Full Tour of Ray’s Indoor MTB Park Cleveland, Ohio

Full Tour of Ray’s Indoor MTB Park Cleveland, Ohio

This place may look like an old warehouse from the outside, but its actually Ray’s Indoor Bike Park, an 120,000 square foot indoor playground for mountain bikers. Since this is one of our favorite places to visit when we’re in Ohio over the holidays, we thought we’d give you guys a quick tour. Ray’s has two full rooms just for novice mountain bikers, with small obstacles and painted routes to help you practice your bike handling skills. In the beginner room, you’ll find slightly larger, mountain bike oriented features, like this rock garden, that was actually fairly hard on a dirt jump bike. Behind the beginner section, you’ll find one of our favorite spots, the pump track. This is a really long pump track so it’s a great physical challenge, as well as just being really fun. Once you’ve mastered the obstacles in the beginner room, you’ll want to check out the “sport section” two whole rooms full of skinnies, teeter-totters, wooden ramps and even a bike elevator. Way more challenging than it sounds. We’d recommend checking out the “flow” section first as these features are a little more forgiving. When you do make it over to the “tech” side, make sure you look where you’re going so you don’t get surprised by that elevator. Nailed it? Yeah, buddy! Parallel to the sport section is one of my favorite lines at Ray’s, the “micro rhythm” line. This is a small jump line that’s really easy to lap over and over again. When you’re ready to move up to some bigger jumps, head to the “rhythm room”. This is another one of our favorite spots. Ray’s also has two whole rooms dedicated to skate park and BMX skills, this is another really fun place to hang out and practice skills. If you want to get some miles in, you can always ride a few laps of the green line. plus this will give you some perspective on just how HUGE this place is. For bigger jumps, head to the advanced jump line. or the jump room, where you can practice new tricks safely into the foam pit. We hope you enjoyed this quick tour of Rays. Do us a favor and hit that like button, and make sure to join us on YouTube It’s like a fantasy world, man. Like a mountain biker’s paradise. Yeah.

100 thoughts on “Full Tour of Ray’s Indoor MTB Park Cleveland, Ohio

  1. I went their when I was in fifth grade and that was like 7 years ago. I love that place sad they closed the one in Milwaukee

  2. Ok, planning a trip to Cleveland now . Holy cow. How much time and money did they put into this?? It's like Disney world.. what's the entry fee, $400?

  3. Never saw anything like it. I figured just go outside and ride.

    Hey, they have indoor Rock climbing so… Why not this.

  4. Not even a Biker and I’m very interested & Might even take a Flight out to Ohio to Experience this. Energy

  5. Thats super rad! Makes me want a mountain bike and take a vacation. How many 2x4s, sheets of bendy board and boxes of screws used?

  6. When I was 8 I feel off the ramp in the corner by the green wall at 5:07 the bike also fell on top of me I cried a little and never been there since

  7. Sooooo fun. Pangs of nostalgia as I watch from Milwaukee where Ray's closed, mysteriously and quietly. The MKE Ray's was at least as good as this looks, with the exception of the pump track, only because this pump track looks amazing. My skills at jumping, balancing, and riding features has never been the same.

  8. I haven't ridden since I was a kid, and this makes me want to get a mountain bike just in case I ever go to Cleveland. I may make a special trip. This place looks awesome.

  9. Place looks awesome. They should turn all those shopping malls they're closing down everywhere into these…

  10. Meh. 20 min at that place and I was done. Kinda silly. That was about 10 yrs ago.

    I will say this: It's a great place to get yourself fucked up on some shit.

  11. I’m a relatively amateur mountain biker however one of the greatest things is that this park doesn’t seem to have any thing that I wouldn’t be able to do whilst still maintaining the challenge that better mountain bikers crave

  12. This….place…is…….AWESOME!!!!
    What a fantastic concept. WHY are there not more of them around??
    I know a man who owns one of the oldest bike shops in town….and another bike guy who's BIG into racing…like so big…he has his own track at his place….and has a semi to go to races and shows…..I need to run this buy them…..

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