Fabien Barel’s Canyon Strive CF | GMBN Pro Bikes

Fabien Barel’s Canyon Strive CF | GMBN Pro Bikes

– In this Pro Bike Check,
we’re gonna take a look at the two time Downhill World Champion, Fabien Barel’s enduro bike,
this is his Canyon Strive. (upbeat music) So The Strive is Canyon’s
enduro race bike. Its 160-mil travel carbon frame, we actually got the Rockshox Lyrik up front running 180-mil travel, so pretty big suspension
fork on the front. We’ve got that Monarch
Plus air shock on the rear. And obviously we see
that shape shift system in this Canyon Strive, it’s
what they’re famous for. That changes the geometry of the bike with that remote up on the bar so you go from having it low and slack, great for downhills. And I put it into the recline centre, which actually reduces the travel let’s the seat angle go
back a bit more vertical it keeps you in that very
nice reclining position. So let’s take a look at
the bars on Fabien’s bike. You’ve got these Renthal
Fatbars aluminium bar. Interesting to note
they’re in the 31.8 knob, not the oversized 35 mil. And there are 30 millimetres
rows and 718 mil wide. I’ve got the Renthal Apex
stems in 50-mil length. Interesting to note the frame has got a couple of
spaces above that stems. It’s got the ability to
move that bar quite a lot. It’s actually quite a high bar anyway. These Ergon G82 grips in
that sort of fluor-o orange. The Sram guide ultimate brakes,
big brakes on this bike. Got a 200-mil rotor on the front and 180 on back, so
super fast stopping bike. Couple of custom touches, got this sort of sandpaper grip tape on the brake levers on the shifter, Sram X01,
obviously one by 12 on this bike. We’ve also got that reverb
drop remote under there and that remote that
runs the shape shifter. So you’ve got Mavic D-Max
pro wheels on this bike, with those Mavic sort of
signature spokes very thick. It’s actually a 24-spoke wheel. You see that, that’s the EWS sticker, so all the racers here have to put these stickers on the
rims, the frame, the fork, and have to run these the whole race. And if some of this gets damaged, and that has to be replaced, that means, obviously the sticker
won’t be on that new rim and they get a time penalty for that. So the riders really have to think about that when they’re racing. We’ve got this Mavric tyre on
the back called the Charge. It says prototype on
it, you can see it’s got this yellow sort of bead that runs around, just that marking shows you’ve got a special carcass and
that soft compound on it. To a full surround drive
train on this bike, it’s an Eagle X01. We’ve got that carbon crank up front, an E13 chain device to make sure that chain doesn’t pop off in the race. That big mech with that 14 tooth jockey wheel at the bottom and obviously the main part really, most important part of
an Eagle drivetrain, arguably, is this big set, 12-speed, 50 tooth right down to the tap. We’ve got some Crank Brothers
Mallet DH petals on this bike. Interesting he’s gone for the bigger downhill petals, not their enduro petals. They do have a lot of adjustment, you can see he’s got four of these pins on the front and the back. They’re actually wound
quite a long way out, so Fabien can actually feel that pedal, obviously then through his shoe. A couple of nice pro touches on this bike. On his top tube, you’ve got his name, Fabien Barel, number 54, and
his stage times for the date. So he can keep an eye on his liaisons and where he’s gotta be and
when he’s gotta be there, Got his name down here, Fabien Barel, and you’ve got those rainbow stripes he got for being a world champion. You’ve got to earn those things. You’ve got Rockshock’s
Reverb drop seat post, that’s 150-mil drop. We’ve got this Ergon SME3S saddle, that’s carbon wrapped, quite deep. You’ve got some nice touches, just the mechanics up by the bars. You see this shrink wrapped
go around the cables, to make sure it’s nice and neat. A little zip tie there, a bit of velcro. You’ve also got a power link,
actually taped to that hose, so Fabien snaps his chain he can just get that off really quick, fix his chain, be back on the track soon as possible. Alright, found the man
himself, here’s Fabien Barel. We’ve been checking your bike out. I think it’s fair to say you’re one of the most technically aware riders. You’ve helped develop and design bikes that people ride from the past. Does that mean that you’re really fussy with your set up, like your bike has to feel perfect every time? – Yeah, I have to say that I’m really picky with my settings. Like, you know like break lever positions, angles, my suspensions,
the general balance I have with my bike is really important and every time I take
the bike and go ride out I have my basic setup that
I like to keep for sure. – And obviously enduro is a bit different to downhill where you’ve got to keep the same frame,
the fork, the wheels. So do you ride and think about trying to preserve those things
when you’re racing or is it always 100% speed? – I would say that normally you try to adapt the product to make sure whatever you chose to ride is reliable, so you can push and reposit. But that’s true that
sometimes, for example this weekend, it’s very physical, so a lot of people make the
choice to have light tyres and you know that when you get in rocky section you have to be cautious. So there is definitely a
lot of things out there that you have to making the choice when in downhill, you’re not making any compromises you be pushing. So that’s where you see the general variation in the approach that could be between downhill and enduro. – And often as well, if
you run into problems in an enduro race, it’s
up to you to fix them. Do you feel like you’re a good mechanic? – Well, I wouldn’t have
said good mechanic, but I’m good enough to repair my bike and bring my things with
me that when I’m out. It’s also a matter of weight,
so whatever you carry on you, but like when you have big days like today you make sure that you have everything to actually repair the
tyres, help the transmission, and be able to support
on all those things. And yeah, that’s something
you have to know how to do. – We’ve got the shape
shifter on this bike. So obviously you’ve
got your drop seat post and the shape shifter
on the left hand side. Do you ever use that
shape shifter actually in the middle of a stage or do
you save it for the liaison. – Oh yeah, oh no, no, no. I use the shape shifter
all the time in the stage. You talk about downhill and enduro, and when I approach enduro,
one of the big frustration for me was to be able to
find the right setting for downhill versus the uphill stuff and I was always in the compromise, which I really didn’t like. That’s why we developed this system to actually be able to have
a real downhill position when it was like very
technical and I speak staff versus the uphill mode and yet this is something I use. I would say that if I shift 10 time I will use my drop about seven and I will use the shape
shifter maybe four times. So yeah, it’s pretty efficient and quick and it’s definitely something I use a lot. – Thanks to Fabien for his time and letting me get my mucky fingers all over his bike to
take a good look at it. If you haven’t done already,
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