35 thoughts on “Dog Attacks Cyclist & Biker

  1. Should just report it, get the council to come down give them an order… or next time run it over. Funny enough, the last time this happened to me on the bike, I revved it so hard the dog just ran like a little B…. Loud exhausts save lives!!! 😛

  2. Hey Man! may I use this video in my next video compilation? I will give you full credit in the description? Look forward to your response.?

  3. A Pitbull attacked me whilst jogging once but his owner pulled him off I told the owner to keep the fog on a lead he told me I was a cunt similar things happened three times with the same dog and owned so I bought a can of mace after the dog caused a three inch gash on my wrist on the final attack , I went jogging everytime with my mace then the dog had another pop so I sprayed it straight in the face and emptied half a can on that mother fucker as it was writhing around in agany on the floor I repeatedly jumped full weight on its back and head critically injuring the Pitbull his owner came round the corner and pulled a knife a maced him and broke both of his legs his nose and his jaw , I thought I was going to jail but I didn't unbeknown to me this man and this Pitbull had been reported to the police over 20 times so when I lied and said the man attacked me and I took his mace they believed me because he had records in his account of buying mace and I bought mine in cash from a pal so didn't , the Pitbull was put down , the guy moved away after his house was smashed to fuck by residents who hated him whilst he was in hospital and I'm treated like a hero by the community 😂😂😂

  4. Hey mate, is it OK to feature your clip in a my chanel for educational purposes? It will be credited in the description & comments section with your name. Thanks, MM

  5. Happens a lot where I live. The bike riders now carry pepper spray. I stop my motorcycle and shout,tends to scare them back into their yard. So far…

  6. I always carry a squirt gun or spray bottle with watered down Realemon in it when I bike. Works every time, so much so, dogs I've sprayed avoid me now.

  7. Dog and owner should both be shot. I love dogs but this one is clearly a violent fucker and aggressive breed. Not safe to be on the streets. What if there was a child?

  8. The dogs didn't seem aggressive, more like playfully chasing. An aggressive dog doesn't run along the sidewalk; it tries to get at your ankles, snarling and snapping.

  9. Im a mountain cyclist in a fairly rural area, i was once attacked by some cunts pointer while riding. Fucking terrifying. Imagine a large dog going for your bare legs and soft top shoes while running faster than you can cycle on grass. I carry round a large hexkey set now just to protect myself from untrained dogs

  10. Happenned to me twice , once at red light. Grabbed my leg, bit me bad….got off bike and stomped him into the pavement real bad, second time kicked the mutt in ribs hard, last i seen of both

  11. I wish people would take care of their pets and raise them properly it isn't fair not for the animal or the people that get attacked by it

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