First batch of assault vehicles for Philippine Marine Corps arrives home

First batch of assault vehicles for Philippine Marine Corps arrives home

[Applause] [Applause] the first batch of for Korean amphibious assault vehicles carves procured the Philippine Marine Corps has arrived in country a source from within the Philippine Navy confirmed with James on the 10th of May the vehicles arrived just days after the Philippine Marine Corps conducted an activation ceremony for its amphibious assault vehicle company which was formerly stood up on the 25th of April said the source the vehicles that have arrived in the Philippines are part of a PHP 2.4 2 billion 46 million American dollars contract that was signed between the Philippine government and South Korea and defense firm Hanwha tekwar in April 2016 the firm which was formerly known as Samsung ecwid clinched the contract after it emerged as the sole Bigler from an illusory procurement program the project was established to equip the Philippine Marine Corps with which attract armored vehicle capability that can be deployed from the Philippine Navy's 123 metres strategic Sealift vessels SS vs the first batch of for amphibious assault vehicles will be commissioned this June the 17th also the 120 first PN found in anniversary during ceremonies at Naval Base heracleo Ilana sangre Point Inc abide these vehicles are armed with point 5 0 caliber machine guns 40 millimetres grenade launchers and smoke law the pmc Philippine Marine Corps is essentially an amphibious ready force and part of our adoption is that they can be embarked in our landing docks part of the doctrine is the so called limited sea basin which means that a battalion of Marines is always on board at any one time ready for any possible exigencies as Italy has said

34 thoughts on “First batch of assault vehicles for Philippine Marine Corps arrives home

  1. Million ang equipment na gosto ninyong ilagay sa davao del sur at tarlac, pero hindi ninyo manlang lagyan ng defence system yong barko, ang daming pweding ikabit jan na defence system na hindi na ka i langan mag upgrade pa ng barko , gastos kayo ng ng million million para maka pagawa ng barko million ulit para mag karoon ng equitment sa platform dapat dag dagan ninyo na ng defence system para naman hindi lumobog
    Lang ng walang laban yan barko sayang ang million million ginastos ninyo jan.

  2. I bet they wont be able to use those in the next five years. They’ll probably be in storage, collecting dusts.

    High-quality military equipment and vehicles like that one in the vid doesnt deserved to be used by some shithole country who cant even maintain it’s military.

  3. noong 2016 pa yan 8 units na galing korea nauna pa yan sa FA50,,,tumigil kana sa kaka post ng luma, update mo yang computer mo Admin lumang post na yan panahon pa yan ni pinoy mga amphibious na yan, wag magpapa UTO sa fake news….gusto nyo ng ng cridible site doon kayo sa AFP site doon puro totoo,,pag narinig nyo boses ng robot na ito tyak post ito ng SQUATER na nag dodownload lang…..

  4. Kahit na kakaunti lang tayo nyan masaya padin ako dahil kahit papaano nakakaoperate din tayo ng sariling atin di parehas noon na tulo laway mga sundalong pilipino sa mga sasakyang pandigma ng mga amerikano sa balikatan

  5. If buy Philippines more Amphibious Vichic Iveco 10 units Pars 6×6 CBRN 10 units ACV Terrex2 10 units Bumerang 10 units BTR-82AM 10 units BMD-4M 10 units
    Pandur 2 8×8 10 units in feature…

  6. NICE… totally pero in my personal opinion sana hindi tayu lahat ng gamit natin galing isang supplier. better other parts then….eh opinion klng nmn lng.. or mas better gumuwa nlng factory dito sa pilipinas para gumuwa nito. dagdag trabaho pa kasi tayu mag mamaintenance nyan

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