Crash Team Racing: Spyro Grand Prix THEORY - 5 NEW RACERS?!

Crash Team Racing: Spyro Grand Prix THEORY – 5 NEW RACERS?!

what possible content could be coming with the spiral Grand Prix in CTR let's talk about it what's up guys ka guy here and I am back talking about my favorite racer with of course my favorite purple dragon so we found out fairly recently that spiral will be included in the game people join the roster during his Grand Prix appearance which has not been given a release date yet when I asked Thomas Wilson for more information this is what he had to say you announced Spyro and Friends is there any details at all that you can share with us it's called Spyro in French hahaha translation what spirals there well time to pull out the old overthinking skills so let's list what we know so far we know that Spyro is coming to the game and during one III livestreams we found out that the spiral Cup is called spyro and Friends that is literally all we know thus far so let's dig in first off let's take a look at what the Nitro Tour has brought and then look at it in the spiral point of view so the first thing we likely will get is a brand new Spyro track inspired by the world of Spyro will it be a specific level or will it be a mishmash of different level themes combined I am honestly not sure but I think we can bank on a new track and it being spiral inspired I also think that we will get Spyro inspired skins for the other characters in ccr maybe like big norm NORC or a rhinox tiny the sky is the limit for some of these crossover skins we likely will also be getting karts that again are inspired by the world of Spyro perhaps a trolley cart or maybe a cart that looks like sparks with the introduction of the hovercraft from oxide we can also throw in the UFOs that were sometimes seen in Spyro 3 for the nitro points we will get likely a mishmash of decals carts and a few skins Spyro will likely be unlocked in the bronze tier like Tana was then a legendary skin will be unlocked for him when the gold tier is completed but the question lies with one question that many people have asked will it only be spiral or will there be more characters and I think I have a theory see something tipped me off when I saw that Tom Kenny was credited for the game but to my knowledge I looked through the whole game and Tom Kenny did not voice any of the major characters some people thought that maybe he voiced a smaller character but that didn't quite make sense to me because you wouldn't hire Tom Kenny for such a small role it wouldn't make any sense so the only conclusion I could come to was that he was preemptively credited for spicing spiral on top of that Greg burger was also credited in the game but I could not find whom he voiced if you were unaware he was the voice of a ripto in Spyro 2 so this brings forth some interesting thoughts I also want to mention that people have been sending me IMDB pages of Crash Team Racing telling me that a bunch of characters from spiral are confirmed but I want people to remember that IMDB is open source as in anyone can hop in and alter information very easily at one point – CTR page said that Vong clutch and Pasadena opossum was gonna be in the game on day one and that never happened so please don't take IMDB as a fact now the Grand Prix was revealed to be called Spyro and Friends which to me says that there will be more than one character so with that in mind in the fact that Tom Kenny was credited before Spyro had come out and the fact that Greg burger is credited but I could not find any other character he voiced in the game I decided to look at the other credited voice actors and I stumbled upon something real interesting that I think you guys are gonna be interested in there are a total of six credited voice actors in Crash Team Racing nitro fueled who have also lent their voices in the spiral franchise six voice actors but who are the voice actors were they just some filler voices of for some NPCs and inspire levels well not quite Andres Togolese though was credited for big norm V lo and xem but he was also our favorite dragonfly sparks Michael Gough voiced entrance and was the big nasty nasty nork Robbie Damon voiced pinstripe small norm and was hunter the cheetah in Spyro misty Lee was pura polar and Tana but was the sorceress in the third game then of course we have Tom Kenny who will play spiral and Greg Berger who I assume will play as repto so let me ask you as an audience member a question with there being a spiral Grand Prix coming and six major voice actors that were in the spiral reading Knight trilogy who are also in Crash Team Racing does not throw up a bit of a flag to you so here's my prediction I think that there will be five new racers in total that will come with the spiral Cup spiral punter ripto NASA York and the Sorcerer's spiral will likely be an all-rounder punter will be a speed NASA will be a speed RIF there will be a handling and the sorceress will be an acceleration I also think that their masks will be replaced with the sparks and the theme will be replaced with the spire of theme now some of you might be asking what about Elora it's sad but I don't think she'll be in the game if she is she won't seemingly have her original voice actress my theory is that with the upcoming persona 5 royal the voice actress who played Elora will be busy due to the fact that she also plays Morgana so if she was originally supposed to be in the game it was likely due to conflicting schedules that she couldn't voice of Laura but I don't think she'll be in the game overall though now some of you have been asking when will Spyros grand prix be coming while this one is kind of simple the nitro car to our last for a month so we can assume that the future Grand Prix's will last the same amount of time so the next Grand Prix will be in August which will feature baby tee so then we know Spyro will come after that one which means it will be in September this also lines up with the fact that Spyro is being re-released in September with the PC port and the switch port so those are my theories and predictions I think we'll get a spiral track Spyro inspired skins for other racers and CTR Spyro inspired karts decals and stickers five new racers and total pay sparks replacement from the mask and I think it will come out in September by the way a huge shout-out to my patreon and sponsors on the channel I appreciate your support and letting me be able to do this full-time as I got a family to feed if you want to support the channel the patreon is in the description below and be sure to subscribe for more nostalgic content and while you're at it why not check out another video I recently made anyway guys thanks so much for watching and I'll see you guys next time

38 thoughts on “Crash Team Racing: Spyro Grand Prix THEORY – 5 NEW RACERS?!

  1. Another theory with voice actors… Lex Lang is in aditional voices too, and knowing that in the main voices he is Cortex and the narrator.
    The is a posibility that in 2020 can we see Mega-Mix as an racer too?

  2. I saw that interview too that you did. He said there are many possibilities so I was also thinking a henchman cup? Like papu Papus henchman, Neos henchman. There are just many things in the crash universe guys.

  3. Why would Spyro and friends be Spyro and hunter that’s only one friend ripto gmasty gnorc and scorrceros aren’t friends would make MUCH MORE SENCE YOU GOOSE TO BE SPYRO HUNTER BENTLY SGT BIRD KANGAROO AND THE MONKEY THATS SO STUPID HOW COULD A VILLAIN BE FRIENDS

  4. Idk about you but my dream list include Spyro, Hunter, Elora, Bianca and either Gnasty or Ripto. I couldn’t care less about the Sorceress. Who’s with me?

  5. I know it's probably unlikely, But i'd love to see Cynder in the game! She's still a well liked character.😊

  6. I find it a little disappointing that they’re dedicating an entire Grand Prix to Spyro, I think that’s a bit much. There’s still a lot of characters missing that are actually from Crash Bandicoot

  7. Guys in order to unlock the champion kart, do you need to be top 5% in both loeaderboards? (Cups and nitro) or just one?

  8. Quick question – is this 'Grand Prix' thing like a whole load of updates for the whole year? Or is there just certain things at certain points?

  9. Each new chacther will cost 20 bucks coz Activision doesn't care about players they just want your money. I'm not buying this shit game now

  10. Spyro? Obviously yes! Hunter? Yeah! Rypto, Yes! Gnasty Gnorc? Ok. Sorcerceress?……No. I mean…Really? The Sorceress? That's like the worst villain of the series, even if Spyro 3 is an amazing game. Elora and/or Bianca would've been better choices. Change her voice actress if you must, as long as Elora gets in. I really don't want the Sorceress though :T Because, the name Spyro and Friends wouldn't match if 3 of his enemies are in :T

  11. I'm sad to think that Spyro is going to be an All-rounder just because he's been a Rival with Crash, but I guess beggars can't be choosers. It would be cool to see that maybe one of the tracks will be a reference catching one of the more harder egg thieves or even moneybags to catch. I'd also love to see a Jade and a Sapphire Spyro too, even if they are just color swaps. The Jade Spyro would a Reference to the Dragons that were trapped in the Jade Statues and the Sapphire Spyro is a reference to the Sapphire Dragon and the Sapphire Relics.

  12. I would argue, that the release date for the Spyro Grand Prix wouldn't be the same month as Spyro port releasing for the PC.That would somehow implied that people would play both, CTR on consoles and Spyro on PC in the same month. I think it might be different. I would predict that there will be down times between Grands Prix. And one of those would align with Spyro PC release date. If someone would bought Spyro on PC, played it for couple of weeks and then see that the purple dragon is coming to CTR, that person might actually be encouraged to buy the CTR if he/she didn't already. I would assume that Beenox would release the content in such way that it would promote their game, not Spyro. I'm aware that it all falls under Activision, but I think this way they could use Spyro to get that additional boost of sales of CTR. Just my theory though.

  13. I hope that the Spyro track will be inspired by Stone Hill! I also still hope that Elora and Bianca will be included as race characters.

  14. I was kinda hoping for more FRIENDS to be honest, like Elora and Bianca. I'm happy for Ripto to be there, if he is, but Gnasty and the Sorceress I'm not too bothered about, especially Gnasty, his character model looks a little too big and awkward, I reckon though that he'll probably have stats similar to Tiny? The Sorceress could be interesting since she has her UFO to hover around in.

  15. If moneybags isn't in the game, I'd love to see either a Moneybags skin for Big Norm or a "Boxer" skin for Crunch, the latter being a reference to what moneybags says in Autumn Plains' first Cutscene where he mentions that he used to be a Bantamweight Boxer.

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