ep9 Bosnia Herzegovina motorcycle adventure | lowside accident | KTM 1190 / Suzuki V-Strom 1000

ep9 Bosnia Herzegovina motorcycle adventure | lowside accident | KTM 1190 / Suzuki V-Strom 1000

In the previous episode we rode on the most dangerous and spectacular track of the entire route. If you haven’t seen it yet, pause and have a look. It’s totally worth it! Marina: Can you hear me? After a short night, we leave Boracko jezero Today’s final destination iIs the long awaited Mostar – everybody spoke very highly of. We had already decided to spend two full days in Mostar, we ar enot going to rush it. It’s 37 degrees C (that’s about 98 F) We enter Mostar. As always, we checkin quickly. After checking in, we change into tourist clothes and hit the streets. Our first stop is the Old Bridge – Stari Most. rising 25 meters high above the Neretva river. What’s cool about about this bridge is the locals who, to everyone’s amazement jump from the top of the brodge Neretva is considered to be the world’s coldest river. Igi: He has to jump, there’s no other way! Adi: Why is that? Igi: With such a crowd and everyone looking just bite the bullet and jump… Adi: I could have jumped like that man! After the jumping episode we take to the city. Hot, there are around 43 degrees by now. colourful, delightful, with weird, bullet shaped souvenirs, and with building still scarred following the war of 1992… The evening is creerful, we enjoyed amazing food, nice wine and waterpipe. The next day, after a quick visit to the service we leave the city. We manage to finally find the aircraft hangar near Mostar, the first impression was not very nice to say the least… Mihai: Let’s take some pictures inside! Mihai: We’ll park just in front of the gate like this… Adi: But why are you shouting? Igi [shouting]: Allright! Adi: We could also go to where those couches are. I don’t think the picture will be ok from the front… Let’s take the shot from the rear! Dim your lights! I can’t do that, it’s either on or off. I can only see Adi’s lights. Hands up everyone There’s alot of light coming from the headlights.. Better take the shot from the rear… Let’s take the shot from the rear, the light is better. From our rear, not further away. I can’t see anything… Well, go on and take a shot from the rear then! What are you sayin? Take a shot from the rear! Aaaa, from the rear… We told you about 10 times already 🙂 My intercom is buzzing, I can’t hear a thing you’re all saying… We leave the cool hangar behind and stop at the first gas station. and then head towards Blagaj. Hold on for a sec, we forgot to put money on the card. What difference does that make? Do we pay cash? If we don’t have money in the account we have to pay cash, not like we have a choice In Blagaj we visited the monastery built back in 1520 on the Buna river, which is now a national monument After 5 Colas and a Fanta in this wonderful place we head to another amazing location. The Kravice waterfall is magnificent. this is also a national reservation area, but this does not mean you cannot enjoy a nice bath especially that now there’s over 35C. After a most welcome cool down, the guys suggest we take a short offroad before returning to Mostar. However, after only 65 kilometers, I feel my wheels slipping and Mihai trying to keep me upright. There’s diesel spilled all over the road. We barely manage to recover and we see the motorcycle in front sliding off. Igi: Yea, it just slipped away… You’re allright. It’s just road rash, you’re ok. It’s just a scratch, you’re in good shape! Let’s back them up and go through here. We can go through that way… There’s a ditch, it goes all the way to there. Check this out, my boots are slipping on the diesel! Everybody is happy the incident turned out to be a minor one. only a few scratches here and there. And fortunately for King he is also in top shape but for the dented top case. We get over it, and since nobody is looking forward to the offroad section, we head back to Mostar. Guys, let’s walk to the terrace and grab a beer! In the next episode, we meet two friends from Bucharest and go rafting on the Neretva (the world’s coldest river, remember? I am Motokoto. Subscribe to the motorcyclingTO Youtube channel …and we’ll be in touch!

11 thoughts on “ep9 Bosnia Herzegovina motorcycle adventure | lowside accident | KTM 1190 / Suzuki V-Strom 1000

  1. Thank you everyone for the awesome vibe. This was the only incident of the whole trip, what matters is that everyone walked away smiling. Oh, and Vlad's Givi Trekker pannier stopped leaking :)))

  2. A bit erlier on that slide of the bike would have hit the rock…lucky:)) bike took the fall good.
    Mostar is a beutifule city and it seems to be a place to visite.
    Ride safe
    Cheers mate

  3. How much was the full weight of the bikes with ladies and all??
    Thinking of getting a 2017 v strom xt adventure
    But got surprised when it said in it only could hold 240kg
    Iam a guy who is a 112 kg and wife 102kg that doesn't leave much room for anything else.

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