43 thoughts on “First Look at Marvel’s Avengers Game Has Fans Disappointed! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

  1. Poor Travis was left out of the shoutout to the amazing VO Cast 😀

    I need to see more of the game to be sure if I like it or not, but as it is for now, I think I like it 🙂

  2. This game simply needed the square enix variants of the characters that was simple …. And further more should have been full comics inspiration so we could actually see loads of other characters like…

    Nova Prime
    Night Thrasher
    Moon Knight
    Blue Marvel
    Beta Ray Bill
    Space Knight Venom
    New warriors
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Just loads of key points to had push this game from

  3. The movies got people brainwashed. Just because they dont look exactly likr how they do in the movies doesnt mean the game wont be good. Do these people not kno that the characters were around way before the movies?

  4. I believe this Avengers game is in the same universe as the Spider-Man game for multiple reasons. In the Spider-Man game when you are doing the landmark challenges and take a picture of Avengers tower Peter says that nobody really uses this tower because they went to the west coast, and where does the Avengers trailer start? San Francisco. Also, the game developers for both of these games have shown an interest in crafting a video game universe where all of these AAA games tie into one another, just like the movies and the comics. While Spider-Man was a PlayStation exclusive and this Avengers game is going to be on both PlayStation and Xbox, I have heard that there will be exclusive content for the PlayStation version of the game so that might mean Spider-Man is an exclusive character for the PlayStation version? I obviously don’t know for sure because I’m not a developer on this game but I think a video game connected universe would be litty city.

  5. These characters didnt look like the mcu cast before the movies…why would they look like them now? The cast is made to look like the characters.

  6. This is a bullshit contrarian video just to get hits. They've been clear from the start that this is their OWN universe, like the Spiderman game, They're not trying to do a movie tie-in.

  7. They look weird. That's my problem. Not that they're different, but plain weird. Black Widow looks like Cobie Smulders (Maria Hill) with a red wig.

    Also, where was the gameplay bits ? Was it all just cut scenes ?

    Weird "trailer"/announcement

  8. People complaining about the character model looks will only cause the game to be delayed if the devs decide to fix the models. I just want to see actual gameplay. If the game is fun, thats all that matters.

  9. Who cares about if they look like the actors or not, most importantly the game runs at 60 fps, smooth gorgeous animation with a-lot of eye candy, and a great feel and game mechanics with a good story. Spider man was a great game and the character face didn’t mater.

  10. I mean, have you seen Arkham Knight. Graphics i know will get an upgrade but, character models look bad and just seemed so overwhelming after 5 years of hype. Pretty sure Cap isn’t dead and the main villain is Kang the Conqueror explaining how Cap didn’t really die, was stuck in time and Kang was responsible. I’m ready to see a gameplay next time though soo


    Well as a comic book fan i also kinda unsatisfied with it .

    Edit: cgi sonic still the worse tho lmao

  12. There will be customisation I have no doubt that there will be more comic book looking outfits for them, and maybe even release some MCU costumes, like spidermanPS4 which is also not tied to the MCU

  13. I guess the idiots dont realize there will likely be skins or different versions of characters…

  14. While I don’t think they should look like the MCU actors, they also should have made them look like the great value avengers. Base them off the comics.

  15. Yeaaaahh…….no. only the casuals cared about the likeness. Gamers are disappointed because its a multiplayer game like anthem with a multi year plan,like anthem, dlc and micro transactions already announced (free or not,Just WHY?) And finally….WHERES THE GODDAMN GAMEPLAY?? this game says nothing to me. Its made by crystal dynamics and their games arent amazing. So i need gameplay. Its like that other avengers game for the switch or something: I DONT CARE ABOUT IT JUST BECAUSE IT HAS SOME DUMB AVENGERS LOGO. hell the fact that its a disney marvel product worries me MORE. they thought they would show a few cinematics and people would cum in their pants and throw used panties at them. No. Just no. Marvel and the avengers franchise are pure mediocrity in the movies industry and it says NOTHING in the gaming industry.
    THIS is why people are unimpressed. Not because they dont look like some random actor. The fuck do i care about that?? Why should i care about hollywood shills working for the worst company in the world, Disney?? We aint talking about the most wholesome guy in hollywood with keanu or an amazing actor making amazing niche movies making those movies awesome with mads mikkelsen. I dont care if jon bernthal is in ghost recon. I wouldnt care if chris evans or robert downey jr were in the game. Casuals and urinalists might care, not gamers. We wanted gameplay.

  16. And why the fuck does it matter?? just be fucking happy it's not PS4 Exclusive and that there's no micro transactions or loot boxes that make the game pay to win everybody always wanna talk about the bad but never the good.

  17. If i can't play a Avengers game with movie characters likenesses to feel like I'm playing the movies then I'm not interested in purchasing it.

  18. Not bothered myself, although this version of Black Widow definitely looks like she needs to buy some hair conditioner.

  19. People asking for MCU likeness is ridiculous, it was never meant to be tied with the MCU. However there is a problem with the characters some of them look off, and Troy Baker, and Nolan North don’t fit as Banner, and Tony Stark.

  20. uuuhhh, ever heard of market saturation? considering the piss poor movements in the MCU over the last 2 years, oversaturating an already annoyed market will only bring disdain. bon appetit!

  21. The second I saw Thor Flying I already knew they had no idea what they where doing
    because if you didn't realise Thor can't fucking fly

  22. I knew it, I knew people were going to complain that the characters didn't look like the MCU people, but what kind of bad joke is this? The MCU characters have been shoved down our throats so hard, most people actually think Rob Downey Jr. Is Tony Stark. What the devs should have done, make an avengers game that is cel shaded and looks like the comic books from back in the day. Tons of available characters to play as but in their true costumes, and have it set up in comic panels. They botched this game all ready by trying to make it look realistic, yet the characters aren't relatable anymore cause they lack the personalities we have gotten used to.

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