DIY electric Yamaha YZ250!  Wild electric power!

DIY electric Yamaha YZ250! Wild electric power!

We hear more and more often that electric
transport is the future and the gasoline engines are out of pace now. To tell the truth I haven’t taken serious
such statements. But today we’ll review the electric bike,
that made me change my opinion. Why? Stay tuned it is going to be interesting. Hi guys as usually its me just an offscreen
voice and you are watching review machines. Today we are visiting our friends, they have
a small business of turning regular bikes and motorcycles to electric versions. By the way nowadays it already makes sense
because batteries and electric motors are becoming better and better every day. If you remember just 10 years ago electric
transport was not able to impress anyone, but today I was greatly impressed by this
bike. Now you’ll see how it may surprise you,
and moreover we will make a battle of this electric bike with a regular gasoline enduro
bike but it is a bit later, and now the author of the project will tell us few words about
the bike. – The main advantages, it is a very durable
and noiseless gear that doesn’t need any maintenance. Then there are no any liquids here, now it
is a real gadget. All you need to do its to charge the battery
and go for a ride. That is why we do this modifications with
bikes. – And you can ask those guys with regular
bikes how often they repair their bikes and how costly it is. Well as you can see we have a bike Yamaha
YZ250 that was transformed in electric version. The engine, fuel tank, exhaust – all this
suff was dismantled and a battery and electric motor were installed. The motor is made in the USA, it has 45 kwt
of power. There is a lithium battery 120 watt and capacity
is 25 AH. This battery is able to work in the temperature
from minus 20 to 40 celcsium degrees. There is a controller that can be adjusted
from a smartphone and you can choose there what you need more power or range. The weight of the electric version is 120
kgs, so it weighs the same as regular version. – The motor is mounted right here, you can
see it now. This is the point of the central axle of the
motor. Then there is a belt drive which provides
traction father to a chain drive and to the wheel. So this is the whole transmission, pure and
simple. As a result we have a transport with some
significant advantages. It is almost noiseless but powerful bike,
which always surprises everyone who sees it. We get used that enduro bikes are always very
loud and when somebody meets this bike for the first time he gets completely confused
why it is so quiet but very powerful. The other advantages are: needs no fuel, oil
and other liquids, no exhaust, eco-friendly, little maintenance required. It is turned out to be a durable gadget, it
isn’t afraid of water sand and mud. – The product life here is only confined by
the life of a battery. The motor is very durable and heavy duty,
so its almost impossible to break it. So as we’ve mentioned it needs almost no
maintenance unlike a standard gasoline bike. Of course there are some drawbacks in comparison
with a gasoline bikes. The most important is a limited range. Use you own judgment this version is able
to go within 70 kilometers or about 40 minutes of riding. But such result is for a sport mode, with
the maximum load for a motor and a battery. The complete charging takes about two hours. Then we should remember that it is possible
to install a more expensive and powerful battery and increase the range. By the way I should mention that if you haven’t
tried such electric transport before – you will be greatly impressed. It differs from a gasoline version so much…Why? – There is no gear box, no any clutch, you
may think only about acceleration and slowing down. Only you, speed and electric power. Well it is high time to try it myself, and
I should say its always my favorite part of any our video. The first thing that impressed me, how this
bike reacts on a throttle. Just stir it slightly, and the bike speeds
up extremely quickly. I was so delighted with the electric drive. It’s hard to explain this quiet smooth power
its better to try it yourself, be sure its worth of it. The matter is it starts accelerating without
any little delay, unlike gasoline engines. When you are riding this bike you are focusing
only on a road, you don’t need to select gears and control the clutch, no…just the
road, the bike and the smooth power of the electricity. Well it’s ok, but we strained at the leash
to compare it with a regular bikes. Lets see how they are speeding up. Our bike is on the foreground. And as you can see it doesn’t concede the
others at all. Then one of the riders decided to try it himself,
you can see him on our bike in a red cap. By the way this race took place at the end
of the day, so the battery was rather low, but the electric one at least wasn’t worse
than all the others gasoline bikes. Well, I think our bike performed quite well
in comparison with gasoline taking into account weak battery. As to the real range I should say that the
battery provided us about four hours of intensive riding, so that’s no bad, and remember that
the battery easily can be changed for even better one. As to the prices…well if you decide to convert
your bike in to electric version it will cost about 3-4 thousands dollars. Worth of it? Use your own judgment, as to me I really was
impressed by the bike. Guys and what you think? Can we say that electric transport is our
future, or gasoline is still in power? Leave comments, it is so interesting to read
your opinions. And now lets call it a day, thanks for watching
guys, please subscribe the channel if you liked this video it will be many more interesting
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27 thoughts on “DIY electric Yamaha YZ250! Wild electric power!

  1. Wow this is so great!
    Please post more information on this, as I have a yz250 in pieces in my basement that would be perfect for this type of project 😀

  2. Ok. So to recap. You have dirtbike that doesnt ride well on tarmac: low max speed/low milage/uncomfortable seat/not to mention no cooling for motor /bad weight distribution.
    Doesnt go well offroad: too much whellspin, tire eater due to poor throtle control (in fact no control at all becouse there is no clutch)/ no susspension can withstand the weight/ no motor braking power/ 40min ride for avrage rider (i belive anyone with more skill will drain battery in 15min)/ again no cooling and probobly no oil bath for parts too lube. Grease inside motor will burnout due to unregular use and temps. You need to wait few more years for tecnology to keepup with the ideas.

  3. а есть оригинал на русском?) больно слушать, но всё равно молодцы!

  4. You're very right about electric dirt bikes, they take incredible maintenance and every single part costs a fortune. I've done hundreds of rides in the mountains, we rarley go further then 40km, but we are always fixing the bikes. Doing hill climbs with no gears, and torque from 0 rpm, looks fantastic! (can't ingest mud into the engine either!)

  5. best thing really is that i can drive electrically everywhere without spooking people ..!!! mtb trails woods evenings close to houses ..skateparcs ,,etc

  6. Why actually gear box isnt used?

    Like the suing gearbox will be much more suitable than v belt drives right?.. Here , how are you changing the speed of the bike, by changing the power supplied from the battery right ? That will not increase the torque required at the wheel end like if we are going on beach or on sand , we need more torque right?…
    Can you explain on this regard?

  7. ok for a second or third bike….. how much would the batterys be after they died in a year or two….? i once bought a VW Jetta diesel, to save coin…. diesal was then 10 cents per litre cheaper… not no more! and after owning it for 2 years the fuel pump took a crap…. so to have it rebuilt i lost all my saving by running the stinking, smoking diesel…. and it was a gutless pig! i coulda been driving a GTA and run it cheaper….

  8. Absolutely amazing idea and bike you have made there. This is the future we will see more of these. Nice build! ride it faster!

  9. You need a rock plate, one good hit on that motor its toast say goodbye. You put the motor in a bad spot, even with a bash plate no guarantee it will save the motor. So strange all that nice work and nothing to protect the outer motor case which is very brittle or sometimes soft but definitely not strong enough to take a hit from a rock especially of you bottom out. One ride with that bike with me on the trails or MX track that motor would have been busted from impact. Don't say it's strong enough because I bent titanium bash plates like they were made out of paper. motors are built to produce power not shields to protect the bike frame. If you were to sell this I would myself advise people not to by it because it was obviously backyard engineered not professionally!

  10. Would it not be better to use a hub motor? that way you eliminate the chain. Adds reliability and saves wasted power on mechanical transmission.

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