24 thoughts on “Elden Ring Trailer: George R. R. Martin Game Reveal Trailer from E3 2019

  1. Dark Souls 4 with a popular writer's (who is more famous for the tv adaption anyway) name slapped on it to sell to a wider audience so people won't call it Dark Souls 4

  2. That was dumb and didn't indicate wether this game is fun, good, garbage, pretty but shallow, or even if the story is boring or not.

  3. I hope they go back to DS style combat system, i fell like it had way more freedom than the on sekrio has

  4. I'm livid it's like the two things I suffered the most in watching and playing come together to kick my ass again

  5. Everything will die. The characters will die. The players will die. The devs will die. The game will die. Life will die.

  6. I doubt you could even imagine my hype for this. Like a dream I never even dared to think came to life.

  7. Oi, Martin, someone already did the 'Ring of Power' thing. J.R.R. Tolkien? Lord of the Rings? Maybe you've heard of him?

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