Giant Pit Bull Hulk & The Newborn Baby | DOG DYNASTY

Giant Pit Bull Hulk & The Newborn Baby | DOG DYNASTY

LISA GRENNAN: I have no worries with Hulk being around the baby. It’s not a big deal. MARLON GRENNAN: So these dogs are trained to be 100% fearless. They know no defeat. MARLON GRENNAN: Most powerful dog that I have is Hulk. MARLON GRENNAN: He is one of the most famous dogs on the planet right now. He is about
180 pounds, which makes him one of the largest pit bulls in the world. MARLON GRENNAN: If he bit down on somebody’s arm with full power, he will snap your arm
like a toothpick. MARLON GRENNAN: We really wanted to see how he’d cope with the new member of the pack.
Enter Jackson. JORDON: Who is Jackson? COMM: Who is this little guy? LISA GRENNAN: This is Jackson Leslie Grennan. MARLON GRENNAN: Mere hours old. So we are about to take Jackson home and meet the pack.
We are excited. When you are the leader of the pack and the structures, rules, boundaries,
limits, leadership, there is nothing to be worried about. I’m always in control. That’s
the main thing, so, not worried at all. MARLON GRENNAN: Anything I bring in to my house, as a leader of the pack is accepted
by them instantly because, you know, I am the alpha of the house. So, I don’t expect,
I know everything will go smoothly and they will love him just as I love him. All right,
so let’s go back and meet the family, it’s time, let’s go meet Hulk. See you there. MARLON GRENNAN: Jackson weighs about 8 pounds, so the crazy thing here is Hulk is about 22
times the size of him. MARLON GRENNAN: Oh, big guy, that will eat you. I know you got to calm down before you
meet the baby. MARLON GRENNAN: Sometimes Hulk gets really excited but we know Hulk, we know he knows
when it is time to settle down. MARLON GRENNAN: Give some space, bro. LISA GRENNAN: I don’t want to have him come over when he is all excited and bring that
energy around the baby. MARLON GRENNAN: Everything’s got to be on your terms, you know, that’s the most important part. So if you want him to come over, you call him up. LISA GRENNAN: Hulk, come here, come. MARLON GRENNAN: In this moment, it’s really important that Lisa calls Hulk over. You know, you have to lead the way, you always have to be in control. LISA GRENNAN: No, we are going to lick his head, though. He is clean. LISA GRENNAN: He loves them. LISA GRENNAN: Come here. Good boy. All right, all right, you’re gonna wake him up. LISA GRENNAN: I have no worries with Hulk being around the baby. I mean he is great
with kids, dogs, everything. He is such a gentle soul. He is awesome. He loves babies.
This is his brother here. MARLON GRENNAN: Hulk loved Jackson from the moment that he saw him and over a couple of
months they have become absolutely inseparable, it’s been beautiful to watch. LISA GRENNAN: You want to get Hulk. Yeah, you want to see him. Yeah, let’s get Hulk. LISA GRENNAN: Slow down, slow down. LISA GRENNAN: When we brought Jackson home, Hulk was all over him. He loves him. He was
watching me while I carried him around. Every time he cried, he’d perk up and go check
on him. LISA GRENNAN: Hulk is Jackson’s big brother. He is the perfect protector and babysitter. LISA GRENNAN: Not on his mouth, that’s gross. LISA GRENNAN: He followed me around everywhere. Any time I’d put him down, he’d be sitting
by his crib or the swing and checking on him. Couldn’t ask for a better dog. LISA GRENNAN: He really does love him and you can see it in his eyes. LISA GRENNAN: When you see videos of Hulk working and doing bite work, that’s just
his other side. He is a working dog, he is a protection dog, and a dog that is able to
do that has to be very very balanced and stable. His job is to protect the family. So, he has
to be a good family dog and he is. LISA GRENNAN: Watching over us. The dogs have been really good with the baby in the house
and it’s been an easy transition for everyone. Hulk is used to having Jordan around and Jordan
is almost five now, so they are all used to sharing the attention. Hulk grew up with Jordan
and their relationship is amazing, I knew he would be great with Jackson too. LISA GRENNAN: Give him a bath. MARLON GRENNAN: Ready, wait, attack. Oh, good boy. LISA GRENNAN: Jordan’s whole world is dogs and you ask him what he wants to do and he
wants to be a dog trainer. He is always asking for his own mini bite suit to work with the
dogs and train the dogs. LISA GRENNAN: Do you go for walks with Hulk. JORDON: Yes, I walk him. He is cute like a big puppy. I play the harmonica and he sings. MARLON GRENNAN: Say ‘well done’. Go pet him. LISA GRENNAN: You don’t have to train a dog to be around children, it’s just how
you raise them. The training that we do from a young age is just imprinting. We make loud
noises, we bring different surfaces, pull on their tail, pull on their ears, mess with
them a little bit when they are younger and then they are used to it all, and that way
if a kid comes up behind the dog and startles it, some dog’s reaction would be to turn
and nib or bite. With all the imprinting that we do, that’s not their reaction, they are
just used to it all. LISA GRENNAN: You always have to be careful with any animal around kids, that’s just
common sense. I wouldn’t leave my baby on the floor with any dog in there and I wouldn’t
want him to get stepped on or anything like that. But when he is in his crib and I will
leave him in the crib with a dog in the room. LISA GRENNAN: Hulk absolutely loves Jackson and it’s monitored too, but I do trust him
and they are very balanced, stable dogs and I mean they know that he is a baby and just
like their own puppies, they will know how to be gentle. Hulk will lick his face, lick
his hands and again that’s monitored, I am not going to let him smother him, but he
gives him baths. LISA GRENNAN: The main criticism that we get is, how can you let your dog lick your baby,
which to me is silly, I mean, I let the dog lick me and I don’t think that is dirty
and it’s not. Take a bath after, it’s not a big deal. LISA GRENNAN: Hulk would risk his life to protect my family and I know that. And I know
that he would go to end of the world for us. So, he makes the perfect babysitter, protector. MARLON GRENNAN: We got the dogs down but kids, we are working on it. LISA GRENNAN: Kid trainers, contact us.

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  1. Pitbulls are so hated and mistreated I have one my self and she is just too sweet Hulk is so cute and gentle like all pitbulls. Remember its not the breed its the way you raise them

  2. Not a good idea… it's either you let your dog go.. or there's a 50 50 percent chance you watching your baby get molded and you couldn't do anything.. I'm not harsh..I care about the child.. what if your dog loses it or gets too mad.. doesn't matter if you the alpha… it's a animal.. a predator.. watch out. Dogs get jealous too


  4. Maybe I was watching wolf dogs thats why this appeared. Anyway 5:19 hulk was like a teacher while everyone were playing hahaha

  5. My aunt and uncle have two kids and a pit bull. The kids lay on the dog. The kids mess with the dog all the time. Chloe, the dog, is strong and the only fear is. Chloe thinks she’s a lap dog and doesn’t know her own strength.

  6. I don't see why pit bulls get such a bad reputation they are nice kind andsweet I watched another video and they wouldn't let this Pitbull and he was a male into a daycare in the Arizona sun!!! But if it was a female pitbull it would be ok I think it's because people say they were meant to be big dogs to fight other dogs and yes back in the old days they were that's what they were bred for but it depends on the way you train them to do train them like hulk or do you train a nice house petplease consider adopting a Pitbull from a shelter most pitbulls every 3 days just because no one wants them please help the pitbulls!!😃

  7. Anyone notice how gentle Hulk was when he "bit" Jordan., even with the bite suit on? I need that dog.

  8. There lucky that they trained there dog where if a kid was on his back he would do nothing when I was younger I tripped and landed on my dogs back and he turned around and bit me 😭 now I get paranoid of dogs

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  10. A dog is the guardian of the pack. Like they know its expected of them.
    So if there is a new baby it sees its as the most most vulnarable so it makes sure baby is safe.

  11. I have a two year old German shepherd a husky tried to attack it and a king shepherd but my German shepherd beat them up at once!he was injured

  12. It’s only bad and irresponsible owners that cause dangerous and unpredictable pit bulls. Pit bulls that have good genes and are trained make fanatic furry companions and will protect children from harm. All parents can trust pit bulls with their children , as long as there’s no genetic problems and they are not untrained. These children will have such a rich life with such a amazing dog

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