Top of the morning to you laddies. My name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to some more happy wheels Time to throw myself. Let’s go Larry RRRAGH! OH! Run away lawnmower! Try it again. Use your jump this time, Woooah. You’re missing some wheels. Same one again Ohhh Yes! You’re too fast. Thank you game. This one’s called big balls. How could I not play that it’s named after me? Okay, so we’re going is easy levels, very easy, okay medium, getting harder, Getting harder and harder to breathe. Swan dive Steve. Oh, no, you lost your helmet, all is lost! oh Let’s just stay here and do some planking, work on those abs. There’s no time for abs, Come on. I would have made it the whole way down otherwise. I was doing so well look look see Fucking Steve. Steve how much you don’t lose your head this time you could lose a leg that’s fine You don’t need legs, but you kinda need your face for me to win this yes, I Thought going headfirst was going to be a problem, but we did it Uh how the hell do we do this? I can’t reach the things oh like this, woha! – 100 I didn’t even get any points yet. How can you minus me? Woha! 5,000, epIc, of course, sick tricks, ah Ahh great – fifty Come on game don’t be a dick. All the points, all the points for Jack, Jack Rikey! All the points Okay, well I got a lot of points, hooray Longest spike fall, there’s only one man for the job. It’s Segway steve, he is my malalala. whoa Gonna Die so Gonna Die, but I made it to a little perfect. Steep steep like this, woah perfect, Done! Not done! That’s not it steve. That’s not it. That’s death oh You go boy. The key is to stay close to this first set of spikes, perfect! That’s it. I have won! Motherfucker! Stay close to these spikes. It’s too far. That’s too far. It’s not too far it’s perfect, Segway Steve! Oh good Justin Bieber’s already gone, I gotta go find him! I don’t even need to he’s gone on ahead without me There’s just blood flying everywhere. He’s pretty dead by now. Let’s go Billy. Oh-Ha. I got ya. Oh you thought you could escape, huh? Let’s go Billy, you and me! Can I still at least win? Arms, arms are fine lose all of them. They’re only weighing you down. Oh, I shouldn’t have eaten that Christmas turkey. Steve, Steve! Yes Are you trying to best me with a jet fall? Not gonna happen, for I am super Segway Steeeeve The key to jet falls is to stay perfectly straight and dodge every single one of them Ahahahaha! First try, what up? What up? Come at me, bro? Oh yes, Oh, yes, I know you’re Billy, but I’m just gonna pretend you are Justin Bieber And we’re gonna do a little bit of this, and little bit of this, and little bit of die Billy! Die Billy! I feel so manly right now, my pants can’t even contain my balls Hard Pewdiepie quiz, normally I wouldn’t do these, but I feel like it’s time What is Pewdiepie is real name? Please, we all know it’s Timmy Yeah, fooled ya. Ain’t no party, like a Pewdiepie party. Woo, yeah! Unce unce unce unce What is the name of Pewdiepie’s girlfriend’s YouTube account? Cutiepiemarzia Oh God, don’t get the other one. Omg yes. What quiz should I do next? They’re all wins, Walking Dead, there we go. Ha ha, looks like I know a lot about Pewdiepie. Love you man. It’s Mike and Mary’s race time. Hey, Mary. I know I said we were going to go to the movies but screw that YOLO, I’ll see you later Mary, I didn’t want you anyway. Nobody wants you, you’re only weighing me down Woo, flips! Yeah! Like you’re a boss Mike you lost your arm. Oh come on. Give me an epic flip, epic flip, bruhh Ok let’s do it again, but let’s keep Mary with us this time. Mary, Mary, I love you dearest. I love you, smooches, yeah Mary. Mary’s actually adding a little bit of wind resistance No, Mary. See Mary. I meant- I meant that last time without you! Did Mary actually slow me down, Because I made all that stuff last time just by going as fast as I could- no you’re okay, Mary. Mary, You’re alright for this time. I’ll let you live. Mary use that big booty, weigh us down We don’t we don’t want to die. Okay. Let’s see if we can do flips oh Mary, Mary, I love you so much Mary Yes! You know people have been telling me in the comments Why does he celebrate all the easy levels? I can do them too Well you know what, you got to celebrate all the time. No matter what level it is, you just got to be happy You got to be proud of yourself, in here, for your inner good It’s time for me and Billy to do the dreaded bottle runs again. I have invested them in quite a while We got Betty, Mike- Betty, Mary, and Steve. Sh, you didn’t hear that. Speed Is key. Speed is key. Speed is key. Speed is keeeeeyyyyyyy! Ahhh! This isn’t right! Ahhahaha! Motherfu-ahaha. I was so close Speed is key, speed is key, speed is keyyy, speed is keyyy, speed is keyyyyy Superman versus harpoons? Superman at hooo! No harpoons can get superman. I am the man of steel, the wingless wonder Ninja Knife-throwing. All right Steve, you need to let go- let go of your segway. See you later. Oh look at that fucking three and one son Except I lost a lot of swords. Woha! See you later Larry. Yeah, bye! Indy, Indiana Are you ready for the swords in the face? Ok that wasn’t it. I’m gonna try that again, ok three two one go Ok you got that in the knees, but that’s ok- Oh you got that one in the face That’s, that’s good. Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your face like the taste of sword! It’s not how the rhyme goes, but that’s our rhyme goes oh
And I have to kill myself, what? Oh My God look how many people I killed in one- one thing. I killed all of those in one thing I am the best there ever was and I have to kill myself kill yourself kill yourself How much should I bet I won’t be able to kill myself after all the times that I’ve done it in the past by accident. No! No! I can’t reach the sword,. uh-ha make a face? Oh You mean make a face in the game? Got it. I do that- I can do that the easy peasy. Where is the whitest yes? Oh, we actually have white. I have the most awesome hair that ever was and it’s none of those Ok we go for the one with the hat it’s the only one that’s even remotely close to mine These are my eyes, the big blue ones. Pick a nose Any nose, This is mine, at the end, biggest nose in the entire planet, and the mouth is this one because I’m always shouting especially playing this Facial hair, I got a little bit of this going on today. My beard’s coming in good, puberty hit yesterday. I’m so happy about it Are we done, can I see my face? How do I- Yeah, here we go, here we go it’s Not like me at all! Jeez, I was trying to make a cool-looking face. I don’t feel like a winner No, no, don’t do it. Oh, I don’t even deserve it Oh my God look how many spinning blades of death there are! This is gonna be fun. Oh yeah, do it Central flambe oh I like this, so much murder, so much blood and guts No! Ah, Steeve Also people told me to change the blood level But I keep forgetting, because I just get into the game, and I’m always so happy that the game loaded because it never loads sometimes and then when it does load I’m just so happy and I want to get down and play Before the game breaks itself again, plus this level is gonna be so laggy with a lot of blood. I have merged Bobby with Betty, I call it the Botty Do it, there’s just two more left. Oh that was a perfect one. Two in one! Go, fall Please fall, just fall. I would like it if you fell. Please? can you fall? Please? Fall! Billy, something your dad didn’t tell you. I was actually a pro BMX rider back in my early days when I was about your age You- you’re about to see Daddy’s sick tricks, watch these front flips son. Oh Flips for days, Billy. Oh, Billy uh see you later I guess Daddy’s on his own now. Daddy’s just in his own world and he gets into BMX mode It’s just Daddy against everyone. This is just like playing Trials. Oh, God Yes, yes That was cool Harpoon run. Don’t get any poon in your ass Billy, you’re not old enough yet. Go Billy go! Oh, why does there have to be glass in my way It’s just- It’s just- No I’m dead. I can’t do it anymore. I’m dead. You can do it, you can do it- stay alive for fuck’s sake Yes, Yes! Oh, When did I pick up Sonic. S.E.G.B.o.D. Spinning evil gear bridge of Death?! I Can do this. Jack- can’t do it Mother of gods. Hey, Wha? No, no, keep going. Yes, Yes, Yes! This one’s called a bottle run expert, and I am far from being a bottle run expert But I do have one thing, and one thing above all others, and that is speed is key! Oh-ho-oh, Ohhh. That didn’t help. Yes Dad, Dad yes, yes Dad, Dad yes! Oh my God. I so want to get into this into the toilet. Go! okay What did I get- better, better than what? I didn’t do anything yet. Oh so close Although I am a pro legend god, that sounds about right ah Yes, yes! Into the bin, into the bin, into the bin! Awww. Into the bin! Ah, so close! Into the bin! Come back down yes, yes! There’s no way of winning these things though You just throw until you give up Hooray, two of them into the toilet. I am a pro champion at life. Oh Bobby, this is gonna be so fun You’re in for such a treat oh Okay, I’ll try and keep the spikes- in sight so I don’t hit the- oh! Eyah Come on. I’m better than Chuck Norris. Speed is not key, Bobby, speed is not key, cau- caution is key cautio- Oh, I lost my legs that’s going to give me such an advantage. Yes, No-Ah Lose your legs again. Lose your legs again. That was that was good last time. I enjoye- the jet pack went off with my head keep the balance, keep the bala- ahaha Yes, they finished it before I even could finish my sentence. That does it for this episode of happy wheels turns out I am the boss god of happy wheels. I can do the spike falls, I can do the jet packs I can do the ball throws, the sword throws, I’ve even gotten good at the bottle runs That was the one thing you guys had on me, that you guys could do the bottle runs and I couldn’t and now I can do Them. I’m awesome! Thank you guys so much for watching this video. If you liked it punch that like button in the face Like a boss! and high fives all round, wapesh! wapesh! Thank you guys, and I will see all you dudes in the next video! *TechnoAxe- I’m Everywhere plays*

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