GoPro: Irish Road Racing with Maria Costello

It’s everyday life that happens
here and suddenly a few bales appear, around the
circuit but you’ll never remove all
the brick walls, the stone gate posts. It’s a great sport that I love but its a very unforgiving
sport if something happens it can become messy. Touching speeds of almost
200mph, down that flying kilo. Which is as narrow as the drive way
into my house. Those are the thrills and
the buzz that the riders get. Some people think well it’s a
woman, you know, this is a mans sport. She is an absolutely class act and unique in the fact that
she is a lady, but bloody hell can she race
a motorbike. Well I think, I’ve lived a
different life to most of my friends. It wasn’t about owning a house
and a car, getting married and
having kids. It was just motorbike racing. Friends of family, their son
had a motorbike, I quite fancied their son,
he took me around the bike shops but ultimately I fell in love
with a motorbike. You know, I look spoilt but
I’ve done it all myself and I went racing. The front end is awful like there’s one section,
where there’s the only real bumps and like, I don’t know
if my steering head is working. It’s doing this? Yeah Well we will give you
some more preload. It takes a lot of money to
keep road racing, to get your ferries over and
keep a truck going and get your entries paid
and pay the fuel. I know the lads that help her, they all do so out of
their own pocket. Essentially we’re being trusted
with their lives. You know, if we don’t do our.. if the mechanics don’t
do their job right, it can end badly. Whole load of us went to
Mallory Park to watch. I was like “Is that a girl?” and they were like
“Yeah, thats Sandra Barnett,” and she was racing there. Which was like,
if she can do it, I can do it. Mum hated it, right from dot. She had to come and
sign the form for the finance, in the bike shop. We walked through the bike shop and
shes looking at all the scooters and going “Which one are you
having?” “No, no, this is mine.” And she walked out of the shop. All my mum thought of was fear “She’s going to crash,
she’s going to die” Just oblivious to it, I didn’t want her going
round that track, at all. They weren’t part of it, I was quite a defiant child, whatever my mum
didn’t want me to do, I seemed to want to do. Dad and I knew about it
a lot longer than. Yeah before I did. Yes because we couldn’t tell you because it had to be kept secret and you would have told
everyone. I thought oh my god, my
daughter has got the MBE and I thought yes she
deserves it. For what she went through and what shes done and
what she still does. You will sit there and
then you will hear sometimes, “Oh yeah that Maria Costello,
you know the one that races” and I think yeah, thats my
daughter, it is fantastic really. Look Dave is there, Mick, Paul, guys you’ve all raced against. Don’t worry, get in and get
them. You know what I mean, head down, good start
and away you go. Now enjoy it, right. When the day comes that
she’s decides “I’ve had enough” She would’ve left a legacy,
I think for the rest to follow and she would have set the bar,
so to speak. If you are lucky enough to
find something, that you love and enjoy,
thats the biggest thing you know, go and enjoy it, find it, do it
and make it happen.

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