Crash Team Racing: The 5 WORST Tracks

Crash Team Racing: The 5 WORST Tracks

which tracks are the worst in CTR let's find out what's up guys Canadian guy here and back with a bit of a different video so with CT art being out for a little bit now and having put in an extensive amount of time into the game I've played on every single track quite a few times now most tracks are brilliant most of the courses that Naughty Dog did make transcended time and still feel great even with just a brand new coat of paint Enochs also did a great job by taking Vicarious Visions original crash nitro kart tracks and adopting them to a Crash Team Racing experience however not all tracks are created equal most bring joy or a competitive spirit but some bring dread and just sheer annoyance those are the tracks that we're going to be covering today these are the 5 worst tracks in Crash Team Racing nitro fueled before I begin 90% of these tracks are not be Knox's fault because the fact that this is a remake they simply follow the blueprints of the original tracks I'm also only talking about the tracks as physical design and not so much the artistic direction so be Knox if you're watching this it's no way an attack on your work but just more of an overall statement on the design of the tracks anyway let's get into it number 5 Barron ruins this is a bit of a mixed reaction on my part but let me explain I don't hate the track it's a decent track overall but it kind of lacks some of the splendour that the other tracks have it is unique in the fact that a giant rolling stone can be activated by the player and just absolutely crush anyone who is behind you but I feel that whole stage hangs on this one unique thing when it could have been something used throughout the entire level I just think the curious visions originally could have really done more with this in the original crash nitro cart and really play with the idea of having multiple boxes and multiple boulders dropping in and crushing people but at the moment it's kind of just a bland track overall number 4 meteor gorge again I don't hate this track it's an alright track that's why it's at number four but the overall design is just really bland I mean this track is from the same game that has portals that you can warp through and crazy jumps that makes your hair stand but when you see this track it's just not really exciting I mean when I see mostly other tracks that Phoenix has made and makes me excited to play on just about any of them but when this one pops up it just feels underwhelming to me like I said I don't hate this track it just doesn't stand up like the others number three infernal Island this is when they hate begins to seep in infertile island is such a drag when it's picked it's a longer and more boring crash Cove I mean you even have the small hop shortcut that cuts back onto the regular track and the alternate rock close to the end of the track that no one takes because it's not actually good it's even on a beach as well being upset a great job in terms of artistic design to try at the track to stand out on its own but the actual physical design itself has nothing to save it I get you could argue that there are tracks like Coco Park but they are shortened time and kind of narrow so it allows for some chaos but infernal Island is wide long dull and ultimately just a more boring crash Cove number two turbo track see this track isn't terrible at first it's chaotic and wicked fast what could go wrong this part this part of the track is just awful it's literally the speed killer on a track that you're supposed to be going top speed on imagine if you're playing electron Avenue on the boost pad here and all of a sudden a solid brick wall just appears and destroys you and your car and you know your existence that is what play on this track feels like on top of that when play online people just love to fill this area with items like booby traps from home alone it's great I tell you fantastic number one dragon mines this track whoever designed this track at Naughty Dog I got asked who hurt you who caused you to become the way you are today what monster made you design this track this map is absolutely horrid to race on yes the design that be nächsten was amazing don't get me wrong but the track itself is just a pain in the neck to race on you've got annoying pillars trolley carts trying to crush you in every direction but worst of all the notorious corkscrew turn this turn takes all your nice speed that you have just been able to charge up all race and kill it in a matter of seconds the only way to be able to not lose on this map is learning the tech news u-turn but even with this move you can still lose all that nice speed not to mention when I asked on Twitter which map you guys hated the most this one came up more than any others so I'm not alone here that's all the time I have for today but make sure to subscribe for what I talk about my top 5 favorite tracks along with other nostalgic content by the way a huge shout out to my patreon and sponsors on the channel I appreciate your support and letting me be able to do this full-time as I got a family to feed if you want to support the channel the patreon is in the description below and be sure to subscribe for more nostalgic content and while you're at it why not check out another video I recently made anyway guys thanks so much for watching and I'll see you guys next time

22 thoughts on “Crash Team Racing: The 5 WORST Tracks

  1. Why are none of you muathafuckas talking about🤷🏿‍♂️ hot air skyway?🤬 that is one of the fucking worse tracks in the game 🤬 that shit is equivalent to mario kart's rainbow road I cannot tell you how many times i've been struck by an item only to fall off the edge or fall after a speed ramp🤬

  2. dude i saw this video after the top 10 tracks, and u talk only about nitro kart tracks that honestly, are far worse than original CTR.

  3. I didn’t care for the other maps you put on the list, but Dragon Mines IS DOG SHIT! Especially the oxide time trials on the map.

  4. I think almost everyone and their cat hates dragon mines but my close 2nd most hated track would be slide coliseum. It's difficult to catch up on that track imo.

  5. Personal opinion: Oxide Station is the 2nd worst map. Really long and drawn out. Not visually appealing (compared to other races) and too many curves and unnecessary obtrusions on the side of the track that kills all speed when playing a speed character. What’s worse it that jump into the center, as sometimes you’re randomly knocked off. Barin ruins is fine in my opinion.

  6. Your opinion is quite contrasted with online voting, most of the times Barin Ruins and Meteor Gorge appear are the most voted, I've played a lot of times on those tracks and they are pretty good.
    About Turbo Track, I'm so sorry, 'cause if you don't know how to use the U-Turn on that curves, you can't comment on those.
    And Dragon Mines … well, we all have different opinions.
    The correct title for this video should be "The less better tracks in which in my opinion I do not like and because of the difficulty in a couple of them I prefer not to play but everyone is great."

  7. As the current 17th (depends on when you're watching) best relic racer on Inferno island switch, yeah it sucks some of the hitboxes are wonky and for the love of everything the speed boost can make you miss crates you should be able to get easily

  8. Damn Dragon mines is actually my favourite maybe, I've managed to get it so I don't lose speed on the corkscrew, but I haven't played game too much

  9. I was like "Nah this dude ain't know what he's talking about" when #5 but then I remembered I love all tracks so I'd disagree no matter what popped up. The brick wall is why I love Turbo Track. So many people struggle with it online you can get one hell of a lead if you know what you're doing. Also keeping USF during it in one hell of a flex.

  10. You put Meteor gorge on this list and NOT Sewer speedway?
    Ehh…It's ok.You're entitled to your own opinion…

    Even if it's wrong.

  11. To honest, most of the things you mentioned about Dragon Mines don't bother me at all. I'm fine with the minecarts and support beams. But what me makes me hate that track is the corkscrew turn. For me, that's the only bad thing about the track.

    Also Barin Ruins? Nah, seems fine to me. Having multiple wrecking balls would have just made the track too chaotic. It's not the best track but there's definitely worse tracks in the game. Mystery Caves is pretty boring.

  12. Barin Ruins never was that great track to begin with.

    Meteor Gorge actually got an improvement in this version as in Nitro Kart it was REALLY bland. Now it feels much speedier than before and has more colour, making it one of the better small tracks in the game.

    Yeeeeah, Inferno Island… not even redesigning the track into night time could save this cheap Crash Cove copy.

    I ALWAYS hated Turbo Track. Even more aggravating is that Retro Stadium is built from THIS track instead of Slide Coliseum.

    I NEVER hated Dragon Mines but I have to admit this track has THE hardest Oxide time in the game and most other Oxide times were piece of cake to beat. Not a fan of time trials because how boring and time consuming that mode is as ya need to race through ALL tracks 3 TIMES AT MINIMUM(minus Retro Stadium and new Grand Prix tracks of course).

  13. Meteor Gorge is awesome! Definitely one of my favs! Perfect for drifting! Unlike Oxide Station which is way too long, and I am always hitting the walls on this track! I don't like Crash Cove either, at least Inferno Island had some style, its atmosphere was great and you can drift better there. I agree with Dragon Mines. That is just plain horrible.

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