Cyberpunk 2077 Creator Isn't Shying Away From Politics (Laymen Gaming Weekly News Dump)

Cyberpunk 2077 Creator Isn't Shying Away From Politics (Laymen Gaming Weekly News Dump)

denne denne denne denne denne denne denne denne denne denne denne hello everyone we are back it is the first laman live that we have done now in over a month actually last one week was the seventh of June before we jump on the plane because we did it on Friday that's right before we went to e3 so we have been away for a while now I know a lot of people might have not watched the two shows that we've been back we had a wonderful time in e3 actually I think was our best III that we've ever done I think it was let's just make sure I only live first and the people can see us because the chats being like where my boys are always right here can you see us we're on the casting couch yes coming at you live coming at you with some live show us some love show us some live Arun live okay show me alive that's what we want to see no one can see us are we not are we not like hello so we had an amazing III it was a busy three in terms of people we saw the games we saw the people that watched us the biggest coverage we've done we had an awesome time are you basically humble boasting about the voice then I went away free couple of weeks I went to London Berlin Roma I went to Vatican that's a country I'm including that and had a great time but we are back now and we are now into the full news swing of things and I've actually missed a lot sorry to really read up I'm like what's been going on here like I was literally up at 6 a.m. in our time two hours before like trying to like read all the articles to make sure I know what I was talking about which I never do okay but today at least I can look like I know what I'm talking about let's let's also just make sure that people can hear us clearly and volumes are I could some people somebody was saying it's a bit quiet I just upped it a little bit then let us know in the chat if any anymore but yeah it has been a very busy couple of weeks and we've kind of just been like falling away new stories over that time while there's been frolicking around Europe's lush sex addiction me yes rehab and gaming addiction when he told me a gaming addiction imaginary that's where I really was okay so so Ania telecon today is well by the way oh yes and also and people's hang are we gonna be at Blizzcon we should cut a place com1 yes so you're gonna go to Blizzcon one you how we actually though I'm not I mean like I actually think there was somehow make that happen I don't know how we're gonna do that but this year what when is it it's in December I know or I believe or something no because I remember the use this enables joke was just after we did packs in the box all right yeah so it's it's around that time we might do it this you sure but today we're talking about the news okay there's quite a few items now let's get into it I guess let's get right to the news that reference because no one is 40 years old okay okay nice work said in chat who can actually guess me and Ralph's a the VR license saying those lights they're very bright I know they're very bright actually I feel like the balance on this setup is now like the in the software is actually overcompensating because like you see us when we're doing this normally I think the cameras working too hard to look right up the shot but anyway whatever man let's just crack on with elicit straight it we just like more white males phosphorescent white males total even formally white everybody so let's get let's get to our first news story now they started doing the rounds yesterday by the way the purpose of the lemon news dub is to look at some of the news of the week yeah but main focus on these sort of news items that we haven't covered or the small news items that sort of flown under the radar sure because there's always so much that like we can't cover yeah there's just too much and we figure all right cool let's just follow that away let's talk about today that's the plan yeah I think this person is look incident doing small dumps okay we do a giant one we do a giant dump on Saturday okay it's probably not healthy to do that but that's what we do now the people here saying cocaine cocaine is a hell of a drug says rap is 35 that's great okay okay guys one Elva drugs Sam is actually guess hold Sammy that's how I looks like he's 37 I'm actually 28 going on 40 everyone age terribly is quite badly if you look at the videos when me and Ralph went to e3 when I wasn't even doing layman I look like total stud now I'm just like this big beating Nick be landed this psvr so angle that's so funny if you watch it well like offal settling to it on the Twitter when I try to adapt and and it's so funny because it Sam's on the couch and there's this angle and he's wearing shorts and his shirt till I pulled up like that underwear looks and it's like the camera is like pointing upwards like that wall looks like Jeb of the high look like Jabba the Hutt if you play games it looks ok look here we go so the first story here actually concerns Blizzard is actually hiring hostile Community Managers having laid off the whole team that's interesting I mean ok you go into a personal target so so just in case anyone doesn't remember that bad months ago Activision announced that they were sacking 800 staff and a lot of those were from back office areas as well as like community space and I'm like followed quite a few these people on Twitter and I really doesn't you know personally like maybe not particularly Blizzard but you know a lot of devs in general oh yeah sure sure I didn't know any of these guys have got sacked but you know certainly I follow a lot them on Twitter and interacted with some of them and then I saw all of a sudden saw boom odd today's my last day Blizzard I got the sack if anyone wants to hire me let me know and it's like that's super sad when that happens but that's just how these big companies do like redundancies is just you know the share price time what to call again when they the earnings call and all that kind of stuff and then they and then the very next day they said that they had achieved record profitability that was an Activision CEO suck 800 people next day record profitability we're going gangbusters thanks very much everyone so it's I I think yeah so ultimately when they they've sacked at her employees and then they're like now by the way guys we're looking for more people now to kind of fill some of those roles like of course that is just not ah man that's that's not gonna resonate well with the gaming community because the first thing that I look at it's like well hang on you've let go of all these people of course knock on their doors first and be like hey can we get you back on board they know the product well they know the system's well I mean yeah I mean unless they just sneakily just wanted to get rid of them because like they're not good workers or something maybe and now they're like hey we need new people by the way please don't reapply maybe but I mean it doesn't look good it says following Blizzard Post one former employee who we have not named responded on Twitter 1x hostile employee who says they were laid off along with the entire team back in February said that the listing was shameful and referred to the community managers who are still looking for new employment in the wake of the layoffs another said that hundreds of former employees were still looking for work so I mean that's just a fucking dick move like but like that's just yeah it's it's it's just it's this is how these companies do like yeah I've seen this server because I used to work in the corporate world like I used to work in banking right this is how it is like then we'll second entire area and then they'll immediately stop right rehiring that entire area but they do it under shit with cheaper salaries do naminé that's how they like to make their saving because if you've got this employee that's been around for 5-10 years this salary keeps going up their benefits their whatever else they sack this person and then they hire someone else to do the same job at like you know 50 percent of the salary yeah like it's firstly Jersey ninja thank you very much thank you very much for the 99 cents appreciate you but like I really do think that if we look at like the PR or like the branding damage of that I mean in the Internet's an awesome thing in that regard people know about this this isn't just under the radar maybe how would have been in the 90s or some shit where people don't really get to see this on such a grand scale for sure but the actual damage I think it does in terms of just the branding to the to the to the gamer that buys their games it just puts them in a very ugly light it really makes it very obvious that this isn't just like a fun company that you make games it's like a hardcore corporate company yeah it really does care about profits more than like you know making making sure that the people that are making these games and making so much money for them are actually taken care of you know be different if they were like in the red and they were desperately trying to like save the company and they needed to make some pretty shitty decisions but it's really not like that especially with Activision like they make more money than most gaming companies do collect combined you know yeah it's funny like the bigger they get the more evil they get usually like hey man you guys the same shit wrong that's why we become progressively more evil and get bigger and bigger I'm looking forward to when we get to 200,000 we're setting Ralph and smaller salary 200 1000 okay so next story actually also relates to Blizzard and this is an interesting interview with Mike Morhaime who's there who was actually the former president of Blizzard for many years now he was a very very loved person in the gaming industry very loved at Blizzard and the news of his departure it was a retiree was sort of like a retirement like he just left like he'd been there for a long-ass time it wasn't like he was booted out I remember he was actually dropped up we were I discussed this was like oh should we cut the covers but you were like I just think he's been there long enough he didn't have to go it wasn't like this guy's been turfed out it was very much like okay cool guys had a tremendously successful career their time too he just wants to move on and do other things he's currently planning on he's actually planning on setting up other stuff in future he says these good ideas baking at the moment but he's not really talked about those yet um and either way he did an interview recently where he talked about what's going on with listener right now and he made some really interesting comments about heroes of the storm and he sort of explained why hots failed so badly yeah basically saying that he just felt like it came along too late I think that there's definitely an element of that you know when you jump on the train when it's SuperDuper hardened it's you know it's it's so hard right now then of course that's gonna have a good effect but I think that the crux of it they were trying to get there they were trying to kind of tap into an audience that I don't think resonates with kind of MOBAs my opinion of that I think they liked dodo like dota or League of Legends has a hardcore way about it you know in terms of like the weapons that you can get and the actual mechanics of it all it felt like it was a bit more of a hardcore thing this whole way that they did it it felt a lot more accessible a lot more the individualism was taken out entirely like I when I played it I felt like I wasn't contributing at all in a way that I could stand out and a lot of people don't want to feel that in a game especially in a MOBA they want to feel like they're kicking ass so I really don't know if I put it down to it was it too late or was the game itself just not created correctly you know yeah I know you mean I think with hots the other the other really interesting thing that came out of this was a post that was on reddit and you have to take everything on reddit with a grain of salt if it's unread and it's true okay because but this guy this guy says he he was in market this is what he says I'll bring it up here and I'll show it to you okay it's a reddit post and I'll read it out because it's really interesting and again not sure if this is true but this is what he says I'll be honest I worked on hots in marketing and it failed mainly because they priced it at the same as League thinking it would have the same success the pricing and horrible gem structure turned the players away and the super no real arch had the wrong focus which was getting it monetized and not fun they simply would not listen to us when we told them the game was too expensive and skins were locked behind paywalls instead of making them earnable with soft currency shards greed killed the game and it was constant and growing problem until in the end well end of last year the recent changes in Blizzard have made it a very negative environment there is no longer a nerdy feeling of passion instead everything is about money and budget morale drops through the floor and people are just generally unhappy to work there now lots of old colleagues who remained are in the process of leaving now because it's unbearably corporate and the focus is entirely on money and not quality yeah firstly thank you Brian love you appreciate you it's good to be back thank you very much for the donation Brian sorry we're so white today I I think that you know with Blizzard especially we've seen that a lot now we'd like the whole Diablo immortal thing or like just like things in general do seem like the the company has taken a dramatic shift away from you know being about making like really awesome nerdy games and like you know yeah you know I just felt there's a fundamental shift in Blizzard that I feel like a lot of people in the community have also felt and this just kind of doubles down on that but they're really you know making it about profit nightís there it's business like they have to make money of course but I don't know if they should be making more money at the expense of like you know the morale and like the creative energy and the creative genius that was Blizzard for like 20 years straight you know was there a single game you can think of in last 20 years that Blizzard may that you were like on that site you know Diablo III at launch yeah okay here is a storm battle for Azeroth okay here's the storm was the one that I was actually saying what without that I was gonna say was the latest one I thought it was a flop but that's what I'm Francis anyone uh yeah look I remember cuz my friend of mine worked at a company called King and King made candy crush and they were having the time of their lives before all of a sudden Activision acquired them and then all of a sudden the party was over and like it was all about budgets and money and all of the like stuff parties in the head were all canceled and like salaries are frozen yeah and like a massive massive shift when activision comes in now look any company that makes a big acquisition is gonna want to try and like tighten the screws Jonah mean that's that's normal always normal though like I mean some I mean I'm sure some companies thank you very much angry squared Xion and ceedric it's gonna be a fun game can we actually set your names correctly ceej answer is No refa why yes but that's right some companies I think will come in and go look you know what this you guys are laying golden eggs just do you you know I think it is it also seems like a recurring trend that Activision buys things or gets involved and like they fundamentally look to change the fabric of these companies to make sure it is all about budgets and shit yeah and that has an effect on the the creative energy of that space yeah I do worry about Blizzard okay yeah general I genuinely do because it does seem like they've had a long time since they've had a gang Buster here Oh what sure was the last one so it's three years ago but sure bit like we know that double-o four is still a long ways out apparently was demoed to staff in Paris recently attack is a rumor that was going around battle frat like the wall of Warcraft journey is sort of really really on very sort of like it's on rough seas right now I see when people say that like they've had one of the best track records for the last 50 sure but the game is definitely in a bad place now sure but hang at the moment I'm telling you yeah yeah sure sure but I just look at that and go the game is always going to end at some point I mean if they're just now having problems now or like 15 years of solid kind of short growth and in strong vision well fair enough you know I think overwatch has another two or three isn't it I think we'll see you know overwatch 2 or something you know overwatch two they're actually planning on overwatch too as well I feel like one thing that we could skip to funnily enough is actually while we're on the topic of the idea yes it's actually quite a neat segue so let's let's stay on the Blizzard subject for a moment and let's talk about this right it was a very good Tracey Curro change okay now what do you take this to look Blizzard I play I mean we both played it hell of a lot of after a stone look they've released this latest patch right they're going to be taking away some cars are gonna be adding some cards but the big thing is I don't know if you guys can see this right now but they've actually fundamentally changed some cards two major things number one some of the people aren't a sexy male okay and they're just not as sexy like Sam when he started layman versus Sam now we're talking about this is not the best patch okay but they're also going to be taking away some of the blood and gore now I can understand why they would have taken away maybe some gore because there are some kids like I get it kind of but this whole like taking away a certain people because they look a bit sexy or whatever we're like it's so 2019 isn't it like just lead the cartel now who cares no one cared about them a few years ago has an age that's badly for God's sake it's super dumb like it's really dumb because you're looking at some of the cards here so for example bite instead of like biting into an animal it's just like hey I've got some teeth yeah and this heart this windfury harpy it looks like basically just you can see like less of her body like it's sort of covered by her wings so it sort of feels less sexualized I think that's the normal twitch and then the other one is it's gonna be what's called the private twitch now like subscribe to my snapchat is definitely selling bitch I forget a name but she's actually selling her does lose like you know those pictures or whatever and she's selling her own bath water and it sold out we should all know I'm as baffled as amazed and see if it would sell out that was so good but back to all we're talking about so I do find they mentally think that as a company it's a card game I understand maybe maybe a parent will come along – oh my god those cars look a bit like they're biting into things maybe I don't want my dream I'm just saying like I know any parents are gonna do that I mean I know what I'm saying is but it's a whole other thing like to completely change a car because they you know they look I don't know I just don't I just don't care about this like this whole that's make them look less sexy it's just dumb in my opinion you know maybe it's coming from a white male like course but like just leave it how it is everybody that's what I okay because when I'm playing hearthstone I'm looking forward to that win fair yeah I'm not playing that for a while keeping that and then I Dec that was a name bill bill Delphine she's still on Twitter she's been bad she's at which I think she's literally just one of those like Instagram chat people so there's like hi the patreon pay me pay me money and I'll send you photos of myself Wow chicks and they okay she know because I are nothing on research February prep for tomorrow lame from gaming to the next story she was a youtuber cater where she was youtuber okay cool so let's talk about Game Stop right now let's go segue yeah this is very natural segue yeah game stop now I used to work for Game Stop in Australia called EB Games big boy as well used to work for he's still kind of work so like on the odd occasion that they need someone for Christmas yeah is it is this stream the people saying F is the stream dying you guys are you guys going F against top or is you got yet for the stock if for the stream life for us I know it looks like the strings okay thank you guys if you okay thank you so sorry guys why does it say airplane mode at the bottom yeah at the very bottom it doesn't and what is that its internet access but your white thing why is it doing this okay are we alive everybody can everyone please let us know but it's not if the thing is the stream says we're totally fine like it's still HD man okay can you guys just let us know without no trolling are we actually still live or you guys know I think I'll hit refresh I think it's back up now so um okay that's where I've cut the call [Laughter] that is actually perfect okay so guys by the way if we drop out with sorry Australian is the worst on the planet just just way liberal gun from just refresh and and then hopefully we'll be back and we'll should be okay so we'll continue and hopefully this will all just pick up or maybe you'll just get snippets of it and it all come together it'll sound like we're saying something terrible but yeah we're working ISP secretary had time time to make the line stable is it still thought so okay so let's just continue and see if you guys are picking picking this up or it's not right a second should we continue we're back we're back it's saying we're back okay cool yeah as I said if it drops out just stick with us just hit refresh it's the worst shit Tirek strain internet that we suffer from you minute this office apparently has good internet but even then it's still not reliable sure sure so the world's biggest video game retailer Game Stop also known as EB Games is it no something else in the world that's just those two company names you know everyone everyone knows probably gamestop @ eb game so right now they are going down the to but now I always knew this was going to happen to be honest I never thought that there was going to be a real future for these types of big companies that sell discs in a more emerging digital world where you can just buy shit in the comfort of your living room so they've you know it goes on to say that they've also tried to buy like other another think like a mobile store shop or something I don't know about that yeah so it goes on to say that they also tried to buy multiple other kind of companies one particular store had 150 stores that were selling mobile phones I think we've got to check this shit out but anyway the business venture did not go well that's what we were ultimately saying so it seems like on both fronts now they're not really able to you know make a good recovery here yeah I think that it's it always was apparent to me that game stock would go the way of CD stores and record stores and that's it because I mean there's a lot of there's a lot to be said online about like game ownership and the idea that you have the disc right we hear a lot about that online but I think we have to remember that we exist in a community of like super super hardcore gamers and we're our own echo chamber so we think that this matters to everyone when really it matters to just a very small percentage of the population the majority of people are perfectly fine with not owning their discs you know and so for that reason it makes sense that a company like Game Stop is going to have a lot of difficulty in Australia they've they've acquired this sort of like merch yes where you can go into the store and it's like you know t-shirts and figurines and pop vinyl figures and share them yeah you can buy Thor's hammer and sell those that kind of business that they've attached to it which is done okay I think isn't right but I fundamentally hit things an issue there because if you have if you really are a little bit savvy I mean they're they're selling Blizzard products for instance right you can go on the Blizzard website and you literally get them ozzie wise you can get them for about 40% less that's like 30% less so I don't see that as being a really strong business model number one our only hardcore gamers are really going to be buying a lot of that kind of expensive statues and merchants general and number two if you're not even being competitive with your pricing I don't see that to be a sustainable model there are so many eb games in australia and there's so many game stops you know I'm sure in the US like there is such a huge amount of stuff to be paid and I I don't see a future for these people I really don't yeah unless games stop with their final last hurrah tries to do some sort of digital store and tries to get into that space which I just don't think is gonna happen I don't see a future for them I really don't know JB hi-fi for us I don't know what you guys call it but smaller like Best Buy which is probably the closest yeah like just like Target or like you know Kmart might just have a little sections where you can still buy games but it's not there it's not their whole way that they make money and where I think digital games will still have it I think kind of cool that comes out of this is that you'd see the mom-and-pop sort of game stores reappear because in like some city there's some little store run by an actual enthusiast who really knows all the stuff and like has a relationship with these customers and they deal in a lot of retro games and trade-ins and stuff there'll be a market for that when Game Stop goes away that's cool and I think that comic bug guy member and the cool anyway more things like that that people who are really keen on owning the discs are still gonna be able to buy it on Amazon or they're gonna be able to go to a store and do that but obviously GameStop's model does feel like it's you know I literally don't give it more than three to five years I really die streamings around the corner more people are gonna be buying digitally a lot of casual gamers are gonna look at the offering of like oh I love playing xbox $15 a month I get all the guys I want to play it's more and more people laughing I'm laughing because I'm reminded someone said in the chat that Shenmue 3 is gonna have a physical disc for PC and all it has on it is going to be the epic games installer that's that's illegally yes why isn't that a story what color that is a funny mean story it is a story story like it is ridiculous please that is the most stupid that's it's even the companies themselves don't give a shit when customers want to own their product now and they're just like hey man but like not only are we screwing you out by the epic story exclusive the physical disk that you wanted you know we're putting on it as games get bigger like there's less in this knee used for a CD because by the time you put the CD on like red did for instance half the game you're still gonna like download or some sure you got to put two CDs in it's just gonna become a joke so anyway yeah on a side note well not really I think actually this is a nice segue for us actually talk about this story because we'd sort of tried to do this right so um Tim Sweeney is the head of epic right he's the Tim Sweeney bad he's like the devil then he's a devil that floats over developers shoulders being like yes you should go exclusive and then Gabe's like no don't do it remember your customer to sweetie has recently he's always on Twitter explaining himself he does and look and fear cop to him he's transparent you gotta you got to give him credit for that it's like you know a lot of the time EA EA is just all like with their bullshit shit like surprise loot box surprise mechanics and Andy Wilson never said shitty let's all his corporate goons doing the Tim Sweeney fair enough that Lacey's upfront about what he's doing doesn't make what he's doing any less shit show him what is what he's basically been saying here is that he wouldn't he would like to be able to give shenmue's backers a steam key at launch that's what he would like to do sure what he's saying that steam does not let you do that cuz steam has a policy where they're not going to issue a key unless the game is actually intended for sale within that launch window for the game I understand that but he seems totally fair in that because they're not making money out of that right for sure because so like as a business they need to like to kind of put this then you know dig their heels in go for sure we're not gonna like not only lose exclusivity here all right we're not gonna lose this on our platform but we're not gonna let people play on it if we're not making any money I get it I think this is like I think Tim's when he tried to frame this as a bad guy it's like no steam is the perfectly reasonable business you're the one that's creating the situation sure and I guess that's the biggest issue that I've always had with epic and like cuz I understand their I know a lot of people really hate them I don't like them but I don't hate them because I'm like look they're a businessman and they have to pursue their strategy in their way right but the thing that I really really hate is when what they're doing with with Kickstarter's and I think it's so wrong because Kickstarter's are about the community they're about like people in their own cash until I get something going and they're really excited to get it and they're and they're with the developer on the journey and then the last second boom sorry not come to steam it's going to this other platform that you hate yes so like epic being involved in that I don't know if I put the full responsibility on the epic though man I really think of course it's the developers that only sign that dotted line I guess there's a lump of cash being thrown at them and they need to make a decision now Shenmue is probably a perfect example here where we were we were either speculating when there was some sort of information out there saying that there was trouble with development or trouble with funding so they might need to go down that route and explore options they give them the money necessary to actually get the product into the consumers hands yeah fine but like so sorry yeah what happened here was that you know after it was revealed that steam would not provide keys everyone was upset and the Shenmue backers one of them wanted a refund to show you guys and then so what epic is now doing is that they themselves are going to fund the cost of refunds out of their own pockets so the developer does not lose any money sure right everyone gets their money back who wants it and that's the end of that I still think that is a that's a good thing for epic to do I really they're fixing the problem of a career I understand that but what I'm saying is I do think it's probably just them partly it's part of their marketing strategy yet again I'm just like you know making sure they look like they're super good guy here but yeah again like we've said it so many times it like what else gaben all this all right well okay well this ass is gonna say what a segue nice I should do this job so we've not really heard much from good old Gabe but Amy he's been too busy making that card game what's it called again yeah completely gangbusters that game so he's actually recently responded in an email it looks like I think it's yeah it's funny because you can actually email Gabe and there's a chance he'll respond to you this is a thing that happened early opt-in to do this this week promise you now I'm gonna email Gabe and ask him a question I don't know what it is but something that he is worth responding to like I don't know I don't know where our nice improv samurai we'll figure it out so this is a Gabe responding recently to a question about about exclusivity okay and about his overall philosophy for exclusivity and what he thinks about it okay and this is what he said and this is actually on the topic of October caviar he said we don't think exclusives are a good idea for customers or developers take that Tim Sweeney there's a separate issue which is risk on a given project you need to think about how much risk to take on there are a lot of different forms of risk financial risk design reschedule risk orga risk IP risk a lot of the interesting VR work is being done by new developers that's a triple risk whammy a new developer creating new mechanics on a new platform we're in a much better position to absorb financial risk than a new VR developer so we're happy to offset that giving developers development funds essentially prepaid steam revenue however there are no strings attached to those funds they can develop for the rift or the PlayStation VR or whatever developer thinks they're right to target system our hope is that by providing the funding these developers will be less likely to take on deals that require them to be exclusive okay so it's the ultimately saying they're like we're happy to give them funds at the same time they can make it for multiple platforms they can sell it on multiple areas and hopefully like as much money I think what he's saying is that he is trying to ingratiate them to these developers and he's saying look I'm gonna give you some cash you're not bound to be you know working with us but you know I think what he's saying there is you're not bound to make us make us exclusive but reg you're not bound to be yes yeah but if you want to I think we're more likely to work together if we've backed you sure so it's like people are saying it's nice and steam bribing you know bribing bribing developers it's like well okay you could maybe say it that way but the reality is he is not locking them in and if they want to go with someone else after taking steams money they can do that the show there's no downside I suppose except I'm sure the money tab gets turned off mmm but at the end of the day it's really just the starkest possible contrast between sim Sweeney's approach and Val wargames approach which is like Tim squeeze I lock everything down must be hours and only hours lock it all down and games like listen it's not it's everyone's open platforms is the way to go especially with VR that's it and I just think that's such a such an interesting contrast between those two men and their business philosophies at this point in time yeah especially now with VR is gonna be the next frontier in terms of like more and more games are going to be released and made for VR and there's gonna be emerging platforms that you can purchase things and like there's gonna be an ecosystem that becomes probably maybe just as big as gaming that we as we know it today so like it's kind of nice to see that there are certain precedents that he's trying to set by I mean but but I think we need gets involved you know I like yeah and he wants to do like epic VR that's a thing oh my god that is gonna be a total thing epic store VR and it's like everything's exclusive there's everything's this story continues actually because what happened this week as well was that Paradox Interactive they make a whole bunch of sort of strategy games and yeah like my sims know that I make room you know they made something that's it Arata run um so they basically came out and said recently that the 70/30 revenue split is outrageous and there's a really juicy quote here that he gives up and he's like the 70/30 split off of my developers most platform holders is outrageous according to paradoxes interactors Frederick Westar who praised epics effort to offer more reasonable alternative with its own store speaking as part of a panel at game lab this way our last week which was hosted by again some beers Westar did not mince his words when talking about the deal at the industry's biggest distribution platforms traffic developers I think the 70/30 revenue split is outrageous I think that platform holders are taking too much money everyone in the press here just quote me on that he went big on that he wasn't holding back at all and I think it is important to recognize the other side of this debate as well when we talk about like you know anything bad it's like we'll yank epic actually are bad with their exclusive approach but at the same time that 70/30 split is a very questionable number and I've definitely seen some math yeah that's like actually it's pretty reasonable but I'm also saying other math that's like no it's not I I agree with that in terms of I'm not exactly sure where I land on that I'm you're not entirely sure without looking at the numbers and seeing the success rate of certain titles that do have the opportunity to jump on steam and like you know because like this face it is still the biggest platform PC for people to select browse through and find games they might have never found it off the traffic the sheer traffic that goes through Steam would just be gigantic and I mean look I think in the wake of epic games there should be some sort of tweak based on how much of a giant you know we're seeing such a huge force throughout the industry now from this epic game store if Gabe was to come back and and and and bring it down a little bit I think it would probably be beneficial because it's good for the brand and it kind of also listens to the to the developers and the consumers that like there is obviously a lot of fat there that epic doesn't need to take so why are you taking so much fat you know so I I kind of see that yes but yes I don't know I'm segue Sam much that was pretty good but the end that that was pretty good most was pretty good so look let's let's pivot segwaying from that I thought you were jumping in with something no no no I'm I'm moving on to that's why I put your own like the 84 so we got to keep moving right so so this is actually it's sort of segues into the next story which is about GTA while we're on the topic of PC PC sales and PC platforms right so GTA is a aftermarket key seller now they are infamous in the industry for sorry thirsty for stolen keys stolen cases stolen keys or gray market keys or you know regional arbitrage keys all this sort of stuff they end up on GTA and it's a great deal for consumers don't get me wrong because you're getting the game for cheap but not really as well because what GTA do is they make you well that make you but basically any point in time the key that you have can be cancelled it can be if it's found to be stolen or whatever else they'll take the developer has the right to cancel it right at me so rightfully well that's where the we get into the gray area because it's like what why did exactly that did that happen and whatever else and so therefore the developer there needs to go through this massive process with the consumer love of like hey man the consumer calls up they're like why'd you cancel my key and whatever else causes all these problems with developers very very painful me too I actually have this like scam whereby they'll sell you a protection amount like $3.00 on top of it be game that's how mafia works right which is like hey man you buying this dodgy key just in case there's any problems and we can replace it for you but you got to pay us like five bucks to do that I I mean I've got a scary yeah I see that working as if it's found to be a stolen cave and you know the developer has the right to take that key away at the same time but listen that board that has the right to then get their money back but I could but again consumers don't know understand this like we understand this is like super hardcore nerds that live in this world if you're just a dude like browsing oh I want to buy cyberpunk and your Google cyberpunk and you find a Google ad and they use a lot of Google ads oh no I can get it for 20 bucks cheaper hell yeah buy a cyberpunk and then two weeks later your keys Ben can see like what the fuck you call City project red and they're like yeah man that was a stolen key sorry what does that consumer gonna do what a city project regular dude because they look like assholes for not for like canceling the key when the consumer doesn't understand why sure it's very messy so my indie developers in particular cop this because they have very limited resources to be able to handle those sorts of stuff and it's recently blown up with one indie developer has said please do not buy from g2a pirate our games instantly they said pirate our games instead of actually doing that because it's easier for us as indie developers if you pirate versus if you go through g28 look I think that the sad the sad reality is that say GTA gets closed down this stuff is gonna continue on another website now I'm not saying like well that's just not worry about I do anything I'm not saying that but I'm saying like is there a fundamental way that they can actually change the way that they distribute games I know you know probably not but they also it's a real shame that this is a this is actual you know it's an actual thing especially right for these small small Indies that are just trying to make a great game like this the only way that I really see this ever truly going away is if there is in fact a more straight and more 5g streaming platform where people have to pay a certain amount of month and then like stream keys in general either game keys in general become less and less prevalent I know you mentioned streaming and the Chet's gonna explain no but it's true though I think that I think that's probably gonna be a way in the future where they'll have to do one way but a lot of people don't want to use streaming so there needs to be options outside I mean there should be but I'm saying I think streaming will definitely become the way that most people play games that's a whole separate thing entirely what's in chat exploded essing Jim no but it's true though in five years time if I don't think it's fine we're gonna get longer than that but I think a lot and I don't think it's like most people I think it's a lot of people I think there's always gonna be a space for local hardware but I do believe that streaming will be an important part of the way we play games yeah next ten plus years in turn improves and infrastructure improvements definitely all I'm trying to say there really is this is definitely a problem now but maybe those types of things as future technology unfolds it'll be less of a problem yes that's probably true that this developer just so we're clear on this story he's actually started a petition to get g2a to stop selling any indicator would do that though well I mean if they say they're 80 percent of their bottom line and they're not gonna do it GTA GTA the g28 this scumbags me it's like an IRA pay I guess like pay no car yeah hey can you stop doing that oh my god I'm so sorry we didn't know that we're doing anything to affect you man no worries paramount how though you've written movies better it's all good so and finally a GTA g2a I should say awesome so that's a good segue to yeah we've got that later after that yeah me too a has basically come out with a bullshit response article they were interviewed by games industry job is basically saying all we want all the accusations to stop and they say they want to enter into a dialogue with the developers and then how they solve this problem they don't have any interest in solving this problem this is exactly what they've done so many times before I can think of at least four different circumstances where they put out exactly this statement or being like oh we really want to solve this yeah but I can fuck about this problem as Marty see how they make their money they make their money by like ripping off developers by selling these stolen keys it's in there they sell this protection racket thing over the top sure where you know you consumers feel compelled to do that or they don't understand the whole thing is a massive sham so it is very disappointing that these guys are still making money but again like I mean III think that it's going to be something that's gonna be around for a while I mean I'd love to see you know those kind of companies not you know have a platform but yeah it's gonna be a referee over but g28 to GTA he's right nice segue okay that's why it's actually rock style yeah everyone okay it's a kind of fair segways they're always close enough but read David every term PC it looks like but we already knew that was this house happens like every few months there's like a new red dead on P singly now obviously Red Dead has come to PC man why would they not want to get all the money that they could get from that did Red Dead one go on PC okay no okay but but that was different Rockstar was different right in GCS five success because they have bet on busier right that's the success they've seen with that on online especially like as if they wouldn't want to cash in on that of course yeah I'm surprised it's actually taking this long for them to really I do believe it's to do because they did the same thing with Grand Theft Auto where they really stretch today out and they launched it on multiple you know ps3 and then ps4 the remaster and then the PC version and all the sort of stuff so look the headline here is that red red dead redemption two on PC is mentioned in the social club source code which you know we can assume a social club social club is like there um it's they're sort of like separate ecosystem for rockstar games and potential future things that they might be working on and stuff like I don't know for like if you want to like play great auto online or you want to like have groups of friends that you're connected with or you want to get news and stuff like there's social club there and apparently it mentions the you know presence of Red Dead – okay no surprises there no what else we can really talk about there but Richard out I really do think that that's kind of you that's gonna be interesting guys yeah it's gonna be interesting so from from Red Dead to great theft auto okay we should have done GT at first because there's a better segue right so this this is a really really and I think this is actually such an important head like and I say now you really didn't get a lot of play this week so I feel like this deserves its own separate video but we're gonna cover here today sure I I would only okay we'll get to a first but I wonder why it hasn't based on maybe this is just corporate bullshit and actually he's never gonna be acted on who knows okay we say that but okay anyway let's get to hate to wants quicker rockstar game releases and less content at launch tech to CEO strauss Zelnick has expressed his wish for quicker release dates of rockstar game titles while the grand theft auto read dead option two developer has on question released a chain of runaway successes 2k isn't happy at the speed those releases are coming out zeliha explained that his will to make games released sooner would result in less content at large instead of being the full expansive toddlers that roxtor has always delivered the game would focus on providing post-launch content it's possible that the games may be shorter than they were in certain instances it's possible that the ability to deliver content on an ongoing basis for a long time after initial release of adhere should mean that perhaps that initial release wouldn't be as long in terms of number of hours of gameplay as previously had been demanded in a world where that's all you would get so sir okay I'm really really big statement from a very important person in the industry that's out one of the most successful developers there's multiple ways you can look at this now is it him trying to butter everyone up so he can create games that make more DLC more monetization yes or is it him saying look we're not covering the market enough with these types of games and we want to get more games out in general instead of 5 to 7 years we get them out you know in three years yes I definitely think it's the it's the former it's definitely about let's make smaller games with less content and then let's get make that's monetize them in a way that you know like three DLC pronged DLC that like explore the world more but their $20 a pop and then you pay double for the game before we even get to the micro transactions you know yeah absolutely I mean look I think what he's really alluding to is this idea that Rockstar leverages more deeply into the Live service model right and Rockstar I wouldn't call them a Live service developer right now even though G to ng credit auto certainly has you know it's built entirely now on its longevity that's right but I guess what I'm sort of seeing as a live service game is it launches with the promise of hey man this thing is really incomplete and we're going to give you stuff over time okay for example battlefield 5 was a live service game because it launched with like nine Maps instead the normal eighteen or whatever it was missing like you know all of these different factions or whatever else so so I think that when you look at something like Grand Theft Auto you wouldn't call that a live service game because it's so complete it's a complete product from the start and then they add DLC on top of it right that expands the game further now could you call that a live service maybe yes your idea of life services is the dirty word of live service and sounds of hey this is a complete product but it's actually not yeah yeah but that doesn't mean that the live service cannot still kind of fall under the umbrella of like here's a complete product but this is a tailored smaller complete product and then we're going to release further DLC along the way you know I mean so yeah but that's that's what I'm saying like I think that's the hallmark of rockstar games is we develop really big fucking awesome games that are competitive plus stuff and to end finished experiences like whack it on the table that's it it's done and then after that they start working on their long-term plan and additional content right if they were to pivot and say we're going to release a smaller Red Dead game and have episodic Red Dead content of seven I think red ff7 is different cuz it seems to me as they've described it there they're gonna be like 60 hours so they it feels like they're making life like a trilogy of Final Fantasy 7 other than it being like episodic in the sense of like life is strange or hitman for example where it's very clearly broken up into pieces right so I guess my point is you have to pay attention to this this headline because this is the CEO of take 2 like this is a serious guy who has a lot of influence over rockstar Rockstar obviously make a lot of money and they do super well but you know they're always gonna be looking for ways to make more money and if they look at the live service model and they think we can put out an incomplete product and sell it and make a matzo and then we can continue to monetize after that that's a very compelling proposition for you know shareholders definitely hard for me be hard for a rockstar to push back on that for the long term I do think also their access to casual gamers means that the fundamental way that a lot of games on the future can be packaged can very well be affected by what Rockstar does here because let's face it Red Dead you know um GTA like it's had a fundamental effect on gaming in general in terms of like it's just been a mammoth thing that just you know smashed in and everyone now knows about it and plays it off the most GTA 5 is the most successful entertainer prodigy operated in terms of revenue and what I'm saying all in his name approach and what I says well yeah and what I'm saying here is I really do think that if this was to be a successful model a lot of other development houses and publishers might pay attention go you know what instead of making they're already doing it I think that's right what about they're not really because a lot of games are complete in terms of the full narrative is there or whatever but the the content that should be there at the end game or whatever is not there I'm saying here that a lot of single player games are like a lot of games in general multiplayer games might actually do that whole like this is going to be $60 game or whatever but then we've got a trilogy within the single title planned if if this is in fact what he's talking like that what goes well yeah I just I think what they're more talking about is just live service like we're seeing right now with broken anthem and broke and fallout and incomplete games I think that's the wall again we don't know if he's actually talking about single-player experiences – we don't know if he means red did you read what he says that if there would be less hours at the front end he's obviously talking about the single-player experience and that's what I mean I mean are we then going to see the influence if this is you see if this is a successful product and he's able to go from one single purchase to a triple purchase because most people own ZUP for three titles yeah in the one title sure are we gonna see more Final Fantasy 7 types can so we can like you know in terms of this is the one game but it's actually broken up into many different types of games that can be a type for me actually the more I think about it the more this whole loot box and stuff is a dirty word this can be the future of how they monetized products that they actually release one product but it's broken up into many different products yeah and I said look I just think if Rockstar would listen to any of this it would be such a crying shame because Rockstar are the most successful developer in the world with you know for the GTA 5 5 because they just did that like they release an anchor and Red Dead was just so beloved by so many people because they did exactly the opposite of what this guy's saying so I really hope that they just completely ignore this shit and they kept going in the same direction I really do think that Red Dead story red Red Dead two stories one of the most incredible stories I've ever have ever seen and I really think that they deserve the amount of you know success they've had yeah I don't like the online shit that they do fine but I think that you're right it would be a shame if they win from being like you know a driver of quality in the industry to like a driver of like how do we fuck the consumer mall yeah I mean I which is already kind of maybe what they're doing with this whole like 2k games and yeah that's also what sort of I worry about with like Blizzard for example we talked about that earlier it does feel as though Blizzard used to be that developer that's like we're gonna drop the big title when it's ready and we're not gonna worry about monetizing whatever else and then it became like well with overwatch immediately it just pivoted to how much money can we make from eSports you know I mean rather than like how do we make this game really pop it's really about like well let's add some characters but esports esports yes really what kind of make the game great come on look I think that but those things can go hand in hand you can create a really great eSports environment that enriches the players experience and like and they enjoy watching the sport and at the same time create a really great game and keep adding to that game those things can go hand in hand but off I look at this situation and go I don't fundamentally think that this is going to enrich the product or in enrich the gaming industry if they go down this route of like hey let's make a game that we know is actually going to be broken up into sections that like make you pay more it's just it's gonna be the it's gonna be the next step of shitty monetization and like loot boxes and shit like that surprise mechanics and please use the chorionic a holiday the other day Blizzard employees are on surprise yes surprise 800 surprise holidays ok so guys let's talk now about from from Rockstar good to CD Projekt RED good yeah so Punk 2077 studio addresses rumors about multiple cyberpunk games to earlier in the week there was a headline that you know so CD Projekt RED was actually working on three cyberpunk games and it was like wow yeah yeah and turns out that's not the case let me just click to me while we're talking about this right maybe this whole thing came up with them saying that they wanted to do multiple DLCs that's probably what it is what remember they were gonna so there was a headline saying that they wanted to do which is styled multiple DLCs attempts to saga yeah that's probably what this was so what do you mean I mean it says what he would it wasn't it's not that no I'm saying that that's how the rumor kind of might have created home they want to do a three a three type DLC or whatever of cyberpunk I'm just throwing up I'm shouting questions hey listen what it actually is is that they've got five studios three of those are working on cyberpunk sure three Studios working on Taliban yes well I mean think of the size of this game like now I'm massively hyped it is yeah they've got three Studios working on so part they've got one studio working on R&D and then they've got another one working on a mobile game okay now there are a day one I think it's really easy to explain what this is because they very often mention that they want to have an online slash multiplayer component to some punk and they said on previous occasions that they're currently in the R&D phase for what that is like they have date they said they use those specific words R&D very much Christine good question oh but like so I just think it's really easy to say that South Park three state three studios are working on ship in the game one studio is working on well how can we have an online / multiplayer component optional and then another studio is working on a mobile time it's not three sub upon games per se it's really one cyberpunk game plus a mobile spin-off my boss spin-off confirmed though but like we don't know if in fact it is a mobile spin-off or it could be a mobile game do we know if it's a mobile I don't know what it is but if you've got a studio building I don't know cyberpunk immortal I don't want to see a fucking cyberpunk emote I don't think Sid we're doing really gonna do something I don't feel like I would know so uh interesting headline here as well while we're on the topic of city pretty great good so I'm not good or crazy did you get the fire so this is the CV prettify huh I've got an admirer they gave me one but I think I lost I got it I swear I took it that's the thing and then I'm like where's the visor okay I think I looked at the hotel room in Sam Stoller's yeah we've got the jackets as well we should I got a good mind dry clean cuz I got blood on it no no no that's how the goods do I actually just cut my hand everyone anyway Mike wants to me it says everything is political including his game right now this is a really interesting headline because we're away when all the stuff went down with you know people saying ridiculous things about representation yes in this game like just just crazy things well it takes now is one photo everyone's like oh my god cyberpunk there was CD Projekt RED evil as there was allegations of transfer transphobia and also the fact that because the gang that they were fighting in the demo was a lot of people of color that it was a rate and they were being called the gangs called the animals that they were worried about representation of that and blah blah blah look I think it was really just a few people that said this like Rock Paper Shotgun article in particular then Rock Paper Shotgun guy like double down on it even though Mike Pond Smith the creator of cyberpunk was like listen man I'm tired of being told what I should be a fetid a black man I'm tired of being told what I should be offended about so the whole thing was totally ridiculous that it would it would it would get ya 2099 anything but it's it's it's yeah we look we don't to get into it but like you can't even make a game now with it has a certain skin color as the bad guy without people like oh my god what are you saying about them do you hate them or something it's like it's crazy so so in regards to all of this as well there's also there's all this discussion about like you know how political is games and I and I fly this conversation gets really crazy and it gets quite big it's really confused because everyone's like keep politics out of games it's like well no that's a silly thing to say because some games can be political some games don't have to be politically exactly like movies in general movies I think should have the creative license to decide what they want to do in their show they need exactly right and I think as well the idea of politics is really confused because it's like do you mean politics like Republicans versus Democrats or liberal versus labor no one knows what that is except Australians but that's out there is are our parties a good into mainland Internet do you like you mean climate change is political like obviously although the whole like representation thing is like identity politics is that so there's lots of different types of politics in games yeah and it's about like saying okay cool if a games gonna tackle an issue it needs to be comfortable to tackle that sort of issue and when you talk about something like cyberpunk the creator Mike Pond Smith is being very clear that his property is a very political property because it really is about capitalism and about technology in its and technology's influence on humanity and all those sorts of things so he's really just embracing the idea that that his game or games in general are political but he's very specific about the way to talk about he's not talking about Republicans and shit smoking have done that he's talking about the fact that he's gonna pass commentary on capitalism yeah and how it affects humans not about whether or not Donald Trump is bad yeah oh yeah totally I think that you know we are in a certain space at the moment where people are you know kind of either taking but like the idea of political games the wrong way or like now I think in a few years it'll become a bit more clearer so like you know what it is in fact to be a political game on shore but right now it's it's very confused there's a lot of tension out there with politics and like everyone's sort of you know thanks very tribal and I think people that this whole debates getting lost I think these headlines are important because you've got someone with a huge amount of influence on the most important game to come out next year just being like guys politics it's okay if your games political it's fine you know my game is political and I think headlines like this will help clarify what we're talking about when we talk about like politics our games I think it's important again can make social commentary on the future or now whatever in there doesn't have to me that they were there taking aside or like they're trying to like sports feed you something you know shake sometimes I just want to like tell an interesting story that has some themes that resonate with maybe what's going on now or what could happen in the future and I like if we look at like middle gear so like is that a deeply political game yes punches on what's happening in present day well yes really feel like I definitely it's a political game but I don't feel like it's like really Jim force feeding people down their throat what they should be thinkin oh it wasn't saying you vote Republican but it was definitely passing a lot of commentary on the like military-industrial complex on I think this is interesting as well because there's another headline here from an obsidian developer and it's actually a bit of a I don't really like this headline because this headline reads that the obsidian developer does not want a politically charged game and I read this article and it what the headline in it makes you think is that they're taking the step back I was gonna say it's like oh we're not political we're not play it's not that what if you read what he says what he's saying is that he doesn't want to lecture people who's game right which is exactly the right approach where his game also is going to talk about the politics of capitalism and how that is exploitative in the like but he's saying at the end of the game it's a video game it needs to be enjoyable and humorous so we don't want to lecture people about what they want and he actually goes on to say that he actually writes lots of different characters that he doesn't agree with their personal viewpoints but he goes to great lengths to make them quite likeable as characters to make sure we don't view them as like the evil boogeyman you know is their point of view exactly right so again this is another example of that more nuanced approach to like when you're talking about politics in games it's not just like politics bad it's like well politics is fine but let's also approach it from different angles and let's not patronize the player or like tell them what they should think about so I really respect the fact that these two developers who are making very important very influential games are stepping up at this point and helping like clarify these these sorts of important they do that because I think we're also seeing that in films where like certain agendas are just like stuff down you're throwing some people like oh my god get away from me you know yeah and then I think a lot of people might be fearing that certain games are going to go down that route when I put I personally think that games are a perfect example of a get of a piece of art that should be in that same space where it's probably more powerful than movies in terms of it can deliver a really powerful important message where it doesn't have to you know Jam things Danny's throat it just wants to like you know speak to you about something now and it can be it can be completely fine to do that yeah we love you more story so let's see I mean no no we're nearly always benign acog we are we're going overtime now oh my god we're doing crunch man actually we're on this topic of um of politics so this is a really this is just actually funny and I just like have you guys seen this video from extra credits okay so we're gonna do Monaco selfies I'm not gonna play it but like it says not easy either I actually personally haven't watched this yet because I was video look at that look at that like ratio oh my god the like ratio is 78 down 10 up yeah um you know I want you to explain this to me because I was actually at a cafe wanting to make sure I knew all the news and then I realized that you sent me a video and I was like okay watch it now okay this insanity because what it's basically saying is that you shouldn't be able to play as Nazis or terrorists in games because if you do you are more likely to become a Nazi or a terrorist right where the bombs at when I was at home where are the bombs at everyone like what it's saying is that it's normalizing and desensitizing us to that and that's why we shouldn't be allowed to do it and you should rebrand certain like it terrorists or whatever should be red versus blue versus or like Nazi Germany by the way is actually going to be showing the new orphans I think I think that's fine you know what you it's important to like just have an IP and own what might have happened or whatever it's like it's yeah anyway that's a we can't play it right because anyway we'll probably get copyright struck by these guys sure like you guys can go watch it it's absolute madness like I could not believe I was watching when I was watching absolute insanity just go and check it out it's the funniest thing your work I mean like it just just pick me on that like it's like watching a movie about I don't know if it's like watching The Sopranos I mean I don't want to be again I mean kind of be kind of you finish surprised like we kind of called me that's right actually but it's completely cool to me Tony Soprano now you know my argument okay all jokes aside you don't watch certain things and you're like oh cool I want to go out and bomb someone or like not kill people like viously no it's so dumb to even as I said it's the best comedy video of the week yeah it's like the funniest thing you'll see so we're gonna wrap up quickly um look these are the stories that we've got here actually this is kind of interesting Nintendo has recently come out and said that they're not hold they're not down with the whole like censorship I was at a party third party title so it just it just so you know Sony has come under a lot of flack recently for censoring their third-party titles yeah or like you know putting some pressure on the developers to like hey man maybe we don't need to show that woman's ass maybe you could just have like a a bright moon shine covering it as an example DeNiro Tamino if you like sit in a certain spot like neon Tama and then she'll like move out of the way you know if you were looking at her eyes long enough she would eventually turn yeah so you can literally just like Raph neither that's my question about to go cut again from his wife so so this is interesting though because Nintendo of all companies you would think would want to be like hey man we weren't exactly zan stuff but they've explicitly said Nintendo as do third parties and their software applies for an objective rating from third-party organizations prior to release sure if platform holding companies choose arbitrarily the diversity and fairness in game software would be significantly inhibited we provide parental controls that can be used to apply limits so what they're saying is that there's already a rating system out there that judges whether or not something is appropriate they'll like a whack a label on it to say what it is we trust that we're not gonna get involved in that process and that's good it's kind of weird though that like one moment they're like look you know you can have boobs or like us in the game but then like don't talk with another person on switch okay absolutely not gonna have some shooting on your mobile remember that yeah when it comes to this Nintendo are absolutely the worst when it comes to online interface I mean a lot of Super Smash would be really cool to like you know talking stories about this week a fifteen-year-old girl recently built a top 10 player in a local smash tournament a top 10 world player and because of that she was like bullied so much online that she eventually said fuck it I'm out I'm not I'm gonna change my online handle and I might come back to the competitive scene could you imagine how much smack talk there would be in a smash loverly it would be crazy I mean I'd be down for that be funny well I think I think it's like part of the game where you can like play someone on smash and just like give him a bit of shit if you get a good kill but anyway switch make that Nintendo make that happen please but apart from that two years in prison my story today is that some dude is has actually been sentenced to two years in prison for a DDoS attack against daybreak games now look he has to pay ninety five thousand dollars in restitution and and two years in prison so also it's actually made by Thompson's group dirt trolling a good man but look I mean I don't know I don't know if this is the first time that we I don't know if this is a press I think it's it I don't know there's other you can actually go to jail in Korea for boosting accounts as well in like in video games but I think that's actually to do with the fact that to be able to sign up for video games you're actually using an ID like a state-issued license that's right and then if you do that and then you're boosting it's like you're being fraudulent and impersonating someone so that's the law but either way look I am totally a fan of people going to jail for DDoS attacks I know that sounds crazy but it's like a form of arson right really it's like if you burn down someone's factory they can't produce their product if you burn down someone's service for however long they can't produce that product I agree with them a lot of money brand reputation whatever else so you should absolutely be held accountable for doing that sort of shit and I'm totally down for the idea that you should go to jail for literally destroying another person or the company's property like 105 great with that I mean even if it's down for a number of hours I mean that's that's hundreds of thousands of potential people that weren't able to access the site money lost I agree with all that like I know it sounds like a pretty extreme cuz you're like video well when I first heard I was like whoa and then I really thought about it okay actually no you're right they are actually fundamentally destroying a warehouse that they have all their stock out and you can't actually access that for a number of time sure two years maybe I mean are maybe that's enough how much damage hello with a service down show how many how much money did they lose but like you need to set a deterrent for these people like people love doing this shit like online troll groups showing they need to be like well do I want to do this or don't want to be free for the next two years how much do I like showering in prison yes how much do I need to use so that's right so look ladies and gentlemen that's it that's it for laymen live we run a bit over time but it's been a good good our hair that with you guys really good chat had a great time good chat right they just I think you know really good job chat and again see you guys up next time I'm home but we've got this coming week will do hopefully three or four videos depending on what news hits yeah be sure to I hit the subscribe button you probably already or subscribed if you're here now be joined button and I'm so streaming by the way FYI as he is I'm streaming Final Fantasy 14 right now so more to do the first part but I'm just about to get to the good part yeah I just streamed out of wilds as well check me out on twitch dot TV slash skill are you gonna be showing some bathwater hot water chicken as well might sell my sweat yes streaming this sweat that clicks and when I like collecting a little jar at my feet as it runs down my wall and then sell that and see how much yes so glad that we're finishing with that beautiful image ladies and gentlemen thank you very much I'll see you guys next time

45 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Creator Isn't Shying Away From Politics (Laymen Gaming Weekly News Dump)

  1. The point here is that when it comes to economics or politics, these game developers are no better than an average guy on the street, however, that's not what they think. As was the case with google expose, they think that everyone else out there is dumber than they are and that people walking on the streets need to be programmed to vote a certain way because they think that it's good, without actually having any knowledge about economics whatsoever or even the capability of understanding it. That's clearly not the reason why we have democracy in place. As far as being shaped by corporations is concerned, let me make a distinction over here. Being shaped by a big government like that of the Chinese isn't good either. Just in case you don't know, they spy on their own people. However, the power that they exercise over their people helps them tackle the failures of socialism at the cost of people themselves. There are corporations in China as well which are heavily influenced (indirectly controlled) by the government and that makes it a fascist state. So your dystopian anti-fascist socialist country isn't even going to last as long as these fascist dictatorial ones do. Under capitalism, though, you do have choices. You're free not to use the services of corporations that you dislike. It's the people who shape corporations under pure capitalism (without government intervention).

  2. The cnesorship was made for the chinese market because before it wasn‘t up to the strict chinese laws

  3. for normal people: "politics on games means the narrative has influence of how society is affected by a X factor on their everydays life"

    for SJW posies and gaming journalists (activists): "politics on games MUST means , i had a representation of my sexuality full on display there and nobody can said the oposite. If not they are a bunch of racist , homophobics and bigots , and i will call on my outrage mobs pile on them for talk the opposite or when the game doesn't had that"

  4. On the whole video games make you violent argument I just want to say I grew up playing stuff like GTA and am now a professional gunsmith that still plays games every day. According to that theory I should go ballistic like once a day since I'm always working with guns. Lol

  5. Is Laymen doing a review of Apex season 2, maybe a retrospective after the excitment of Ralphs initual glowing review? I love the game but Im interested in your comments on the new season and an all around critique of the game.

  6. A lot of why Epic doesn't take as much from developers is because of the revenue from Fortnite, and the revenue from companies using Unreal Engine.

  7. I don't understand why anyone that isn't white or a male needs to be represented excessively and as if they're perfect specimens of human behaviour and morality. It's honestly never about equality, it's about being stood on the neck of the white man, until enough time has passed that these people are satisfied enough, and then maybe they'll begin equal standing for good and bad representation on all fronts.

  8. The conversation about "Politics in gaming" in the community isn't about "Keeping politics out of the games". Even though there might be some people out there that can't or don't understand the conversation and critique, that have done a disservice to the point that's trying to be made.

    The point that's trying to be made is that, politics have always been a part of games to a point, but the critique is aimed at people who just want games to bend to their will. The critique is aimed at people who want games to just become propaganda vessels of some sort. To hammer away a point of "We are all that is good and we are the truth. Everyone is bad and evil, except us." It's aimed at people that have been in favor of deplatforming and censorship in gaming this decade. To the types of people who were angry that Far Cry 5 wasn't "anti Trump". Or that The Division 2 being apolitical was such a horrible thing.

    The people that have been for those things are the same ones pushing for that type of political atmosphere to come into gaming. You can even use the CP 2077 E3 drama as an example of this. You can also use what happened to Tim Soret a few years ago as an example. He got funding for his game cut, because he had the "wrong politics" in his game, according to feminist and journalist.

  9. The laymen are constantly ripping on one another but you also get the vibe that they're just the best of friends in their daily life and its just great

  10. The Extra Credits video was saying you should have Nazis and Terrorists playable of you don't act like a Nazi or Terrorist. Wolfenstein is great because the Nazis are clearly Hella bad. I think Extra Credits make a valid point, they just delivered it poorly.

  11. I think that if people do want physical media to stay around the next step after disc will be some little flash drive/SSD with the game on it. At some point, a 256gb mini SSD won't be much more than a disc. As is, they're already wayyy cheaper than when I bought my work laptop which has me slightly salty.

  12. Red Dead and GTA are to 2k what Overwatch was to Activision. Activision saw the success of Overwatch and came over and was like “Hey guys, we know you like making your fan favorite games and all buuuuuuuut lets do more of the money making and get you crowd favorites out of here.” 2k is doing the same. They’ve driven their other IP into the dirt and now they want to try and milk their biggest cash cow for more.

  13. when people talk about keeping politics out of games generally it they are referring to identity politics.

  14. Cyberpunk first demo: Shoots 100% white people. News: This is fine.
    Cyberpunk second demo: Shoots 75% black people. News: This is racism.

    What the…

  15. Humble opinion. Go back to the shelves behind you. That wall does not look good IMO. Great vids as always though!

  16. Going to g2a is like buying a stereo out of the trunk of some guys car and in canada if yohr in possession of stolen goods well thats your fault and your not intitled to a refund, ‘buyer beware’ consume needs to take some responsibility

  17. Extra Credits has always had those stances, surprised they haven't made fools of themselves sooner
    No one should hide from the truth of history

  18. being mean to your 40+ year old audience? come here boyo so i can whack you with my walking stick!

  19. Please don't make any more pizza ads, my twitch adsa yours is the only ad I see, and it's tedious 🙁

  20. Remember : Fiction (including video games) is a distort mirror of the societies we live in, and in return the societies are influenced by the reflect of this mirror

  21. 33:47 Lol, Wester would like to make Steam a non-profit organization or something. Epic can take away less fat but Epic has so much money that they buy games to be exclusive in the first place. Not to mention they offer refunds for kickstarter games promised for Steam and shaved 10$ off any purchase on the last sale. Therefor I think it is not much of a stretch to think that 88:12 split is either minimum profit or even subsidized. And to be honest I do not think that Steam should match Epic's split when they offer much more for both customers and developers. BTW. GoG takes 70/30 and barely makes any money.

  22. If there are a lot of people out there believing gamer are never showering idiots living in their parents basement (and so on) and Media picks that up and makes movie after movie showing gamer as stupid idiots who never shower. This is bad because it reinforces the stereotype that gamer are dirty and losers. All the people who believe this will watch it and feel validated im their beliefs. That's why I think the Cyberpunk 2077 debate about represention is alright. In the same way that it happens with gamer it happens with the inclusion of black people. All the people who hold pretty shitty opinions about black people will be validated in the game way that people who thought gamer are dirty and losers if the creators of the story's aren't carefully about the way they depict the characters

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