FIA European Truck Racing Gameplay E3 2019

FIA European Truck Racing Gameplay E3 2019

viewers and welcome to another video from e3 looking at the new European truck racing and of course we saw a bit of this our first preview went up just after the conferences and we've got another little bit of gameplay on this video here as well looking at few different trucks different tracks not too in-depth on this video we've got some very in-depth videos on the way but really just a look at of it the game is on the show floor different to the first preview all of this is played with a controller the original idea was for me to do the whole controller cam that I did on the rally video recently but bit tricky trying to line up the controller camera which at least we weren't able to do that but either way see a bit of action in the various different trucks that here as well and it converts well to the controller as well it's I'm using manual everything here manual gears manual water jets that sort of thing and it's a learning process it's different to your standard driving game because again it's about controlling power mainly in the seventh gear 7l gear there's a massive increase when the turbo comes in so you really try to control the power so in this video we have a proper race now at Misano going to turn one try and get on the inside line they're trying to carry it round the outside and managing it there because there's a big truck in the way but that gives me the inside line for this section back in stepping out getting on Paragon trying to turn in but trying to oversteer the track essentially on the power now but it's all about that gear shift to see I was just a bit slow shifting the gear and the truck in front there braking really late for the corner there's just no way about braking then but going around the outside trying to take the line here going as tightly as possible bit of contact but I had to avoid the bollard you see those bollards it's more than two of them you get a five-second penalty so we don't want to hit the barbs try and avoid those and of course that compromise my exit through the corner and now again break he's braking very late at this stage now we've already used quite a bit of water surprisingly it's only a short two lap race I was running here see how we got on and then it's all about how you get on the power but you see how the gap can build very quickly and then it can cut down very quickly it really depends how late you're braking I mean for example he might be using a lot more water on his brakes therefore he's braking much late too including them but he might run out it's two laps so I don't know if the traction changes as it happens if it does seem like we've gone down it pretty quickly so who knows but again here this is an important section racetrack this is where all really happens massive braking zone into this corner here and yet you go down a gear down the seventh down into sixth and the power there and that this gear doesn't have much to it you know it just all runs out of steam very quickly but it gives you good drive through a corner also going for these sunset conditions here as well in my life there's something to mix it up a bit come for a couple of different conditions on this video and onto the final lap of this race bit of multicam as well showing you guys the different camera views see these are different views you can play from close this time I'm being much more aggressive from the brakes and I'm really trying to close up and where I can but look at that okay pulls away just you know yo-yo effect you get but I wasn't being aggressive enough here in terms of my deceleration I was too slow on the power so why you see there how the back incident out I've got on a power earlier that's what I'm trying to avoid to an extent but the only way to be quick in it is to you understand where the limit is I mean you either you know over steering and getting the back end stepping out or you're too slow it's a very fine balance to getting speed out of these trucks but the feeling of driving them audio this is a huge surprise really I mean I wasn't expecting much of this I was I was expecting really I just truck racing but I didn't enjoy the ps2 one at the time so I thought well you know it's got potential here we go though viewers coming I was fond few corners I do go for a massive braking in a moment and there's a bit of drama at the end of this race so we're gonna demonstrate your flat through here flat B flat and committed through this next section flat and then breaking breaking breaking breaking down a shift just about getting it through the corner and staying height we go sitting against six get on the power get on the pound nice and early sliding it around shifting early as well couldn't use the inside there I knew we were close try not to make contact not using all the track it's like compromises my entry is quite a corner bit of understeer as well but I okay little bit of run off don't hit that followed and we managed to gain position better action but it gives you an idea on strategy in terms of how much water you're using gives you an idea or in terms of gearing gears make a massive difference you know so when you cross the start/finish line and now I've come to the mom Bugatti I know but it's that little mom and I wanted to show this because obviously we had a LeMond and so why not let's go there in trucks during wet conditions it's wet rather than raining so it's not raining but it is wet so there we have it and of course this is a as I say it's still a work-in-progress version so there are bits and pieces which is still being worked on throughout and they could say I guess everything now that you see improved I mean we're not one till launch and I don't know how old this build is but I'm assuming that the next build would probably be like the patch day one whatever else they're going to add nice effects and as the truck is prepared rolling starts which is preferable in truck racing because it's so slow to get away off the line otherwise it would be like a start in slow motion basically so here we are then starting the race and away we go so changed up straightaway through my gear you've got to get up you've got to change gears straightaway and get up into seventh gear and just then just stick with the rest of the field if you can everybody bowls into turn one this is a heavy braking zone quite committed to here now totally committed making late as I can but wanted to make the corner same time I was protecting the inside line a bit there and just not wanting anyone else to get past a nap or get away oh I'm being here being here yeah I wondered it on the way in I seem to lose it a bit but I am getting knocked about a bit by somebody there and that slowed me down quite a bit I'm going to try and gain on these trucks ahead it's a bit of drama ahead between these two isn't there moving around seeing an opportunity can we get past really goodness defending position going on there and so no way through that way through trying to get through but just can't quite get on the power and he's closing the door on me and the other trucks are just leading it beside me so just putting away now and how come it's just double right hand up so heavy braking zone just want to try and glide the truck through there if you can't if you can get away with it try not to use any of your water because you want to save some of that and at this point I was very mindful of how much water I was using and trying to protect as much of that as possible so this next section I'll sort of lifting a bit early and coasting just a little bit to try to decelerate just reduces the amount of braking you need and just hit the ball out there which and that's too bad odds it's not what I needed at all so that's my maximum of bollards hit on the first lap if I anymore I get a five-second penalty so I've got to be extra careful now I'm in the wrong gear at this point I haven't noticed so I lost a lot of time through there in the wrong gear I was testing two years through this corner to trying to find the right gear that suited my style with this truck and lost a lot of ground just by making those mistakes I mentioned before you know gearing is everything in these trucks if you're in the wrong gear even for a second you can lose a lot of time and I went into the wrong gear and and that's it I've lost all this time now so back up to top gear now but it's no good you lose so much time track position gearing is everything it sounds obvious in a racing game but on something like this if you make a wrong shift if you go for a corner in the wrong gear or too late shifting up you'll just lose time all the way down straight so you really want to do your practice and know your gears through the corners but it's only that I was driving in wet conditions here didn't fully understand the wet conditions I didn't understand how it changed the behavior of the truck how did he change the behavior of the truck it just seemed to be more understeery to me a car that had lots of sliding around article planing it I was much quicker in the dry but I just found that it was just sort of slow through the cordon so really really just more and understeer I was getting in the wet conditions and breaking down again for this corner just trying to learn how to control the truck through these conditions so I did this race before I did the masado race so there's an array so it had a rough idea but in this race I was definitely struggling and learning how to control this particular truck and trying to figure out how best to maximize it I was definitely quicker in the dry you can be very aggressive if I'm not being aggressive enough you sort of tippy-toeing a bit just because I'm comfortable with the wheel that's sliding it through the corner getting some opposite lock and controlling it we've the controller I wasn't as comfortable I was trying to be more progressive he's sliding around all the time but I'm not throwing it in the same way as it was with with a wheel so certainly a progressive nature to it but this was all a learning experience and I just want to share some of this racing with you I enjoyed this and that's it for this video looking at the track racer I'm going to leave you with a bit of gameplay and I'll be getting on with some more content and we've got some in depth euro truck racing videos to come looking at the options looking at various features in the game and looking at the console versions coming in a few weeks as well so we'll have a big preview before launch and look at this in a lot more detail I'll be racing it online at some point so see how I get on online see how competitive it is especially when the actual truck experts get online show me how it's done if you do know anything about how trucks behave in wet weather conditions like this do let me know I'm quite interested to know more about it as I say for me it's a sport that it's an impressive scale to it but it's not given the time in the UK that it perhaps should do in terms of the racing and it's certainly impressive to see these behemoths as I would break a bit late making for a different line through the corner the carting line as it were and I spend a lot of this grace trying to gain on these guys slowly and trying to figure out how can I be faster through the corner at the same time and still trying to be a bit protective with my water a lot while I was trying to figure out how can I break but not use much of my water because it is key to strategy do find that in longer races those last couple laps people do run out of water and you've got that extra bit of braking ability it makes a huge difference because everybody's coasting in the corners and you've got full-on breaks suddenly you're 5 seconds a lap quicker so it does make a big difference if you still have something more in the tank obviously if you overheat your brakes then then no good you do need some temperature in your breaks to get the most out of them as well so you don't need to be completely iced up so that's it good Aleman racing my not bid Aleman we've enjoyed a bit of them on at the weekend I thought we'd come to the sod will notice the Bugatti circuit sorry – the bugatti section – race round here because they race here on MotoGP as well it's a good circuit to race around circuit I knew well but also with it being LeMond this weekend it was great – whether they see this is biting up a bit there isn't it now but this is wet weather not raining so pointing that out but um that's it for me for now I'm gonna leave you a bit of gameplay and there'll be more from them very soon [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

20 thoughts on “FIA European Truck Racing Gameplay E3 2019

  1. I had super trucks for ps2, some how it made to my local target here in the states, loaded a couple times and never loaded consistent enough to get into it.

  2. Water consumption is probably scaled to the race distance, just like tyre wear is in MotoGp games and all that.

  3. First off 10/10 for the VVV logo position, I'm not sure how long you've been doing that but I've only just noticed.
    When using a wheel and H-pattern how are the gears managed? I find a purely Truck Racing game an interesting choice, I mean (in gaming) Sim Racing is a niche product, and within that Truck Racing would have an even smaller following. It would work brilliantly as DLC for an existing game PC2 for example, but I'm not complaining because the more racing games we have access to is a win in my opinion.

  4. I'm not into the truck thing on repeats too much ( note too ,I just like spelling 2 w/2 00,s,I get carried away sometimes ) like I said before I'll play part of the crew when we go live😀 I'll ✓ a little of it out but the reason I texted – it's like discord 4 me – is I liked the thumbs up sign rather than gaybe ♥️ symbols all the guys were using.stupid YouTube or whatever.then libraries & cable television companies modify there remote controls.& electric Dewey decibel systems & they were better & simpler the 1st & 3rd times they did them.our libraries are pretty good right now on the computer.

  5. I have been quite skeptical about this game but this gameplay made me think differently now. There's a lot of detail in this game.

    I do wonder though how much can we change the cockpit view. Can you move it up, down, left and right? Also, can you move it backwards and forwards? I'm quite picky with my driving position…

  6. Devs: "Now we're racing in a REAL Racing Big Rigs Instead of soviet Pc Exclusive Trashware."
    Steller Stone: Shoot its self In the Cranium.

    Me: Now That how Truck your Enemies, guys.

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