Hacker Hide and Seek Challenge for Game Master Mixture! (Best Hiding Spot Wins) | Rebecca Zamolo

Hacker Hide and Seek Challenge for Game Master Mixture! (Best Hiding Spot Wins) | Rebecca Zamolo

this is turned into a hiding some tasty now no work the gamemaster said we only have 15 minutes hey Zhu Ben it's Rebecca and right now we are trying to find the best hiding spot for hide and seek because we are in the hacker safe house worth of Red Hood hid one of the computer devices for her super computer guys guys I have to let the Sam fam know okay I'm gonna go back Daniel can you take the camera at the escape room the Red Hood said that the device was outside under water in the pool but there is a hacker Patrol Ian and going around here the gamemaster said the three ingredients to create the sleep cloud is inside here so we need to find that so we can put all the quadrants sleep and get outside to the pool okay get back hi Oh hide hide hide oh hey it's clear we have a few minutes okay Sam fans so your challenge today it's to see if you can subscribe turn on notifications click all and smash the thumbs up button so we can find the sleet cloud in here before the quadrant finds us in five four three two one if you did it comment gamemaster squad in the comment section also stick around we're gonna be doing shoutouts later I think you need to split up yeah but where should we go oh there was one quadrant but it looks like there might be two oh by the way hi yeah yeah I can hide in here it's all glass you can see right through them we're never gonna see me down here I can hide right here this is perfect oh thank you did you do that do you make us an adjuster so oh great okay okay good okay Becca what is that that's you that's my channel what is this this for VidCon this might be for VidCon what are they making this for VidCon do you think someone's gonna be pretending to be me no what if though what if they're gonna try to get our Z twin to be you know no RC twins on the gamemaster net were like she's on our side not theirs okay hopefully they didn't hypnotize her though San Francisco Daniel wanna maybe one of the pieces to the supercomputers in San Francisco good point mighty get up there yeah Sam Pham if you think that we need to go up to San Francisco to find a piece for the supercomputer let us know I hope you have to do it okay I never find a neon Rebecca Thomas a lot I mean this is turned into a heightened see tasty now know we're here I've had there was only one now there's two yeah two quadrant hackers maybe this is what the game masks are talking about the game master said there's three mixtures inside to make the sleep Club look maybe this is what they were making there's three spots right here where's the loot club Rickster they're probably hidden around here we need to find it let's do it okay I hope he's okay zip em let us know if Matt is okay and we're gonna go explore this room to find the mixture okay go in here a really tight spot oh my gosh oh how is so close okay do you want me to check this room yeah check in there I'm gonna check this room over here there's nothing what is this place closet closet okay nothing there but that's a pretty good hiding spot posit it's a good escape route thank you I don't see anything yeah I do not think the ingredients are in here at all hey whose house is this I have no idea how is just a safe house look what what oh no it's just a Kleenex box oh okay where should we look in that other room over there well where else can we look um maybe around good great that was the best hiding spot but if they had opened it they would have found me I know where to go I hope Matt's found something we haven't even found one yet let's go check on Matt over here did you find anything I didn't find anything but I heard a conversation well they said there's like sensors out there in the pool where the device is for the super candy exactly okay so once we activate the sleep cloud we can figure that out but we first need to get the sleep Club so we can put them to sleep and get out to the pool all right I'm heading in the back room all right game master on three one two three gee master good luck you didn't even really look in this room you should stay here and look okay I'll go to the other room and hopefully we find something all right let's meet got here all right guys where should I look in here I mean this place is full of books vases I mean they could hide it anywhere place is what the mixtures in here is the a.m. where do you think the mixture would be it has to be in here the other rooms we haven't found anything in yet yours may be in here whoa oh look at this this is like you can look at stuff microscopic maybe they're using this for like science experiments they keep saying that I have a clone I don't know if I have a clone I need you guys to comment down below if you think that I have a clone I don't think that guy in the Red Hood mansion look like me but go back to that video and you let me know is when we played clue in real life I don't know let's look around maybe we can find I think one of the pieces of a mixture is in this room quick Security battery I mean we can have you before okay we need to keep our eyes open find this right now five pairs of glasses glasses I don't have any ninja gadgets we lost everything when the EMP went off at the safe house so I don't have any way to like hide exactly what we're looking for stuff maybe it's under here no junk drawer sure like the truth serums could find anybody else to see if they found their STIs maybe I could hide behind there I wonder if I could go under here oh no I definitely can't fit in here I think this would be the best hiding spot bills notes okay Sam fam just realize there's this room we haven't searched near at all maybe it's in here you guys look someone must be staying in here this is it do you think this is part of the mixture it has to be right look oh my god what is that Wow it's a nice rocking chair to fall asleep here okay I got to keep looking ooh coffee you guys know I love coffee if you follow me on instagram you'll see that I drink a lot of coffee these blue vases what is going on maybe it's in here no that's clear clear clear nothing clear empty empty empty do you guys see anything empty empty empty it's all empty okay co pham so let Daniel and Matt know that I found on one of the mixtures hopefully they found it okay I got it okay what a three-part yet that's one maybe Rebecca will find another one but I didn't find anything in here you gotta keep looking around keep three you guys I found it oh you got one yeah that's got one man so Danielle did you find one look no string in here we have to look okay meet three the gamemaster said three just to know I think we need to follow what the gamemaster said he said there's three ingredient please maybe we missed something in the backroom Daniel that's true they came in and they disrupted us so wait let's get look at closers in there that's true we need Matt sighs okay all right the quadrant I think is over there still I don't know I mean Daniel we checked all of those area and we yeah yeah I mean what are you gonna see anything in the closet oh can you do something with this can you hack in water might come back okay what what whoa oh secret room secret I think we found the third mixture the red this is all three we have enough to make the sleeping cloud great alright guys we need to go mix these together activate the sleep pods I can go get the device in the pool see I'm smash that thumbs up button right now if you made it till this point in the video we're about to go make the sleep Clouseau the quadrant falls asleep and we can get the device in the pool go quiet quiet all three that's all three okay how do you know what I make this yeah that's a chemistry does he want okay here's the clear red great okay good good alright okay alright nap so I think once you put those in there you only have ten seconds before it's activated which means we need to get the quadrant right here so we can make sure we're trapping them inside when the sleep cloud releases okay great once we put that in there and run out those doors lock that lock the mouse trap them inside here exactly know what hey baby I got it I got it so now we have limited time to get the device in the pool before the quadrants wake make sure you are subscribed to have notifications on and hopefully you thumbs up this video shout out to you guys in the gamemaster Network that scored a hundred on the last quiz if you want a shout out go to the gamemaster network.com take the quiz and make sure to check out the video right here because we are about to go in the pool and get the device ok I'm going to no there are sensors from the pool ok well then how are we gonna get to the device

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  2. Rebbca and matt and dainil i am warning you the sfe house has been compmind because the red hood maked the quordrent is in the sfe house

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