26 thoughts on “Daytona Bike Week – Biker Chicks, 150 Strong. YOWZA!

  1. Que curioso señor ellos viviendo en riqueza y nosotros muy apenas sacamos para la comida diaria como que la balanza esta en desigualdad no crees

  2. "No posers here," you are funny as shit. I would put money on it, that just like the dude "bikers," most of these bikes were trailered. Only a few of these bikes, and the women riding them, were worth looking at. Most were as fat and fugly as their bikes.

  3. Nice to see the women. riders but where are us ‘ old + moldy ‘ ladies ?????? Only saw a few representive of us….

  4. Oh boy… a person can only handle about 1 freaking minute of that shit man… You basically ruined a kick ass video with all that crap you got playing in the background. SEE YA…

  5. I assure you most of these babes are too much to handle in bed for most men….i meant to say boys who think they are men. I love biker girls. Hell, i love all ladies!!!

  6. Bonjour de France, Superbes Bécanes mais franchement nul votre choix musicaux Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra est inapproprié, j'ai été obligé de couper la vidéo, c'est l'horreur !!! Il y a tant d'autres chansons ou musiques pourquoi ce choix ??? 🙁 Pouvez vous s'il vous plaît modifier ce choix. Merci Dany

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