Dirty Kanza: The Ultimate #GravelCrusher Test | Giant Bicycles

Dirty Kanza: The Ultimate #GravelCrusher Test | Giant Bicycles

I think it’s a
natural progression of wanting to explore and
see what else is out there. You’re on the road bike, you
ride past the fire road 1,000 times on your normal
loop and then one day, you decide to take it and
it goes somewhere beautiful, top of a mountain and you can
see the ocean and you’re alone. And you realize that there is
a lot more out there than just your regular road loop you’ve
been doing day after day. My name is Ryan Steers from
Agoura Hills, California. My focus is a gravel. I guess the biggest challenge
is being decent at everything. In a mountain bike
race you to be quick, you have to be a good handler. Road racing you have the
endurance and the speed, and gravel racing you
kind of have to do it all. And the better you are
each one of those things– bike handling,
endurance, speed– the better gravel racer
you’re going to be. Oh man, Dirty Kanza is the
holy grail of gravel riding. It’s one of the big
original gravel races and I think it’s the race that
launched 1,000 bikes probably. There’s– it started
the whole genre. Yeah when it was
all said and done, took me 14 hours, five
minutes, and 57 seconds. For as much as I thought
I knew last year going into it just from talking to
people and reading about it, there’s no substitute for
going out and riding it. Learning through experience. Until you get out there
and start getting the mud right in your face, there’s only
so much you can do to prepare. There was a point when the
wheels completely fell off and it was a mile 105, it’s
the second aid station. And when you can
barely turn the pedals and you’ve got 100
miles left, you know you’re in really,
really big trouble. 2018 Dirty Kanza was the most
devastatingly painful day I’ve ever had on a bike. I’m about to go do it again.

8 thoughts on “Dirty Kanza: The Ultimate #GravelCrusher Test | Giant Bicycles

  1. What is that? About four feet of seat post sticking out from the frame? Wonder how much flex is present when pedaling hard over rough terrain.

  2. When I was shopping for a gravel bike earlier this year, I stopped at a local bike shop and was looking at the Giant Revolt Advanced bike. Unfortunately I was told that I wasn't able to test ride the bike because it was "slippery" outdoors, this was during late winter in Wisconsin. I went to another local bike shop and looked at the Trek Checkpoint and I was able to test ride it, I loved it and bought one. I don't regret my decision but sometimes wonder, what if…?

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