Custom RC Car Saw Blade Reaper Wheels Experiment!

– Welcome to Carl and Jinger, this is RC car saw blade tires round two! I think this design is
gonna be way better than the last one. Oh my gosh, it’s so fast! Let’s Let ‘er rip. Oh! You guys asked for it, and
I recently had a RC car with saw blades for tires. But I have to make some
modifications, so I followed your advice. Last time we did this experiment
we attached saw blades to all four tires of this Traxxas E Revo. And the experiment went
really well, and it was really fun but it had some problems. I couldn’t get the thing to
steer, it broke the steering and it also didn’t turn quite
as well, and some of you guys had some great comments
down in the comments section of the video about giving
me advice on what I could’ve done differently. If you haven’t seen that
video yet, make sure and go check it out, I’ll
put a link down in the description and up in the high cards. But you guys did give
me some great advice. I’m going to try and fix those
problems today, right now. Here’s what I got going on, I
have saw blades on the front I have saw blades on the
back, I have bolts that I attach them through on the
hubs like this on the rims. Although, the problem was
I had all different sizes or types of teeth on the
tires, and the ones that I had on the front made it
so that the wheels did not want to turn. I actually have larger diameter
scale saw blades this time. And what I’m going to do is
I’m going to attach them to the back, and only to the back
so we’re going to have it jacked up in the back,
and down in the front. That means I gotta drill
some holes in these saw blades, I gotta do some
work here to get it attached to the car. And we’re going to revisit
those experiments and see if we can get it right on round two. (drilling) Look at this, it’s the E Revo
with saw blade rear tires. Oh my gosh, those are ten
inch wheels on the back, ten inch saw blades, and you can
tell from the side profile how jacked up it makes it. So the rear wheels are
way taller than the front. So when you look at it from
the back, the actual tires are clear off the ground, that
high up, that’s how much it’s jacked up right now from the back. It looks amazing, look at that! How awesome. I thought that I was going
to have to put some kind of a weight on the front to
keep it from like, popping wheelies the whole time. But I honestly think because
it’s tilted so far like that and the ten inch saw blades
in the back are so large. I don’t know if it’s going
to wheelie at all, I don’t know, we’re going to find out though. Its ready and I decided I
can’t wait until tomorrow. I don’t care if the sun’s
going down behind the trees. I just want to drive
it and see how it does. I think it’s going to do
much better than round one. So, lets go check it
out, see what happens. I’ve got a fresh charge on
these batteries as well so hopefully we shouldn’t
have any problems there. The question is still
going to be the turning. I don’t know if these big
saw blades are going to allow for the front wheels to
turn very much, or it might just wheelie even more. I might be totally mistaken on that. I don’t know. Oh man, I’m so excited for this! I really hope it doesn’t
over-wheelie, I think it’s going to be perfect. Okay, here we go. Ready? Three, two, one, go. (RC car whirring) Oh my god! (car drowns Carl out) It steers so much better! Definitely don’t want to
drive it towards myself. Look, it can turn, it can
go in reverse, amazingly. Look at this. This is awesome! It doesn’t over-wheelie at
all or anything, and in fact when I go in reverse it
really grips and goes. That’s amazing! (rock music) I honestly think this is
faster than normal tires. But I don’t like driving that. Okay, I’m going to go down the
really fast take off, ready? Here we go. Three, two, one, go. (rock music) Oh my gosh! It really touched it that
time, that was crazy. Man, it stops really good too. Oh! I rolled it over! Just for fun, you guys I
want you guys to see how well this thing actually goes in
reverse, I think it goes in reverse better than it does forward. (yelps) (whirring drowns Carl out) Oh, and it likes to flip! So far, so good your guys’
ideas have worked great actually putting the blades
on the back is working so much better than having
it even on all four. Tomorrow, I’m going to set
it all up, and we’re going to tie it down, based on your
other suggestions that you gave me in the comments. And we’re going to see if
we can actually saw through this plank of wood. It’s going to be amazing. I went to bed last night
unsatisfied with the saw blade RC car performance in my back yard. So, I am taking it into the outdoors for a real world test drive. Don’t you think this
looks like a little bit better of an environment
to drive an RC car? (laughs) I think so. This spot right over here looks
pretty awesome look at that. Looks like there’s trails all
converging, there’s rocks. Lots of cool stuff so let’s go over there. This is an awesome spot
that I’m definitely getting my workout in for the day. So the RC car is back up
there on that hill over there. And I’m at the top of this
hill and clear down there is the Raptor with all the equipment. So even if I forget a tiny
little bulb for a camera I gotta hike all the way
up and down this really steep hill. (laughs) But at least I’m getting my
exercise in for the day, right? Got it. (sighs) (techno music) It’s time for the real world
driving test for the RC car with the new rear
ten inch saw blade tires. I’m just going to drive
it around this bowl, we’re going to have a good time,
I think this is all set up and ready to go, let’s do it. (rock music) Oh my gosh it’s so fast! Look at this thing go! Woo! Okay, I’m going to turn it
around and go the other way. (whirring) That is amazing. (rock music stops) I feel like I could jump it, even. Like, it drives that well. (upbeat music starts) (whirring continues) Uh-oh, I went off a cliff. (laughing) Hung up on a sage brush, here we go. So far, so good. I just want to test drive
this a little bit more, I kind of want to see if I can
jump it off of this right here in this area. I don’t know. Lets just see what happens. Sorry about this tripod
shadow, but it’s really the best spot to put it, so here we go. (whirring) It went right under the camera! (laughing) I didn’t mean to do that, okay. It’s a little bit difficult
to steer, as you can tell. Lets try again. (yells) It definitely popped a huge
wheelie there, I don’t know if I jumped it ket me see if
I come back and go off of this but I don’t want to be standing here. Let’s try and move over
here and see what happens. Here we go. (rock music picks up) Whoa, that was cool let’s try one more! (whirring) Little more speed this time. And start from farther back. Oh! That totally did a
barrel roll and survived! Let’s see, yep we’re good. You guys, that was awesome
I have one more test that I want to do, but for that we gotta take it back home to the backyard. I want to see if it can
actually saw through a plank of wood. I have just one last thing
that I want to do before I’m done with this experiment. And that is will this actually
saw through real wood. This is an idea that you guys
gave me in the comments of the last saw blade video. Where we did an RC car and
saw blades, and you gave me ideas of how I did it wrong,
’cause I was just trying to put weights on it and
stuff, and it didn’t quite work out the way that I hoped. I think this is a way better idea. It’s as simple as this, I
have the RC truck right here with the saw blade rear
wheels, and I have this whole runway of plywood right here. And then attached to the
back is a bungee cord. The reason I went with a bungee
cord, is I want to be able to give it a little bit of
movement so it can pull ahead and then as it gets resistance,
it’ll be more likely to saw, and we’ll see what happens. Lets start off slow. (beeping) Getting a little resistance
from that bungee cord, okay lets see what happens, let’s let it rip. (whirring) oh, so far, everything is
going to the front wheels and nothing is happening
to the back tires, so we’re going to back it up here, and
I’m just going to punch it. Now, are we ready? Here we go. (whirring) Ugh! Just the front wheels! Everything is going to the front wheels. Okay I’m going to try this. I’m going to hook this on
here, and fold it, then I’m going to back it up and try
to give it some speed here. Three, two, one. (whirring) Everything is just going
on to the front tires. I’m going to turn this off. We literally burned rubber. Look at that, there’s shavings
of rubber from the tires all over the wood, and look
we do have a little bit right here where we actually
did get some shavings up. So, it kind of works, kind of not. Mostly, it all went to the
front tires, sort of burned the rubber up here. You guys, that’s it for
this video, I think we had a great time together, hanging
out, experimenting with the RC car with saw blade wheels. Let me know what you guys think
if you have any more ideas of how I could’ve improved on the design. If you liked this video,
click the other ones that you see on screen, and don’t
forget to subscribe if you haven’t already, and we’ll
see you in the next one. Bye! (upbeat music)

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