Hide and Seek in the DARK at 3AM inside HACKER Mansion! (Game Master Network Chase)

Hide and Seek in the DARK at 3AM inside HACKER Mansion! (Game Master Network Chase)

– This is the Red Hood's mansion. Did you hear that? – So it's in lockdown?
– Lockdown! – [Rebecca] It might be a chase. – [Matt] You said you could hack in? – Yeah, I'm trying. – Okay.
– Hold on! – I can't believe we're
at the Red Hood's mansion. – I think I got the code, you ready? One, five, one, six. It opened! – Shhh! – Wow ZamFam, look at this place. This is the Red Hood's mansion. You guys remember I was trapped here for 24 hours in a room, but we never got to explore inside. – Exactly.
– Yeah! – We are about to do hide and seek because Daniel needs to
set up cameras in here– – Speaking of that, lemme go plant, start planting cameras. – [Matt] Oh yeah! We're gonna run out of time,
– Okay, perfect! – [Matt] Go! – So Daniel has four spy gadget cameras which include a secret camera on a clock. You guys remember that one. So he has to hide it all over here. – [Matt] We don't have
that much time though, it's starting to get dark.
– I know, and we need to stop E3. All right, we have flashlights because it is going to get
dark if we can stay here, I just hope we aren't here for 24 hours. So ZamFam, smash the thumbs up button so we can get all four cam– – [Matt] Wah-What? It's the Red Hood, right there! – [Rebecca] Hide, quick! Daniel! – [Daniel] It's the Red Hood, right here! – [Matt] I didn't think
she was gonna be here. Oh, a quadrant member. – [Rebecca] What're they saying? – They know about Blackjack,
they know Blackjack's– – [Red Hood] You lost the dog? – [Quadrant Member] It was outside. – [Red Hood] It was outside? That's it this place
is going into lockdown! – They'll know! – [Rebecca] Did you hear that? – Everything's locking, everything is– The doors are locking. Where are they going?
Where's he going? Oh he left! He left! He went out the door over there. – [Rebecca] Did you hear that? – So it's in lockdown.
– Lockdown! – [Matt] What? – [Rebecca] Let me check the doors. – [Daniel] Careful. – [Matt] I'll go with you. – No! – [Matt] It's locked? – It's locked, come on! This is locked too! – [Red Hood] They're here! – Okay she saw us, what do we do? – I still need to set up the cameras, I have four and I only set
up that one over there. – But we don't know this place, so if it's hide and seek
she's gonna find us. – I have an idea.
– Okay. – Rebecca and I can distract while you set up the cameras. – You just got to keep the Red Hood and the Quadrant away from me. – Wait so this is– this might be a chase. – Yup, a hide and seek chase. – Okay, we need to do this soon because it's getting dark. – We don't know how many
quadrant members are here either. – Okay, well do we have the cameras? – Yeah, here, this is yours.
– Yeah okay. – [Daniel] Rebecca? – Hurry hurry! – Here's yours right here, Okay?
– Okay. – I have the GoPro.
– Hurry! – Hurry Daniel! – Daniel! Also, you need the backpack. – [Daniel] Yeah, that has
all of the other things– – Everything is in it. – Okay, so I guess we'll
go around this way. Just stay behind here Daniel. She doesn't know you're here. – [Daniel] Okay, if we see each other I might need you guy's help. I'll give you a sign,
– Yeah – [Daniel] and you guys
just draw them away, okay? – Okay, let us know when
you have all four cameras so we can get out of here. – Game Master on three. One, two, three, Game Master! – I'm gonna run over this
way and distract her. You run in that room and hide. – Into that room? – Yep, here we go. Three, two, one.
– Okay. – [Matt] Red Hood! Red Hood!
Hey Hey! – Okay. Okay. All right you guys, Matt is distracting the Red Hood, but look at this. What is this place? Look what the Red Hood has. Okay, so right now, we know the Red Hood and a
quadrant member are in here. We don't know if anyone else is. But, they cannot find us, and we meed Daniel to
set up all the cameras before we can leave. So smash the thumbs up button right now if you think that Daniel
will actually do it. Do you think that's the Red Hood? Oh my gosh, this is so creepy. Whoaaaaaa. This looks locked. Oh no!
Oh no! Watch it, watch it. Oh my god. Look! It's a secret tunnel! – [Daniel] Oh man, she's
right there, she's right there – Oh no, she saw me. There she is, there she is. Okay. It's a thumbs up right now if you think we're gonna be
able to hide from the Red Hood. – [Red Hood] Matt? – [Daniel] Oh no, Matt's in
trouble, Matt's in trouble. – [Red Hood] Hmm, I wonder where Matt is? Hmm… – [Daniel] She's leaving,
she's leaving, she's leaving. I think she left. Matt! – [Matt] How did I get out of that? – [Danny] I don't know!
– Okay! – [Daniel] That was so close. – I know so, do you know where she went? – [Daniel] I don't know. There's some door over
there, I don't know. – Okay, I'm gonna go check on Rebecca. Are you okay? – [Daniel] Yeah, I'm gonna
plant the camera up here because we need to see the dining room. – Okay good. – [Danny] Okay, good luck! – Let's see what other cameras I got. I can put one of these small ones. Or, I got the clock. What do you think? I think I'm gonna use
the clock spy camera. I mean it's a clock, but hopefully they don't remember that there was not a clock there. Okay. Oh, what, oh my– – [Red Hood] Matt? – [Danny] Oh my gosh! – [Red Hood] I heard you. Hmm, are you puppets for the Game Master? I'll find you. – Rebecca! Rebecca! Okay, maybe she's in here. What? It's locked, it's locked! If you guys know where Rebecca's at, comment down below. What is this room? What's in here? Is this open? It does! It opens! There's a three digit code. It's a remote, just
like in the safe house! E3! If you think that's the same remote that we saw in the safe house, let me know in the comment
section down below. Oh my gosh… It's a mirror! There's the Red Hood! – [Daniel] Matt? – Daniel?
– Yeah. – Hey!
– Hey! – [Matt] You okay? – Yeah I'm okay. – Have you planted any cameras yet? – [Daniel] Okay, I planted two so far. – Okay. – I got one that's covering
this whole area here, and then one that's over
planted by the dining room. – Oh okay!
– So I got two. I still have two more that I can plant. – [Matt] Where are you gonna go? – I think stay down here, I wanna get more coverage
– Okay – Down here in the main level. – So one down here then one upstairs? – Probably, or maybe even the stairwell? I don't know. – Rebecca's not in there. I don't know where she's at. – [Daniel] She went in there? You told her to hide in there? – Yeah, I told her to go in
here but she's not in there. Look at– come here. – [Matt] I came in here – Oh yeah!
– She's not here! – [Daniel] What? – [Matt] These are– it's all locked. – [Danny] Yeah, it's locked. – [Matt] And then this one too, I don't know! I don't know where she's at. – [Daniel] You're gonna
go upstairs then or what? – I'm gonna head upstairs. – [Daniel] Okay I'll stay down here. Okay, be safe! – If you need anything just let me know. – [Daniel] Okay, all right, good luck. – [Rebecca] Where am I? You guys! Whoa… where am I? That was a secret hidden tunnel. Did you guys see that? It was like a secret passageway. Okay I need to find Matt
and see what Daniel's up to. Where are they? I don't see anyone. Okay, so Daniel is still
setting up the cameras. – [Rebecca] Matt? – [Matt] Rebecca! – Hey!
– Hey! – [Rebecca] What did Daniel say? – Okay, Daniel planted two cameras so far. He's gonna plant another one downstairs but then he needs to come up here. – Matt! – [Matt] Looks like he's
hiding the other camera. – Okay, look at this though. I think I went through a secret passage downstairs in that room
you told me to hide in. – That's where you went? – Yeah, I went through and I ended up– Look, over here. In this room. – [Matt] Maybe we should go back inside. – [Rebecca] It's shut! – [Matt] There's a keypad! – [Rebecca] Yeah, there's a keypad so I'm locked out now but I was in there. – So there's two sides up here, but we need to just– I think the Red Hood is still downstairs. – Yeah, we need to look for clues. We need to search this place while Daniel's down there. – Okay, why don't you go
over on that side over there. I'm gonna go on this side.
– Okay – Matt went upstairs
to go look for Rebecca. I'm gonna stay down here and see if I can plant anymore cameras, and just find some more stuff. – [Rebecca] Daniel? – [Daniel] Rebecca? Rebecca! – [Rebecca] Is everything good? – [Daniel] Yeah, I mean, we almost got caught by– Oh Quadrant! – [Daniel] My god, it's Quadrant. – Okay, that was close. Too close. – [Matt] Daniel, you okay? – [Daniel] I'm okay! I was just looking for more angles. – [Matt] Did you plant the other camera? – [Daniel] No, I haven't
planted anything yet. I gotta get better coverage. – [Matt] Okay, well we're
gonna look for clues up here. Oh nope, just a closet. Oh what is this, off? – Let's see you guys, let's take a look here. This is like, paper… Whoa. Wedding? What's this? These are like– you guy's think I should
take one of these? Wait, Mrs. White? Miss Green? So I'm going to take one of
these red envelopes home. – [Daniel] Oo! This is gonna be perfect. I'm gonna hide this other small one, this is my third one, I'm gonna hide it in
this little vase thing. I don't think anybody's really
going to suspect this here. Okay! Yeah! Okay, good. And that's camera number three. Okay I'll just set that down there, okay. Okay, I think we gotta camera down there. – [Matt] Daniel, did you plant the camera? – [Daniel] Yeah, I'm gonna– Red Hood! – [Matt] Oh, Becca, Becca! – Red Hood? Oh no, Red Hood's coming! Okay. – We need to save Daniel. – You're right, you guys look, they're right over there.
– The Red Hood's right down there! We need to make a distraction up here. – Okay look! There's a box. We can get a noise, get her up here and hide behind– – We need to hurry, she's like, she's right there! – [Daniel] She's gonna find me! She's gonna find me! – Here we go… Three, two, one– Red hood! Red Hood! – [Matt] Hide, hide, hide, hide! Go, go! Get down, go, go! Oh she's going outside,
she's going outside! – Daniel, how many more
cameras do you have? – [Daniel] So I have one more. I just planted one right here. Okay, so I have one more but I need to get upstairs. I don't have any angles up there. – Okay. We're gonna distract her down here. – Hide behind here.
– Yep, yep. – And when she comes down here to get us, you go run up the stairs okay?
– Go upstairs, okay. – [Daniel] Great idea, – All right?
– Okay, good luck. – As soon as you plant it
though, we need your help. You need to distract her to come upstairs. Okay?
– Okay, okay. – Okay, let's do this! Okay, so we're about to
distract the Red Hood and Matt's gonna go run that way. I'm gonna run to there. Are you ready, Matt? Three, two, one – [Everyone] RED HOOD! – Okay, okay! – Okay, so I need to see down these stairs and then this whole top area. So I think if I'm in this corner, I'm gonna plant my final
little mini camera. Okay, camera number four. – [Rebecca] Oh my gosh. – Hey, you guys okay? You guys okay? I've planted all four cameras. So I've planted three downstairs and I got one upstairs, so I think we're good and covered. I'm gonna go meet up with
Matt and Rebecca downstairs. – [Rebecca] Hey! – Okay, are the cameras all set? – [Daniel] All set. So I've got one here, one back there, and one in the dining room, and then I have one that's looking at all
upstairs and the staircase. – That's perfect, so we can figure out exactly what is going to be happening for E3! – Yeah.
– Let's get out of here. – Game Master is gonna be so proud of us. – [Daniel] Wait, we can't
just get out of here, we're still on lockdown. – Yeah, the remote, she has the remote. – [Daniel] Do they have
drones circling right now? – What? Guys, we have to at least try to get out– – [Daniel] Okay, okay, okay! – [Rebecca] Hurry! – It's locked.
– Locked? I don't know, what about over here? It's locked. What do we do? – [Rebecca] What do we do? – [Daniel] What do we do? – We look for the remote, look for something that's
gonna stop lockdown. – You're right, we need the remote but the Red Hood has it. – Spread out, maybe
there's something else. – Okay, okay.
– Okay. – [Matt] A phone? – [Daniel] It's a phone. – [Rebecca] Matt, don't touch that. – [Daniel] Wait, look! This system, I think I could hack in here. – [Rebecca] Really? – [Daniel] Yeah, no it'll work. – ZamFans, smash the thumbs up button if you think this is gonna work. Also, shout out to you guys
in the Game Master Network that scored a hundred
percent on the last quiz, make sure to take today's quiz at the thegamemasternetwork.com And shout out to these people that tagged me with ZamFam merch. This didn't go quite as planned you guys, but we need to get out of here. – [Matt] Mission accomplished though guys. – Almost there, almost there. When I hit this button, it's
gonna unlock the front door, but it's only gonna buy
us a couple minutes. – That's okay! Yeah that's fine! – [Matt] Ready? Three, two, one. – [Rebecca] Go go go, come on! – [Daniel] Go go go go! – [Rebecca] Come on! – [Daniel] Come on, hurry, hurry, hurry! It's unlocked!
– It's unlocked! – [Rebecca] Come on! Okay, come on! – [Daniel] Guys we made it out! – Hold on.
– What? – The phone guys, the phone, the phone! – [Rebecca] No no no! – [Daniel] No Matt, no!

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