FULL SEND ON THE HARDTAIL!! The 45 footer | Jordan Boostmaster

FULL SEND ON THE HARDTAIL!! The 45 footer | Jordan Boostmaster

At least once per winter the conditions
get so prime that the dirt is perfect and damp it’s not frozen but cool enough
that you never even sweat of course I’m taking out the Diamondback carbon
Sync’r hardtail for this one, while the conditions are perfect I really want to
take advantage of this and see if I can hit the biggest jump at my local trails
the 45 footer this is a local jump trail I ride quite a lot it’s called Da Plow up at Ledgeview, now of course with the 45 footer I do have a decent amount of
experience on it but always with full suspension bikes I have never in my life
hit a jump this big on a hardtail before a couple weeks ago you seen me post a
video hitting the 35-footer for the first time with this hardtail and the
conditions weren’t even as good as they were today
now I had hit that jump ten years earlier also on a hardtail but that
remains to be the biggest jump I’ve done with the hardtail now with today’s
prime conditions I can get a lot more comfortable with these jumps and see if
I can do that 45 footer Whoa! feeling a little bit awkward on that 35 run into 45 see how it feels
alright dropping in whoa oh yeah I think that should be just
fine, just fine I’m feeling really comfortable with the 35 and I,
this one’s really smooth so I should be able to do it just fine though you know? you just send it yeah just send it bro boy I’m really gonna have to boost
this one I’m feeling about as good as I ever will today so I guess let’s just
hike up and go for it all right so if I do the 45 this will be the
very first time ever a hitting 45 footer on a hardtail which is pretty cool I
think I can do it are you ready
drop it in Wow that was crazy dude that was sick
like where did it land is that it this perfect yeah it was perfect it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s that’s great
yeah I’m pretty much bottoming out that riding these jumps feels so good
it’s so satisfying there’s a reason why we always come up here so often and to
hit the 45 footer with this heart tail feels like a really nice accomplishment
basically I can now say I’ve done everything I wanted to do with this bike
now I’m okay with returning it Diamondback but I’m still gonna hold on
to it for a little bit longer to finish off this awesome day I’m gonna ride
junkyard zombie into dead reckoning these trails are pretty much perfect for
hard tails they’re not steep at all they’re not rough too gnarly they’re
pretty Chloe and a lot of fun I need to give a huge thanks to Wesley
for filming all the third-person shots for me he actually has a YouTube channel
if you want to check out some of his little videos
Wesley Sherrill is his channel name and he did make a little video from this
footage a few months back actually thank you guys so much for watching I want to
give a huge thanks to my patrons on patreon you guys are serious big help in
me going full-time they make this transition into full-time youtuber that
much easier I’ve also got stickers for sale check that out give a like and
subscribe if you enjoyed watching I’ll see you guys next week boost it

100 thoughts on “FULL SEND ON THE HARDTAIL!! The 45 footer | Jordan Boostmaster

  1. I have an entryish level hardtail and it's videos like this that have inspired the confidence in me to hit a mini road gap at the local trails. Thanks man.

  2. Hey jordan.
    I just noticed that your chest cam footage is really unfocused, but your helmet cam was crystal clear. I was Just wondering if you can do more helmet cam shots instead of chest cam.
    Ps: I would love it if you replied, i am a big fan.

  3. Sweet jumping man. Just wish I had some progression gaps to work on like that. Heck I wish we had any table tops. I think I've mastered drops. We have lots of those out here.

  4. Boost. Ha ha ha. Wow. That was crazy. I don't ever see me doing that. Good for you. Thanks for the video. You made it look easy.

  5. Absolutely sick showing such skills. I Love watching HT in action its so pure and raw. Diamondback sign this man please DON'T BE STUPID. Seth + Jordan = Sales

  6. Hey Jordan, conditions here in South Australia are mint as well, usually 12 – 15 degrees C in the morning and the ground is damp but no puddles. Still a tad dry because we have been lacking rain but im not breathing in big clouds of dust.

  7. Did you guys know I am now selling stickers?! Check them out on my website! https://www.jordanboostmaster.com/merch

  8. I don't have the carbon one, but I have an aluminum syncr with a pretty custom build-out and can confirm that it's super fun on any terrain. My local xc tech loop? Jibby and playful. When I go north for more elevation? Climbs pretty solid if I stiffen up the fork and sends it downhill so well that I can keep up with most of the full squish guys. Dirt jumps? Check. Street ride to jump stairs and play around? Check. Want to get in some road miles when the trails are wet? Just add some pressure to the tires and it's good to go. It's properly the only hard tail you need. Wonderful job, db.

  9. your videos are so well done! always look forward to watching them. They always wanna make me get out and ride again

  10. EVERY video you do is great!, with your biking and the editing, one question i have is are you not afarid before the big jumps? or do you have special tecniqe to overcome the fear. i am wondering because you are the one who really got me to really start driving my mountainbike in terrain and on small trails but my fear takes over before every jump rvrn the really small ones… how do i overcome it? =)

  11. Hard tails rule . You look so solid on that bike Jordan. Don’t think it suits your style of riding but you shred the crap out of it all the same . You definitely “boosted” it on the 45 footer 👍

  12. Whoa, it did not look that far looking straight at it, but from the side, thats insane!

    Hey, Boostmaster, how tall are you and what size hardtails do you ride?

  13. Sick video Booster. So Wesley makes "little videos" huh? I think he needs to work on his dance moves too. yikes!! 🙂

  14. Siic vid!!! Congrats on the 45' epic man.. what hub set are you rockin ? Profile? Cheers mate.

  15. You deserve a 100K new subs for that.
    Now do that on my 2005 Hardrock Comp that weighs 8675309 times more than that bike.

  16. Hey man just wondering what sort of pressure your running in those plus size tyres? Recently bought a 27.5 plus myself

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