of the legs to keep it in place. Now apparently one of the unique features, it doesn’t have a coating on. But it’s still going
to make you swim faster from the special nano
technique that’s used. And as a result of that, it doesn’t actually wear off. So as opposed to normal suits, which would actually start to lose that ability to help you swim faster after a few wears, this in theory should last much longer. On the back here you’ve got a padded piece under the zip just to
make it more comfortable. And talking of comfort, the seams on all of the junctions have just basically, well, they’re not seamless but they’re stitchless. So there’s no rubbing parts there. All in all it’s quite a cool suit. This is the man’s version and the women’s is a pinky orange color. All right we’ve just got a sneak peek at this rather exciting
new Castelli Tri Suit. Brandon, can you talk me through this new design, please? – Yeah, this is a completely new suit. It’s called the PR Speed Suit. It has been developed
for more than a year, almost one and a half year. Our key, who was involved in the developing process, was at the beginning Cameron Wurf until couple last years. He was using the first prototype in Kona last year, set up a new bike course record. And in the follow up process after Kona last year, we involved further athletes in the developing process. So Patrick Lange is
using the suit right now, and also Laura Philipp. – Okay. – So these three athletes were key in developing this project. It’s optimized for speeds
around 45 K’s an hour. – Okay. – Not just an average speed, but also think of a long, flat sections like in Kona, for example. Or really fast courses, or where you have some, a lot of up and down, up and down with a lot of fast down
hills and descending. – [Brandon] The most… – So this the most obvious difference. – [Brandon] The most
obvious news about this suit is the speed grips on the sleeves. So these grips help us to have a
really, really beneficial airflow around the upper arm and the shoulder section. And it helps to keep the airflow lower attached to the body, which is much better
for best aerodynamics. – Well that was a pleasant surprise. There was loads more new tech
in there than I expected. And some really great pieces. And especially surprising, because Kona just a few weeks away. So there’s bound to be a
lot more coming out then. And I know, hands up, I am guilty of being a
little bit like a magpie and going to some of those bright and exciting new colors. Socks may be included. But anyway I enjoyed myself, hopefully you guys have too. Give us a thumbs up like if you did, and hit the globe on screen to make sure you get all of our videos at GTN. And talking of socks and Lucy Charles, well if you want to see
a video we did with her, looking a little bit more in detail of how she got to the level she’s at now, you can find that one just down here. And if you love tech, then our most recent other tech video is just down here.

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  2. I had a chance to test that snorkel here in South Africa and I hated it. So much water drag around your head it kept on getting forced into weird positions and getting water into the intakes. A single pipe in the center of your head is much better.

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