Girlfriend Takes Apart Her Dirt Bike!

Girlfriend Takes Apart Her Dirt Bike!

hey what’s going on guys I’m here with a
very special guest Haley my girlfriend and we have her half torn apart XR80 back here and what we’re going to be doing today is tearing this thing
the rest of the way apart sending the frame and swingarm out to powder coating
and then getting the bike all the way back together so that’s me a really fun
video so stay tuned so that was it yeah what do you think
like 25 minutes to take half the bike apart was it too bad for two people and
now we’ve got a whole pile of parts of what used to be Haley’s dirtbike so
there’s a couple small things we’ll need to do to prep for powder coat you need
to knock out the steering races on the frame and the pivot bushings on the
stool arm as well as clean all the dirt and grime off these parts for the races
that should go use extension and tap them out with a hammer this works now if
you can I’ll be able to do the same thing on the swing arm as well just pop
the end caps off slide out the spacer talk to you crusty and then the bushings
are just plastic so I think I should be able to knock them out using the same
method time to get cleaning let’s be soaking these with some simple green
degreaser and then hitting them with a pressure washer all right we’re all ready for powder
coating so I’m going to drop these off at the shop tomorrow and while we’re
waiting on those to come back I can do a little bit more cleaning over here kind
of freshen up the gas tank the air box and I think the rest of this stuff is
pretty clean and also going to do some cleaning on the engine as well so if a
gas tank and air box are cleaned with Dawn dish soap and completely dried now
it’s time to work some magic with the seracote trim coat so I let the trim
coat dry for about 20 minutes and as you can see this stuff turned out
insane you can see the difference between the
gas cap which I didn’t coat and the gas tank huge huge difference there this
stuff never fails to blow my mind so now it’s time to clean up the engine I’ve
got the intake covered up with duct tape as well as the vent exhaust has a rag
stuffed in the port and it’s fine to have the fly wound stator and get wet
we’ll just blow those out later so I’m just gonna be using simple green and a
pressure washer on this as well I was able to get the engine fairly
clean didn’t really want to go too crazy with it and start polishing up the cases
or anything like that but the ship shaft has a little bit of damage around it
damage of the case and the seal and as you can see it’s been leaking some oil
so I am gonna yank that seal out and replace it I’m thinking we still have
enough material left on that crankcase to create a good seal so I’m gonna pop
in a new OEM seal and we should be good to go it still leaks I can always build
up some epoxy on that crankcase well well well look what we got here got the
frame and swingarm back from powder coating really happy with how these
turned out the guy did a great job on everything pretty pumped on the color –
just a nice simple gray with a tiny bit of metallic in it did a nice job of
prepping everything masked off all the holes that shouldn’t have powder like
the threads the neck of the frame and the pivot of the swingarm so I had him
do the sandblasting as well so he took these parts from start to finish and
really happy with how they turned out so the shop I used is local to me about 30
minutes away it is called limitless coatings and Post Falls Idaho so if you
guys are local definitely go check them out so I will put his Instagram right
here on the bottom of the screen alright let’s bring the stuff inside and get
them ready to go back together now for the frame I’m gonna use clear grip tape
here on the side so that way it doesn’t wear from boots like it was worn before
the grip tape is also going to keep Haley on the bike I know this thing is
pretty fast it’s an XR 80 so I don’t want her
getting whiskey on it I also need to pop in the steering stem races up front and
for the swing arm I have new pivot bushings
both of these are tusk brand now to install the races I’ve got a press here
from tusk this allows you to press in pretty much
any bearing race it’s got a bunch of different sizes here now I’ve seen
people push in the races with a punch and a hammer but I would prefer to do it
right if one of these gets cracked or damaged when you’re installing it that
would not be good when you’re riding it so first up I’m gonna find the color
that works with these races looks like that one’s the right size I’m gonna get
the race started in the frame now it does help to leave these in the freezer
overnight and you can even heat up the neck of the frame that’ll help with
installation but I didn’t get the chance to pop these in the freezer got this
little handle or the adapter to get the race started in the frame now I’m gonna
bust out the press this piece slides through the neck of the frame looks like that one seated in nice and
straight I’m gonna get started on the other side now let’s cut up some grip
tape and get this beautiful powder coat job protected this stuff looks pretty sweet on there
think I’ll have no problem staying in place now let’s get the swingarm dialed
in with the bushing kit now at this point the bike is ready to
go back together I’m sure Halley’s me really pumped with
the powder coat on the frame and swingarm so I’m gonna get her little
butt out here to help me get her bike back going but this is everything to her
bike right here all right we are ready to get this thing back together so Haley
can start riding again all right bikes coming along really good
really loving the colors on there looking just primo she’s got to run and
do some school work so I am going to bolt on a few more things for the bike
and then we’ll just wrap up the video right there we’ve got some more work to
do I have the wiring to bolt up as well as the carburetor flower will cover
chain and all the guards and guides man this thing is coming along really
really good I’m most more excited about it than the 250 I don’t know I’ve always
just really liked these little bikes this is what I grew up riding and it
brings back so many memories working on it
as you guys probably noticed my grip tape isn’t holding up the best peeling
up pretty good might as well just peel it all the way off so definitely do not
buy it this it’s leaving some glue on there
this factory effects grip tape it is no boy now got some different grip tape on
the way hopefully the other stuff works a little better yeah and one more thing
I did swap out the front tire for a new one this is an OEM tire from Rocky
Mountain as you can see not a whole lot of tread on these from new this wheel is
kind of a funky size it’s a 16 inch front so no one like Dunlop or Michelin
or Bridgestone makes any decent tires in that size so this will have to do all
right guys made a lot of good progress on the XR today so pump is how it’s
coming along really glad you won head of powder good frame and swingarm
looks so much better now in the next video I’ll be able to finish up the bike
completely we’ve got a bunch of cool parts over the corner for it so that
would be pretty cool and a surprise Hayley with it when it’s all finished up
she’s been so busy with school lately and it’ll be a nice little gift for it
just a little heads up for you guys I do have new hats and t-shirts over on the
website this is a new hat right here really pumped with how this one came out
new t-shirt as well got a few other hats here curved bill with the prime minutes
close to look at it and a flat bill as well love the colors on that one just
got the same text on there so I will drop a link to all this stuff down below
that is gonna wrap with the video thank you so much for watching and I will see
you all in the video when we wrap this thing up till then keep it price you

100 thoughts on “Girlfriend Takes Apart Her Dirt Bike!

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