30 thoughts on “Hot Air Skyway Gameplay – Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled | E3 2019

  1. LMAO yo all the players suck at this game man, TF!! I use to stay power sliding and taking shortcuts to win every time back in the day. Crash & Tiny are the BEST

  2. It didn’t seem this hard to drive in the original game, either that or the person who is driving here doesn’t know what he’s doing

  3. I hate to watch these people, is evident that they have never played the original Game.
    Wanna see an old school guy Racing this tracks.

  4. I don’t understand why not have someone that knows how to play, play the game then upload them! It’s just so frustrating

  5. There is a new wumpa crate. If you jump left after the long circle, you see the crate. In the original were only three wumpa crates. But anyway, it looks fantastic. 9 days left!!!!

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