Game Crazy Training Video -- h3h3 reaction video

Game Crazy Training Video — h3h3 reaction video

Hello guys and welcome… to another H3H3 reaction video. We've got a great video on deck. I think it's gonna be a lot of fun. You know how it is. Also, look. I don't wanna brag, but… Do you see? I need to extend my hand ALL the way up there. My hand is fully extended right now, Okay? There's a lot of girth and a lot of length to this beanie, and I'm proud to say that I'm finally lengthy and girth-y. I've got the length and girth of a true beanie mountain. So guys let's hop right in. It's gonna be fun. You guys wanna have fun? Or you wanna talk religion? You wanna talk about SoFloAntonio, or you just want to have some fun and a couple laughs? K? If you wanna have a couple of laughs, join me today on the new h3h3 reaction video. ♫ h3h3 introductory music ♫ "Wow, Ethan, great moves! Keep it up! Proud of you!" Today, we're gonna be looking at GameCrazy's training video. And this was made in about the year 2000, and I just want you to bear in mind, as we watch this, that it is their ACTUAL. Training. Video. So hey, with that in mind, let's go ahead and JUMP RIGHT IN. ♫ GameCrazy intro music ♫ (KEITH)
"Hello everybody. Keith Croft along with Bobby Payne," – – "bringing you the best of GameCrazy at the GameCrazy Selling Skills Challenge." – – "That's where talents, skills, knowledge, and great value come together to create the ULTIMATE games destination." (BOBBY)
"That's right, Keith." Bobby? Hmm… that Bobby looks a little familiar. Are you sure it's not Key from KEY AND PEELE? (KEY)
"I mean really." Let this be a lesson to you, children, to never give up on your dreams. Because you can go from this… to Mr. President. God Bless America. (KEY)
"And why am I required to come to it?" (BOBBY)
"That's right, Keith." – – "So let's go down to the game floor where Zelda Scott will take us through our Keys to the Game. Zelda?" ♫ Cheesy music playing ♫ Zelda? Zelda – that's from a video game! I recognize that name. Whoa! Dude, I bet- I wonder if this girl plays video games. I wonder if she's cute. Oh fuck, dude, a girl named Zelda who plays video games? What the fuck? Shit, dude, do you mind if I get off my dick here during the training session, or should I wait until afterwards? I am, like, fully torqued right now just thinking about Zelda. ♫ Cheesy music playing ♫ (ZELDA)
"Thanks, K.C. and B.P." – – "I'm down here in the hizzouse. You know, the heezy." (Playing from computer) "You know, the heezy." What!? The fuck was that? Did you just say "heezy," dood? (ZELDA)
"You know, the heezy." When did this turn into a hip-hop video? What, just 'cause you've got a black guy in the intro, you can drop "hizzy's" and "hizzouse's?" (BOBBY)
"That's right, Keith." I'm on board. These guys- I relate with these guys. (EMPLOYEE)
"So, how old is your son?" (CUSTOMER)
"He's turning 12, and he's in middle school." (EMPLOYEE)
"Okay, What kind of games does he like to play?" (CUSTOMER)
"His favorite is driving games." (EMPLOYEE)
"All right, how about DVD movies?" (KEITH – NARRATING)
"The critical movie question!" (BOBBY – NARRATING)
"Ahh, the kids love their movies, Keith." The kids – they love the movies. Keith. (BOBBY – NARRATING)
"Ahh, the kids love their movies, Keith." I wonder if Key wrote that joke himself? I wonder if he thinks back with pride at that great joke he wrote at the GameCrazy training video? Remember – remember when he wrote that bomb-ass joke about how the kids – they love the movies? Even back then, you could see his potential as a comedian. It's interesting. (KEY)
"Or-er-a-wha-wha-wha-wha-wha-was-it-wha-wha-wha-wha-wha-was it twenty, 'cause I can't – I can't remember." (EMPLOYEE)
"Basically, there's three platforms to pick from. You have an Xbox, a PlayStation 2, and a GameCube." – – "But to figure out which one is right for you, I'm gonna have to ask you a couple of questions." – – "So how old is your son?" – – "How about online play? How about friends? Will he have friends over?" He seems a little bit too eager about that friend question, don't you think? He, like, jumped on that a little bit too much. (EMPLOYEE)
"How about friends? Will he have friends over?" (Imitating employee) What about friends? Does he have friends over? What does he smell like? What time do they usually meet up? Has his balls dropped yet? Does he need a dad? Look, I'm ASKING to help you set you up with a console, all right? You came to ME for help. You want the right console, you gotta answer my questions. Now, what time does he usually get home at night? (EMPLOYEE)
"Based on what you're telling me, I'd probably recommend a Sony PlayStation 2." (CUSTOMER) "Perfect!"
"Aaaaand there's the add-on." (BOBBY – NARRATING)
"He's really selling the ultimate gaming experience, Keith." (KEITH – NARRATING)
"Let's go down to the floor with Zelda, who's standing by with Ryan." (ZELDA)
"Ry-dawg…" Ry-dawg… WHAT IS SHE? Why is she doing that? Why would you call him Ry-dawg? (ZELDA)
"That was the bomb diggity, my friend." Bomb diggity, NO!!! You don't even give me a break to recoup from the Ry-dawg, and you're dropping a "bomb diggity" on me already? (KEITH)
"And now, let's get back to the fundamentals with trades." ♫ More cheesy music ♫ [Ethan clapping] [Ethan coughing] (CUSTOMER)
"Trade 'em in? And get new games for less?" (EMPLOYEE)
"That's right." (CUSTOMER)
"Well, I can't do that over at Best Buy. I'm definitely coming here to get all my games." (EMPLOYEE)
"Great! Well in that case, you're definitely going to need an MVP card." (KEITH – NARRATING)
"MVP? Did I hear that right? Zelda, what's going on down there?" (ZELDA)
"You heard it right, K-dawg. Gayle is getting extremely jiggy with it." Get jiggy with it?!? Who could've anticipated a "get jiggy with it?" I- I swear to God, I didn't even see that coming from ten thousand miles away. ♫ 90's hip-hop music ♫ ♫ 90's hip-hop music ♫
(ZELDA) "Extremely jiggy with it." (CUSTOMER)
"What's the MVP card?" (EMPLOYEE)
"Well, the MVP card is our membership card, and it's made for hardcore gamers." – – "It'll save you some serious cash." (Imitating employee) Well, the MVP card is a way for us to harvest your personal information so we can sell it to third-parties and send you non-stop spam not only to your mailbox, but to call you at inappropriate hours. How does that sound for you? Not good? Doesn't sound good? Oh, oh, what I mean is that you get $1 extra on your game trade-ins. That's what I mean. It's a great deal; you're going to love it. (CUSTOMER)
"OK… so… how much is that going to run me?" (EMPLOYEE)
"Well, the MVP card is, umm, it's about 20 bucks." Wow, they sell it too. What a ff- great deal, huh? Their business model is truly… unbeatable. GameCrazy – you're smart people. Good people. Down-to-earth people. In touch…. with the youth… of today. ♫ 90's hip-hop music ♫
(KEY) "wha-wha-wha-wha-wha" ♫ 90's hip-hop music ♫
(KEY) "wha-wha-wha-wha-wha"
(ZELDA) "Extremely jiggy with it!" (EMPLOYEE)
"Never miss the opportunity to tell our new guests about the trade-in." – – "Once they realize how much farther their gaming dollars go, they NEVER go back to the big bucks." (ZELDA)
"And that MVP? That was crunk." CRUNK?!?!? That doesn't even mean anything! ♫ 90's hip-hip music ♫
(ZELDA) "That was crunk." ♫ 90's hip-hip music ♫
(ZELDA) "Boo-yah!" ♫ 90's hip-hip music ♫
(ZELDA) "I'm down here in the hizzouse; you know, the heezy." ♫ 90's hip-hip music ♫
(ZELDA) "Ry-dawg, that was the bomb diggity." ♫ 90's hip-hip music ♫
(ZELDA) "Extremely jiggy with it." (KEITH)
"Now, let's see if Ryan can sell a value that can't be seen as we move onto… the preorder." I just love how they're openly admitting that they're basically scamming people with preorders. (KEITH)
"A value that can't be seen…" Let's see if our sales reps can go ahead and scam people with THE PREORDER. (KEITH)
"The PREORDER." ♫ Cheesy transition music ♫ ♫ Multiple versions of the cheesy transition music overlapping each other ♫ ♫ Multiple versions of the cheesy transition music overlapping each other ♫
(KEY) "wha-wha-wha-wha-wha" ♫ Cheesy transition music ♫ (RYAN)
"By preordering, we actually guaranteed that. That trade-in move was just a little nudge he needed to commit." (ZELDA)
"Well you heard it here, fellas. Ryan is slinging the bling-bling to get that paper." Ryan's crunk tonight and slinging the bling-bling. Make sure an 10-oh doesn't come walking by, or he's sure to be dropping caps in all of your asses. Yes, that's right, I'm talking about murder, not video games anymore. Ryan, you ARE the legitimate street thug. Nice, Tec-nine on that little legitimate bling-bling. Once that WOOP WOOP starts rolling around – a little WOOT WOOT! You know what I'm saying; drop a little of that POOH, that [imitating gun sound effects]. Get iced out, blinged out, blasted down. Smoke a little of that cron-cron, slip-john, cron-john-silver. You know what I'm sayin'? Put the drugs on the- put the ice on the table. Get a little of that… Scooby-Doo, and you'll be all set for the night. I'm Zelda, reporting in from fuck-me-in-the-ass-I'm-as-white-as-hell-but-so-in-touch-with-kids culture studios. See ya next time… never, because GameCrazy went the fuck out of business, and, I mean, I can't understand why. (Outro)

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  1. Al be able too catch up with ur stuff. Fucking hilarious the stuff av watched and sure plenty too watch 😆

  2. It took me way too long to realise that all the people in the training video borrow parts of their name from famous video game characters. It can't be a coincedence that we've got someone whose last name is Croft, someone whose last name is Payne, and someone whose first name is Zelda….Look I'm not claiming to be a supergenius or anything, I'm just amazed I never noticed this until just now.

  3. Damn they removed the only two game crazys I knew of years ago from where I live lol I use to go there constantly. It use to be part of the block buster. Now it’s a vitamin/ protein shop and a five guys lol

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