(dramatic music) – John, John? What happened? What happened? (beep) Oh yeah, Sharers, what’s going on? Welcome to the vlog, welcome back to another awesome day. Let’s just say today’s Vlog is going to be absolutely crazy. So if you didn’t already
see in our last vlog, we sent the mystery neighbor
off to a remote island all the way in Hawaii and her vlog camera has been
live streaming back to us. We’ve been able to see
everything she’s been doing and we know exactly where she is. So right now, she is currently in the middle of nowhere, Hawaii. Looking for the mystery time machine that she’s not gonna find
because it’s not even there. It’s back in the Sharer
fam house in Virginia. She’s literally on the trails right now, walking around, hiking,
lost, has no idea where it is but she thinks it’s somewhere in Hawaii, which John and I just
totally came up with it. So she’s gonna be gone for
a long, long, long time. So today, we’re going to do one of the most epic challenges ever and hopefully nobody gets hurt. – Woo! – Oh, by the way, if you’re new here, make sure hit that subscribe button to join the most epic family on YouTube, this Sharerfam and comment
down below when done. So check this out. We have an entire
racetrack in our backyard because today, we’re going to be racing some of the most epic
motorcycles you have ever seen. So, we ordered these motorcycles online and we don’t know how they got set up. We think the mystery neighbor set them up when she was setting up the backyard. We’re not exactly sure but
check these things out. – Oh, yeah! – [Stephen] What is going on John? – Hey Sharers, what’s up? All right, these things are crazy Stephen. (motorcycle engine roaring) – So John and I ordered two of the fastest electric
dirt bike rideables ever. One’s a dirt bike, one
is a super speed bike. So the question is: which
bike is going to be faster? They’re both electric,
they’re both super fast and we have this entire backyard
racetrack to race ’em on. And the challenge is going
to be whoever can ride the bike the fastest wins. – I’m thinking this one,
the super speed bike is gonna be the fastest
’cause most of this track is like a road course, but there’s also that jump in the middle and I don’t even now if
that thing can go over it. – Yes, so we do have a giant jump in the middle which is meant
to get some air off of. Check this thing out, it’s pretty high, if you run and jump off it,
you’ll definitely get some air. – Woo! Okay this might be crazy. It’s crazy on foot, it’s gonna
be even crazier on the bike. – Yeah, John and I just
got back from a super epic, super cross event last night and that’s where we got this idea from. So check this out. (upbeat music) Check this out, I am in the
middle of a super cross. I don’t even know what to call it, Super cross track? This is real dirt bike, so they’re gonna be doing back flips, jumps, races, all crazy stuff. Check out the entire super cross track. – Like 15 feet above the ground. – It’s pretty tall up here. They’re gonna jump from
there all the way to here, that’s like 30 feet or something. This is like a huge section to jump. – Yeah, I would not do that myself. (upbeat music) – Oh, this is gonna be wild! Engines are raving, here they go! (upbeat music) Here they go, jumping right behind us. Oh, lime green is in the lead, that’s what I’m talking about, lime green dirt bike for the win. (upbeat music) And a dirt biker just fell but he’s back up and he’s going, I think lime green is still in the lead. (upbeat music) So that super cross
event was totally epic, now it’s time to do our own race. Let’s get started, the fastest time wins John, I’m gonna start
first on the dirt bike, you could the speed bike. Let’s get suited up and
let’s get ready to go. So Sharers here’s a little tutorial. On switch is right here. Flip it on, flip the kick stand up and you just got an electric dirt bike with tons of power, check this out. Woo! This is what I’m talking
about, it’s so crazy. Woo! (motorcycle brakes screeching) Okay, this is got has a lot of speed. Oh, by the way, John if
you knock over any cones, every cone you knock over is added time. So that will be one, two added seconds to my time but that was just a test drive. John, give your bike a try. Let’s see how fast it goes real quick. – [John] Woo! – [Stephen] Oh yeah, that’s
what I’m talking about. Oh, don’t hit the cone, oh! – One second (mumbles) already. – That would have been plus one second if you were in an actual race. Now, we are ready to go, let’s head up to the
starting line over here. Let’s get ready.
– Let’s do it. – Heading to the starting line. John, oh! This has got some sensitive breaks. I will go first, I’ll
show you how’s it done, I’ll set the fastest
time for the dirt bike. I am ready to do this. Look at this thing, this thing
can pop really in everything. – Yeah, good luck doing
that in speed, Stephen, you might hit a cone
if you try to do that. Okay Stephen, I got my
brand new iPhone right here. Timer set, fastest one
around the course wins. Round one begins now. In three, two, one, go!
– [Stephen] Here we go. (motorcycle engine roaring) – Oh, he’s going pretty
quick, not too bad. – [Stephen] Break is
really hard, oh my god! (intense music) (laughs) – [Stephen] That was pretty crazy. – Come on, that’s just straight away and stop. Well Stephen, how do you think you did? – Woo, Sharers! I almost fell on that jump there, that was a lot more
dangerous than I thought but I think I set up pretty good time. – Okay, Stephen well your
time for round number one was 17.50.
– Okay John, good luck, you’re up next on the speed
bike, which can be faster but you got that jump to be careful with. – Yeah, I’m a little bit
worried about this, Sharers but we’re gonna give it
our all and see how we do. – Okay, you’re up, good luck! – Hopping on, it’s my turn now. Stephen watch out, I’ve got a
good feeling for this round. – Yeah, just be careful with that jump, it is a lot more scary than I thought. Okay, get positioned. Get ready to go, back up
behind the green cones, behind the green cones, you gotta start at the
same position I started. – Okay, I think that’s pretty fair. Okay Sharers, the time to beat is 17.50. You ready John?
– I’m ready. – Here we go, timer starts in three two one, go! Here he goes, he’s off, he’s off. Oh dear, he’s off, oh! He’s going slow around that corner, here comes the jump,
will he make the jump? Let’s see. Oh, careful, that jump is crazy. All right, you gotta go
fast, you gotta go fast. You better floor it to the end. Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see, oh! Not bad, not bad, not bad. – That felt pretty fast, even
the jump felt pretty fast for this thing.
– Really? ‘Cause it looked kinda slow to me. So the time for round number
one was 18.27 seconds. – What, no?
– Yes. – It felt so much faster. – John, you where very slow on that bike but hey, maybe that bike is
not the best for this course. That’s why we gotta switch it up and go for round number two. I’ll be on the speed bike and John will be on the
dirt bike, let’s do this. – Wish me luck Stephen, I
think I’m gonna beat you now. – Okay John, you’re up first
then, on the dirt bike. Let’s see if you can get a
better time than what I got. You ready John?
– I’m ready. – Here we go, in three, two, one, go! And he’s off. – [Stephen] On the dirt bike, he’s going way faster this time. Oh, he’s going slow around
that turn, here comes the jump. Let’s see, let’s see. Oh, careful, don’t fall on that jump. He’s going around. Let’s see, let’s see,
let’s see, let’s see, he’s about to finish it, oh! – That felt fast Stephen,
that is how it’s done. – That was definitely pretty fast. I will say it is faster
than the speed bike. – Yeah, there is no doubt about that. – The question is: was that faster than my round on the dirt bike? Well let’s reveal the time. John, right now, you’re at
first place with 16.10 seconds. – That’s fast Stephen, good
luck on that speed bike, it is hard.
– Okay, so John is currently in the lead for round number two
but I got the speed bike and the speed bike is technically
faster than the dirt bike. It just has more troubles
going over the jump but if I can pick up
speed in other places. I’ll be good to go, so let’s hop on and let’s race this thing. – Timer’s set, it’s ready. Now, I’m ready, come on, let’s do this. – Count me down John, I’m ready. – All right, three, two, one, go! – [John And Stephen] Woo! – It’s going faster and faster
I think, it’s hard to turn. Uh-oh, here comes the
jump, here comes the jump. No, definitely not, all right Stephen. – [Stephen] Here we go.
– Here we go. In a cross line, done! – [Stephen] Woo! And I almost hit the shed. – Yeah, I think it’s hard to stop, its breaks definitely
aren’t as good, but Stephen? – What? – We kinda have a problem. – What do you mean a problem? – Well Stephen, our
time are the exact same. – I got 16.10. – Yeah, we both has 16.10,
so that means we’re tied, what do we do now? – Well you know what John,
that leaves us to one thing. – What? – We gotta clear the course. – What do you mean clear the course? – We gotta do a tie-breaker round. – Oh, a tie-breaker round. – A tie-breaker round. – All right, well let’s clear the course. – Let’s clear it. (upbeat music) Okay the course is clear, now it’s time for the
final tie-breaker round. – Yeah, I’m excited I
think I’m gonna win this. – Okay and to spice it
up, I have one more thing I’m gonna get, hang on
John, I’ll be right back. This is going to be perfect. Let me go grab this thing, quick. – [John] Woo! (John falls over) – John, John, what happened? What happened? What happened?
– Oh man, all right, I went way too fast over that jump, I don’t know if we can do this? I went way to fast, I really hurt my side. – [Stephen] Okay, here, let’s hop up, here I’ll help you, ready? Three, two, one.
– Careful, careful. – Okay come on, you got this. – [John] Oh man.
– Wow! – [John] My head really hurts. – Now you know how much
must it must have hurt when the super cross people fell. (motorcycle engine revving) – Oh my goodness, I cannot do that again. All right let’s hear
it, I’m gonna lay down. – Come on John, we get you in
and we get you an ice pack. – I need to lay down. – You think you’re gonna be able to do the tie-breaker round? – Yeah, I just need to
lay down for a second. – Okay, Sharers, smash the
like button for John right now, he’s gonna get a little ice and then we’re gonna do
the tie-breaker round. Go sit right in the chair right there. – I just need some ice and I’ll be back at it better than ever. I’m about to win this tie-breaker round. – One bag of ice coming right up, let’s see, check the freezer. Oh, yes, one giant bag of ice, John, coming right up, this
will cure you in no time. Here we go John, try this. – Stephen, what would I
suppose to do with that? – If you wanna get better quick so you can do the tie-breaker
round, use this bag of ice. – Oh, that just feels so much better. – I told you a big bag
of ice actually works. (doorbell rings) – Wait, is someone there?
– Someone’s here. Package, someone’s here, I don’t know. Hello? (birds chirping) Hello? – It actually feels a lot better already. – [Stephen] I told you
a big bag of ice works. Oh! Post card.
– [John] From Maui. Wait!
– It must be from Ellen. What does it say? It says: hi Sharers, – [Both] “Can’t find the
computer, where is it?”Ellen. – Uh oh, she’s starting to
get a little suspicious. – Wait Stephen, did Chris
arrive to Hawaii yet?` Did you drop off the package? – I don’t know, I don’t
know if the airplane made it there yet, Sharers you saw
that we put a mystery box decoy up in a airplane and Chris
is it flying over to Hawaii, I don’t know if he’s landed yet. If he hasn’t, she’s gonna
get so much more suspicious. – Yeah.
– Okay, we better check. Otherwise Ellen’s gonna
come back to (mumbles), we gotta keep her in Hawaii. If you have any ideas,
comment them down below. We gotta still finish this challenge, so get ready for an epic
tie-breaker (mumbles) Until next time. – [Both] You know what to do. Stay awesome and share
the love, peace, woo!

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