Fuel EX: One Bike to Rule Them All

Fuel EX: One Bike to Rule Them All

The Fuel EX has long been the go-to bike for most mountain bikers. It’s a trail bike that’s fast enough to excite cross country riders and capable enough to tackle technical terrain on par with longer travel bikes. It does everything really well. Trails have gotten more technical and mountain bikers are riding harder. So Fuel EX’s capability has expanded. The new Fuel EX brings even more to the table, with more suspension travel and a stiffer chassis to give you more confidence out on the trail. This new Fuel EX has 29″ wheels with 130mm of suspension travel both front and rear, or 27.5+” wheels with 140mm of travel up front. It also has slacker, lower and longer geometry than previous models. This puts riders in a position that’s more stable, especially on rocky descents and fast corners. It’s 435mm short chainstays make it easy to hop over obstacles, gap doubles, and flick the bike around corners. This makes 29ers feel as agile as 27.5 bikes. Fuel EX also rides better by virtue of its new, straight-shot downtube. By eliminating the bend in the downtube to clear fork crowns, we were able to redistribute frame material; stiffening the entire frame. This is now the stiffest bike in its class, which gives riders a more confident ride that won’t flinch when you point it through rough stuff. The Knock Block frame defense limits the fork crown or brake levers from contacting the frame, protecting your bike. The heart of Fuel EX is Trek’s suite of suspension technologies. RE:aktiv shocks give a firm efficient pedaling platform that immediately becomes plush over bumps. It works so quickly you won’t notice the transition, but will notice the extra efficiency and traction. Active Braking Pivot keeps suspension while braking so you get traction and control when you need it most. Full Floater gives a bottomless feel on big hits and landings. Boost hub spacing delivers added stiffness to the wheels. It also opens up the frame and fork to accommodate either 29er or 27.5+ wheels and tires. Fuel EX models are available in either OCLV mountain carbon or Alpha Platinum Aluminum frame options. Both carbon and aluminum models also include downtube and chain stay guards to protect against rock strikes. All models allow you to route any combination of brake, dropper post, and derailleur controls internally using our Control Freak cable management system. Women’s models are also available in both carbon and aluminum with all the same features and performance. These models feature women’s sizing, which pairs proportional 27.5 wheels with smaller frames and 29” wheels with larger frame sizes. That’s Fuel EX: built for the rider that breaks down barriers and brings the fun to every ride. It can take on anything from a technical cross-country race all the way to an epic backcountry ride, making it the true one bike and only bike you need.

17 thoughts on “Fuel EX: One Bike to Rule Them All

  1. que belleza definitivamente la innovación y la tecnología que involucra esta gran marca son la vanguardia en el ciclismo como lo hizo cuando saco los marcos de carbono.
    definitivamente lo mejor de lo mejor, lo único que le falta son mejores corredores en los equipos y listo todo perfecto.

  2. my friend and me are going on a bike ride from Lansing Mi to Gatlinburg Tn Nov. 1st

    we have bikes, not good ones.. trek can film the whole thing if interested..


  3. Would be excellent to see a Fuel EX Fat Bike with clearance for 5in Mud+Stud tyres. Would blow away the 'adventure bike' competition and make almost everywhere proper fun to ride 🙂

  4. Why isn't the 2018 Fuel EX offered stock in 27.5, and why are there almost no reviews on the Remedy online? Come on, Trek. I'm debating between the Fuel and Remedy, but not sure that 29'er suits the terrain where I live and ride (Korea). The Remedy has a 160 fork, but no adjustment, probably making climbing a bit of a drawback. I'm currently riding a Mojo SL 26".

  5. Loving the spec of the EX8 Plus with the Fox & the SRAM in fact everything about this bike I’ve just got to convince my wife I need this ! Are you guys at Trek in Wisconsin the accent is very much like my employers Kohler Co. ? I’m Kohler Co. in the UK.

  6. I can't decide between this bike and remedy, but I think this bike is more for cross country, there’s so much different between the 130 of this and 150 mm of remedy? Thanks

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