Greg LeMond – Cycling and Exercising

Greg LeMond – Cycling and Exercising

Greg LeMond – I just was into skiing and they recommend riding a bike for conditioning for cycling and I came back, cut lawns
for about six weeks four weeks actually, I made enough to buy $130 Raleigh Grand
Prix and I started riding with my Dad that August of 75 and they didn’t make
snow back then for Ski Areas and there was no snow in the Sierra Nevadas so I
kept riding and I was already got I got kind of into it about 6 weeks into it
and it was like I was but I didn’t know anything about racing to know anything
about the sport and just met somebody in a bike shop in Reno and got me to go to
the Rina Willman Cub and they got me into a club race and then I went to my
first race for the like three weeks and won my first race that was like
hooked. It’s like a I can imagine what a drug wouldn’t be like that was a strong
drug you know, and so you know when I got into cycling it was just all this self
consuming I got it in school it was there during class the only way I could
keep myself awake in French I was it was the magazines and looking at food. Or the girls and women in it but I sit there and make training schedules for the next
week and then you know it was like I was it was like really great to find it a
sport like cycling that was exciting, new, it was like opening a whole nother door.
Because at that time it was it was actually a big underground sport in America for
relative you know like twenty five thousand races today there’s fifty
thousand but in the 70s there are more young riders than there are today there
were in Northern California which open one hundred juniors my 15 18 right now
there’s like 10 in the bay area so it’s that sharp a road race it’s really
it’s crazy, but there’s more options for kids now so I think there’s just a more
dispersed interest. It’s like when you’re out there exercising I have some buddies
always like telling me to do yoga and I you know it was great but you know about
you can get inside yourself that’s exactly what I do when I’m cycling. I’m out there and it’s the time I think the time I don’t have to
think if I don’t want to but all my ideas come in on a bike I’m exercising
and it’s you know I have to keep reminding myself now that I have to do
it that I gotta keep doing it, but I love I do love cycling I love cross-country
is kind of like down has gone like a lot of different sports.

8 thoughts on “Greg LeMond – Cycling and Exercising

  1. Greg Lemond is perhaps the greatest American bicyclists of all time especially due to the fact that Lance Armstrong admitted doping.

  2. Merckx trashed Greg for not winning one day classics. Well, what about Sean kelly not winning the Tour? Huh, Eddy. Unfair assessment of the greatest american CLEAN cyclist!

  3. Greg is phenomenally skilled at cycling, and the sport had many problems in his day…across the board. So, advice from Greg is valued.

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