Honest Game Trailers | Apex Legends

Honest Game Trailers | Apex Legends

presented by the boys taking the fight to superheroes on Amazon Prime video on July 26th from respawn entertainment who made one of the best shooters of the generation that was ignored for the same two franchises that get crapped out every year comes what any studio who wants to stay alive would do swallow your pride and make a battle royale game apex legends drop your boys into another entry into the oversaturated Battle Royale genre as apex legends appears on the scene with practically no fanfare aside from paying everyone on twitch to play it in one of the most polished attempts to steal the crown yet with its own unique twist on the formula making it overwatch Plus streamlined gameplay features that took fortnight a whole week to steal like the ping system brilliantly cutting out the worst part of any multiplayer game talking to other humans step into the running man ass world of Apex legends where teams of soldiers despots and criminals murder each other for sport in a generic sci-fi arena filled with interesting terrain to die off as they struggle to become the apex champion and win riches and glory but more realistically land with 12 other people that will immediately fill you with bullets in a concept that succeeds by being the only one of these that has even bothered to do any world building whatsoever way to go respawn minimal effort beats no effort every time choose your champion from a handful of aggressively quirky legends each with their own unique skills passives and Ultimates like grappling hooks air strikes and doing a bunch of drugs that all come with drawbacks as well as benefits as your enemies use your powers against you while looting your corpse in the ultimate show of disrespect especially if they've had enough time to play their 3-minute execution animation because despite all the fancy trimmings at the end of the day you still have to shoot the gun real good slide into the most mobile battle royale yet as some of that sweet titanfall DNA rubs off on their other title that will have you park chorong around the levels or just desperately trying to survive long enough to revive a teammate in a unique apex mechanic that really calls the ethics of the competition into question is it darker if they're clones killing other clones or if they're not this is really oh now I get why these games don't have lore indulge in the real draw of a genre unbridled kleptomania as you feverishly claim all the good guns for yourself all in preparation to lose a 30 second firefight to a literal child because all it takes is one degenerate with an aimbot to take your whole team to pound townn seriously their anti cheat app is more useless than epic stores privacy agreement so get ready to drop in to good times for another in the world's most popular flavor of deathmatch that might not quite break the mold but at least fills it pretty good and at the low low price of nothing why not ride the dragon what's the worst that could happen Oh starring soldier 7 cheese 6 Berto Fett gasps ex space Maui luceat space David Blaine cross country Bay Nissan and supersonic quarters the one place apex is way behind is on the seasonal content are you serious with these skins respawn this sucks my battle ass this episode was brought to you by the boys a new series on Amazon Prime video premiering on July 26th

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  1. ENJOY 2 HONEST GAME TRAILERS THIS WEEK IN HONOR OF E3, one yesterday (The Division 2) and one today! What game from E3 are you most excited for?

    Honest Game Trailers returns with the same creative team from Smosh Games and Screen Junkies. Featuring a rotating cast of voices to give greater variety to the trailers. Check back every Tuesday for a brand new Honest Game Trailer at 10AM Pacific.

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  2. Need a bit more ham in your voice. The final line at the end sounds better. I'm imagining the delivery of Buzz Lightyear style suits you.

  3. Hmmmm maybe readjust your flow and delivery or perhaps write for the guys voice instead of using the previous formula as epic voice guy, but otherwise great job

  4. I feel that Fandom Games channel (Smosh Games and Honest GAME Trailers division) voice guy should be reading a book to us rather than read a script for the pros and cons of certain (FPS) games.

  5. Sometimes i feel like the king of games is playing other games than dule monsters but sucks at it and start complaining

  6. To everyone who plays Apex and loves a refreshing fast-paced first person shooter, I implore all of you to play Titanfall 2, It's got everything you need to feel like an absolute badass. The campaign, simple mechanics, multiplayer, and epic moments will keep you coming back for more. Try it out and you won't regret it.

    A lot of cool stuff from Apex came from Titanfall 2.

  7. What happened to smosh games and epic voice guy? He's doing the movie trailers… so why not the game trailers?

  8. God I wish I could be excited for honest game trailers like I used to…but I’m sorry the voice over guy just doesn’t do it justice…

  9. I dont mean to be rude but…

    This new voice guy is boring :/
    I prefer watching the real trailer than this crap

  10. Trailers pending to make:

    Smash Ultimate
    Hollow Knight
    Kingdom Hearts 3
    Super Mario Party
    Captain Toad

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