E-Bike Vs Mountain Bike – Which Is Faster? | EMBN Vs Pauline Ferrand-Prevot

E-Bike Vs Mountain Bike – Which Is Faster? | EMBN Vs Pauline Ferrand-Prevot

– [Steve] Pauline Ferrand-Prevot, a world champion in road
cyclo-cross marathon and cross-country. The ultimate nemesis. The perfect showdown. But what’s faster, a cross-country mountain
bike or an electric one? No brainer, right? Well, it depends. How long is the track? How much vertical gain? How technical, and crucially,
how much battery have you got? (gentle music) (dramatic music) Chris had previously
challenged an Olympic racer on a hot 15 minute lap,
and the difference? Well, about 30 seconds. But what about on a proper,
longer track against, well, in all due respects, a person
with serious silverware. And so, onto the challenge. And with the help of Canyon, we have come here to the middle of France to race against world champion
Pauline Ferrand-Prevot of the Canyon-SRAM race team. (intense music) – [Chris] As Steve mentioned,
the last time we raced a cross-country racer, it was just over 15 minutes
and on a 6.1 kilometer loop. Today will be a lot tougher as we head to the kind of times
expected at world level. We’ve got four laps of
a four kilometer loop, total distance 16.98 kilometers and a vertical gain of 640 meters. (intense music) – [Steve] The reigning
World Cross-Country Champion will today be riding her Canyon Lux, 100 milometers of travel, 29 inch wheels, and of course, sporting
those rainbow stripes. (intense music) – [Chris] I’ve decided to get
in the cross-country groove and ride my Canyon Neuron:ON
for this challenge. 130 mm travel with 29 inch
wheels, front and rear, Shimano STEPS E8000 motor
with a 500 watt-hour battery. (intense music) – [Steve] I thought I’d
bring a gun to a knife fight, so I’ve got my Canyon Spectral:ON, 150 mm travel, 29 inch
front wheel and 27.5 rear, Shimano STEPS E8000 with
500 watt-hour batteries. (upbeat music) – Right, let’s talk about
the rules of this race. For Pauline it’s pretty straight forward. She has one bike, one rider, but, for me and Chris, we have
one battery and one charge. Now, for all of us there
will be a tech zone, which is here, back at the cars, so you can’t have any help. If you need any help you need
to come back to this tech zone and that’s as per UCI regulations, right? – Yes. (upbeat music) – Pauline, I’m new to the Vogue region. What have we got in store for us in terms of the track, distance, and length today? – So this is a 4.2 kilometers lap, so 160 meter of elevation, so it’s quite steep, but
it’s a fun track to ride. – [Steve] I’m looking at the rock. It seems to be quite nice rock,
a bit of granite, I think, but what have we got in terms
of the ground conditions? Is it rooty, is it muddy,
is it wet, what’s going on? – Yeah, it’s a super condition
because it’s not too muddy, even when it’s raining a lot, but it’s also grippy and
you have a lot of roots, so it’s perfect for training. – Are you saying it’s
going to be bit technical? – A bit, yes. – Okay. She’s really good. – Almost too good. – What do you mean? – You seriously think you’re
going to beat her in a race? – Yeah, I reckon. – No way, last time I did this, I was in Boost mode for 15 minutes. Now, can a battery last
for an hour and a half in Boost mode? Way too tight for my liking. There’s no way we are going to win, so for this one, I’m
going to go derestricted. – What are you up to? – Uh, nothing. – Huh?
– Nothing. – You’re not actually doing
what I think you’re doing. – I’m going to have to. – Chris, that’s seriously not
in the spirit of the race. – Well, I’m afraid it’s happening, Steve. (sighs heavily) – [Steve] There was clearly no
way I was going to let Chris tear about the woods on
a derestricted e-bike. So time, then, for some
last-minute battery management. So, the race for real. I’m feeling a little bit
nervous, guys, I have to say. Four kilometers, four laps, it’s pretty much like a World
Cup track, as Pauline says, so punchy climbs, tech descents, so for me, let’s have a look. It’s motor on, in gear. Pauline, you all set? – Yes.
– Okay, Chris, you good? – Yeah, just firing up, you ready? – (speaking French) (all grunting) – Two bars of battery? What the hell? (synth music) – [Steve] Firing to get to the
single track drop-in first, Pauline hit the front fast and held that position for some time, as I tucked in to lock
onto the track directions. Chris, well, he was
still cursing at the fact I’d sabotaged his
less-than-sporting mentality. Still, that was the least
of mine or his worries, as the French woman continued to press on. (intense music) – No way I’m going to make
this, not on one battery. Best I can hope for, get
back to that tech zone and fit a fresh battery in. (intense music) – [Steve] Not hangin’ about. – I can’t even use trail mode, I’m going to have to do everything in Eco. God, Steve’s got some
answering to do after this one. (intense music) – The only difference between a restricted and a derestricted bike is
that of the speed limiter. So, anything under 25
kilometers now on both my bike and Chris’s bike would be
running at the same speeds, all things being equal. The trouble for Chris was
that I was now in Boost, and he was in Eco. (intense music) I mean, what on earth was Chris thinking? I mean, I haven’t been
training, but rules are rules. I hope he doesn’t think his next battery is going to be any better than his first. (intense music) – Well, as per the rules, it’s time to head back to the tech zone, stick a fresh battery in
here, stick it in Boost, take this race down! Right, there’s a fresh one in here. Two bars as well? What’s he been doing to these batteries? Two bars of battery it is, then. All right. Thing is, this track’s so slow,
riding a derestricted e-bike isn’t any advantage whatsoever. So let’s get on with Boost! (intense music) – [Steve] Prevot certainly
had the rhythm of the track dialed-in. But the stop-start, tight,
twisty and rooty track was actually ideal e-bike territory. And so it was that I
managed to edge ahead. (intense music) By lap two, I was lapping
between four to five minutes per lap ahead of Pauline. And Chris, well… (electronic music) Well, actually, he caught
up using his Boost mode. But it was short-lived, and
found himself pushing on. Literally. Back on the hill, the e-bike
continued to edge ahead, proving that the longer course
was a quite different game to the one Chris tackled
earlier in the year. (synth music) (Chris grunting) – Well, Pauline, slightly
more technical than I thought out here in the Vogue. Definitely benefited me rather than Chris, with his derestricted
bike, there’s no places that you could actually use
your higher speed, Chris. – No, not at all. A derestricted was no advantage whatsoever on this course today. – So Pauline, are you surprised that it was four to five minutes per lap? – [Pauline] No, I’m not surprised because it’s not a big difference, but because also it’s a
lot of (speaking French) and it’s very technical. – [Steve] Yeah. – [Pauline] But you
really need to be fitter for the next time and to
start to doing better. (Steve and Chris laughing) – Where on earth did you get that from? Ah, crikey. Okay then, we’re going to hit
you back with one on that, so do you think you’ll be using an e-bike over the winter months at all? – Yeah, for sure, for sure. I was already using mine on an e-bike and I will do it later in the winter. – Okay, cool. So what’ve you got planned for the winter? When’s the next World Cup? – Would be Nove Mesto, next year. – Okay. So we need to meet up before
Nove Mesto, then, you think? So that’s it from
cross-country world champion and also world champion
at road, at marathon, and cyclo-cross as well. Chris Smith, pitiful. Pitiful, I mean I can’t
believe you even thought about derestricting your bike. – Tampering with my bike, Steve, this is what happens, you see? – But if you want to see what
happened when Chris Smith raced an Olympic cross-country racer, have a look at the video (mumbling). – Yeah, if you want to stick
around and check another one out, check out “E-Moto Vs. E-Mountain Bike”, that one’s playing down here, smash the globe in the
middle of the screen to subscribe to EMBN. – But more than that, Pauline, thank you so much
– Thank you. for putting up with us and
showing us around the woods, and I look forward to
next time we meet up. – For sure.

64 thoughts on “E-Bike Vs Mountain Bike – Which Is Faster? | EMBN Vs Pauline Ferrand-Prevot

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  3. By watching these videos I just appreciate regular bikes more and more… the simplicity of riding without the help of a motor and not thinking about batteries is just awesome. Btw I'm not an 'ebike hater' as I have a Commencal Meta Power but this year I enjoyed riding my Orbea Occam more.

  4. Ebikes should have been restricted to eco mode, with maybe one lap using trail mode, would have been much closer, and interesting.

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  15. In defense of Chris and de-restriction… are world Champs limited to 25km/h? and she is under 60kg, Chris is 90… 50% difference… should be factored into the challenge… otherwise, find a 58 kilo EMBN presenter and do a fairer comparison… Steve tries to white knight Chris for the girl, yet Chris would not have had any advantage in those conditions as they stated…

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    I really did leave my mate on his restricted Cube Stereo for dead on the long climbing trails and hes a lot fitter than me.
    Downside..my battery died 200yds from the end of only a 12 mile blast.

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