GCN Vs John Degenkolb

GCN Vs John Degenkolb

– Trek-Segafredo’s new
signing John Degenkolb may have won Paris-Roubaix
and Milan–San Remo in the same year, 10 stages of the Vuelta, and Gent Wevelgem for good measure, amongst numerous other victories;
but can he make the grade in the GCN versus John Degenkolb challenge where he’ll face the barista challenge, the thigh-biceps circumference off, a sprint, and a John Degenkolb quiz? (epic string music) So John, thanks for agreeing
to do the challenge today. I’m just, are you fit? Are you ready? Are you up for the challenge? – Yeah, I mean, we’re
here for training camp and not for holiday. So even in training camp you
have to challenge yourself, and I think we should do that today. – Let’s do it. – Let’s do it. (beeping) (intense rock music) – It’s one-nil to you. So how did I go? – That was pretty fast with tailwind. Actually, that’s something
that I don’t like. Okay, so you had kind of an advantage. – Oh well, it was one-nil. Still got three rounds to go. I think up next is the bicep challenge. Ooh, I need a rest. Round two is the bicep and
thigh circumference off. First on the oche is John. We’re going to measure in centimetres the diameter of your bicep. Looking pretty good. We have 35.2 centimetres. 35.2, just gonna stick
that in the computer. (beeping) Right, you need to measure mine. Let’s get some tension in there. – Yeah, where’s your tension? It’s 33.5. – 33.5? I think you beat me–
– It’s a little less, huh? – By quite a bit less.
(beeping) Thighs are up next. You still have a small lead. I’m gonna have to stand up for this one. We’ll do you first. 57.3. 57.3
(beeping) – [John] It’s 54.2 – Oh, he’s beat me on
both; I can’t believe it. 54.2.
(beeping) I don’t even need to
add those two up to see that at the moment it’s
two-nil to John Degenkolb. (John inhaling and clapping) (relaxing classical guitar) So, round three is the barista off and we have Fabio Felline
who comes from a family of kind of baristas basically. He’s gonna show me and John
exactly what needs to be done. So we’re gonna step
back and let the maestro show us what to do. (milk bubbling) So Fabio set the bar pretty high. Me and John now have got
to try and match that. I’m just gonna have a
sip, if you don’t mind, just to sort of. Temperature feels good. Yeah, that’s pretty spot on. That’s pretty spot on. John, do you wanna go first? – I’ll go first, okay. (calm string music) (hissing and bubbling) (tapping) – [Fabio] His looks pretty good. (John groaning) – [John] I say nothing. – So, what are we saying out of 10 for John’s coffee or cappuccino? – It’s not bad, huh? – No, no, no, no, six. – Now Stephens is on the oche. (light, fun instrumental music) (clicking) (hissing) Just massaging the bubbles
here, massaging the foam. (laughing) Would you reckon this
is, this is round three. – Ay there, presentation, five. – Five? – The point is, I mean, I used to do this. I have a coffee machine like this at home. – You did a big mistake when– – [Matt] The last, the big,
it’s too much of a wave. So that was what lost me the points. Is it the right temperature? – No. No.
(all laughing) (exciting horn music) – It’s the John Degenkolb quiz where I’ll ask you five
questions about yourself. – Shouldn’t be the hard, huh? – Okay, well I’ve got–
– You would think, but– – [Matt] Question one:
your first Vuelta stage win was in 2012, what was the name of the town that it finished in? – (exhaling) I have no idea. I know some other names, some
other stages I’ve won there. – I’m gonna give the answer. The town is called Viana. – Oh, okay. – Okay, so it’s one-nil
to Matt, at the moment. (laughing) Okay, so who did you beat into
second place on that stage? – Allan Davis. – Ohh, he’s got it right! One-one, very well remembered. What was the average speed on
Paris Roubiax when you won? I’m going to give you three choices and you have to choose the right one. Is it A, 43.690 KPH? Is it B, 43.476 KPH? Or is it C, 43.557 KPH? (laughing)
– Come on! – Is it A, B, or C; one
of those answers is right. – 43.557, I don’t know. I really don’t know. – That’s incorrect; it is B, 43.476. Two-one to Matt at the moment. Okay, we move on now to
question number four. In 2013 when you won Paris Tours who did you share the podium with? – For sure there was Arnaud
Demare on the podium. – That’s correct. (laughing) Look I’ll give you a little clue. – You know where this is going. – I’ll give you a little
clue; he’s Danish. – He’s Danish, okay then Michael Morkov. – Yes, I gave him a cheeky
clue there, but it’s two-two. Question number five:
can you name three races from the four races that you won the points classification jersey in 2014? – I won the Vuelta, the green jersey. – [Matt] Yeah you did; that’s correct. – I think I even won Paris-Nice? – [Matt] Paris-Nice, well done. – Four Days of Dunkirk? – It’s an incorrect answer. I’m afraid I have won the
quiz three points to two. I’m gonna put you out
of your misery, John. – What was it?
– Etoile de Besseges – And also Tour of the Med. – I better said that. – But there you go. John Degenkolb thank you very much. I think you still win the competition 3-1. Thank you very much for being such a good sport.
– Thank you. – John Degenkolb, fantastic stuff. – It was great fun.
– Thank you. Thanks again to John
Degenkolb of Trek-Segafredo for taking the challenge. I was roundly beaten
by three points to one. Now if you haven’t
already subscribed to GCN, you can do so by clicking on the globe and in doing that you
won’t miss another video. Now for another challenge video, check this one out just down here where I challenge Peter Sagan just before the Vuelta in 2015. And for yet another challenge
video click just up here where I present a challenge on the Sa Calobra climb in Mallorca.

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