Dblocks Delivers a new SE Bike!

Dblocks Delivers a new SE Bike!

Check out little man. Check out the stickers on that bike, though. Hey! Hold up, hold up. Check out how he did the stickers, though. Like, he bought the stickers & made his own SE bike. How old are you? Eleven. Eleven out here catching blocks. Yo, we gotta get you a new bike, all right. We’re gonna start the donations right
now. I want to see some more blocks, all right? Yo, yo, yo. It’s your man DBlocks. Yo, look, look. Bruhmann towing services. He’ll tow your bike wherever it need to go. Yo, we on our way to bring the kid the bike. He about to get out of school in a few. Is it really mine? Yeah, it’s yours! You good. You lyin’. I’m so serious. No way! I would say catch some blocks, but it’s raining right now. You don’t want to slip. Told you all I was gonna get it in less than 24 hours!

9 thoughts on “Dblocks Delivers a new SE Bike!

  1. That was awesome so generous of the guys who donated a time in his life he will, never forget and hopefully be i the position to do it for another kid in the future

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