Extreme off-road vehicles of Siberia (Prt 3)

Extreme off-road vehicles of Siberia (Prt 3)

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21 thoughts on “Extreme off-road vehicles of Siberia (Prt 3)

  1. Facinating what INTELLIGENCE well applied, when a TEAM is involved with MACHINERIES they know WELL how far their CAPACITIES can go. CONGRATULATIONS ! ! !

  2. I do love those oldies above all those brand-new-state-of-the-art vehicle's after 2000………….those beasts from the past have that POWER that speak's "I GET IT DONE"………ego….love it!!!

  3. Um, not that they don't have some seriously badass vehicles, but the last video I just watched, ended with a couple of Russians getting stuck, so probably not the best way to start out the video by saying they don't! It may be a very rare occurrence, but it happens!

  4. Do you know how many véhicules are abandoned in thé wildeness in russia each year? This is pure propaganda lol

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