alright guys welcome to Crash Bandicoot Team Racing probably didn't expect to see a video of this for me you know Bobby huge fan of Crash Bandicoot so I felt like I wanted to make I was gonna play this regardless and I was I might as well record it so any sport you drop on this greatly appreciated I'd only plan on doing one video I mean if this thing if we had over like 10,000 likes I'll probably do a part two but just gonna do kind of a one and done type video I guess it's all sisters started the game so it's part one but it's also like a review of the game so any support you drop on it greatly appreciated and just gonna start it up it's got an adventure mode to this all abouts all right guys let's get this I'll check up the characters but we got hold on we got crash bandicoot whoa that's a pretty long list of all the characters they got tiny tiger okay nice Coco okay oh man engine that's awesome all they got crunch the Beast nitrous oxide that's funny hey look at that that's cute polar oh man I feel like I gotta play as Crash Bandicoot first but I just wanted to see the animation no the animations look clean zam zim Oh Ripper ooh I hated that boss fight wasn't as bad this guy you know the animations just look really cool oh man I remember this guy too small norm okay get crunk in here and trophy or no trophy what am I saying I don't see trophy fake crash it does kind of look like you know that Liam teeth alright pinstripe nice big NorAm I almost want to call him big big worm from Friday alright Nash entrace well that's so Gary nice all right this is plays crash money as well right all those different skins oh the retro crash star crash yo I did not expect these to all be in here man let's just do the original this is the character model from the insane trilogy I believe which I love that one by the way this apparently has a story I don't know if that's true or not I could have been lied to you we'll find out [Applause] greetings creatures of this planet I come to compete so you pesky earth frogs like to race a nitrous oxide I'm the fastest racer in the galaxy I travel the Stars looking for creatures to diss my skills I call some Bible of the fastest here's the way we play I challenge the best driver of your world duel race for the planets if your driver wins I leave you a miserable little walk alone but if I win I will turn your entire globe into a country parking lot and make you my minions [Laughter] what welcome to the adventure area you can travel around this area and practice your driving skills the dots and stars on the map represent warp pads which lead to races when they flash it signifies they are open to play to access a race track drive into a warp pad that has an active warp vortex and it will take you to the tracks starting line finish the track in first place to win a trophy as you collect more trophies other tracks will unlock good luck and drive fast then I remember playing the crash oh wow the crash team racing game on the original PlayStation let's bring back some memories men Oh crash Cove and sanity all nice Beach area oh yeah fun fact I'm not good at driving game I didn't play jet moto a lot when I was a kid but all of me growl oh come on Alex light em and buy something back no no I'm gonna be bad at this no that construct is so smooth then what do we get what do we get take this is there not a way to get around the missus it's like the blue shell except I was in first place take some of this oh that's so cheap nice no this is I mean it's a trip down memory lane playing this game good gracious it's a graphics I think or what they're kind of doing it for me that's not it that's not right oh I think it tracks a little bit wasn't that much but we're really let's make that again out of the way excuse me I'll try to break it's like a thing get it Oh missed it yeah it's my first time playing this now I have a play I mean crashing racing came out that's a nice little peon teens almost up there I've had the urge to play Crash Bandicoot again I'm ever playing the insane trilogy on offense last year the year before that I remember that I'll know if these things do I'm just gonna go for they're actually missing some of this stuff oh here we go loose mode here we go look at there Willie take this that's my old quixote I think I missed it I think I'm good that first place finish out the box let's go this is not a fake video that's funny you know here's what I'm wondering about so we did dance and now I don't know if it kicks over story we got a new skin nice first place get it you earn rewards inside the game and then you use those to get extra costumes and stuff yeah nice I heard that little animation I think he does that in insane a trilogy when he was uh it's funny when you get all the stuff Anita levels but you win a trophy you can go faster through turns by power-sliding press the power slide button while performing a hard turn alright y'all like a new sticker okay I don't need to worry about right now congratulations you have just earned your first customization item you can change and customize your character and cart in the cause menu alright nice what about customizations right now skull rock okay we can actually go we've got a published blood oh I can't go in the water hold on also we got to jump yeah yeah we getting used to they're gonna reverse hold on I'm looking at Rob's I'm really just curious really quick well actually though let's look at this progression okay so each thing has three things it looks like there's a lot of maps I would imagine there is customization yeah that's cool so it doesn't matter which character you actually play us okay go rock ah let's go through them get one blinking up top I can't get there yelling need to do three of the other things to access this track you must first collect the number of trophies required to turn on the warp pad to get trophies you must race other open tracks and come in first place all right so we gotta keep it going oh there it is okay let's try it again all right turn I don't know how much I'll use it but the power slide we're like drifting all right here we go next track drive on it good yeah I like the way this is laid out so we'll have like one area with a bunch of different levels and then you finish that one and I don't is it like a boss fighter so I don't not like a boss go-kart race mystery caves insanity beach area trophy race all right yes so each time you do one you get a trophy if you get first place I think you have to get first place I don't you kind of has that trials rising vibe where I put out a lot on switch that this game is come out of switches welcome that was taken the turtle take that no the gameplays I mean his list here's those blowing me away right now the game plays extremely well I don't want to get behind them I'm gonna go this way like it's just very polished I guess it's a correct word for it oh come on that's it you can't get away from that you can try while I'm in each place – link because of that and I'm stuck on the wall no that's great oh here we go time to play catch-up everybody else gets slower all of a sudden cause I'm not that's true or not well I can actually see everyone right there they got enough funding back fighting snake over here oh no it makes you invincible next epic it locked on I'll have to remember that's the thing I think I can just bump into them as well try oh yeah it eliminates them basically I'm back in third I don't want to use this yet Oh No burnout mode nice I feel like I need some strategy man like I'm not doing too hot right now with fourth place over the water and okay final lap I need some help here perfectly all the turtle I need to get some and there was another oh it should go pump out let's go oh I just all the water no okay if I could hold this lead I think maybe I should put this down like next time I go out of turn I feel like imma get that blue shell any minute now for baby first Oh No a minute are you now is stressful then oh my goodness I bounced across the finish line alright we're two for two let's keep it going Berger and I just kind of show the first area just having a lot of fun with this I think it's uh it's just so chill cuz a lot of games that I've been playing recently I've been playing like so much stuff that's you know serious or whatever this is just so chill out and having fun nice got the get the dance moves still at the same second third place language you win a trophy to get a turbo boost while power sliding weight into the smoke from your exhaust turns black then press the power slide button if you wait too long you're you're a backfire sound and miss your chance for a boost nice power slides more arm again new paint job let's go to customizations carts look at all the stuff you can change man the hover board really that's kind of funny there you own everything for just playing a lot it looks like the retro wills that's kind of funny I like the Bandicoot blue man that looks nice I think was that already on there well we got some stickers hold on what are the stickers go exactly all in the front is there anything on the back too okay this is the front I like the that's actually pretty clean I like this as well what is this space insignia okay what are the options we have a lot of stuff on here um I just put my own face on there who wanna alright confirm art we're good all rights go up top and go up here I cannot believe I got first place in that last match like that should not have happened the hardest map looks amazing mom you see if I get time the nitro boost at the start by hitting the X right on the green know if that works or not I didn't feel like I got it Oh what in the world telling you man fiend I almost feel like being in the back you so sick obviously you don't want to lose but it's like being upfront you – such as huge targeted there's certain things that everybody can hit you know hit you with if you're in the front I need some saving those yeah like I would have got rekt right there really that was the first lash the short track all right oh where the admissions are you kidding I don't know what that was it's like some kind of Schilt that popped up over me I don't know I watch as I get something for collecting all these things yeah I really been I really need to did I'm like not getting any progress right now there's no way I can really do is catch up wait for something to track onto me I guess right here let's let's get on the Box I'll just change it up this is as fast as I can go far away they I don't want to go for that that's feel like I'm wasting time by getting those it's not even gonna no it's definitely not let's keep going like I'm just gonna get the second another how it could have done that better I really don't know like I got hit that first lap and that was it I wonder what happens in it I don't think you get it you all really just retry it okay let's try it one more time all right here we go okay I didn't get that time I'll be boosting up with them alright so looks like the big target right now I'm gonna get right down to the front I need to get something and just hold it so I can put it behind me if I need to really okay skill enough still in boxes on your day off alright alright I'm really we're like bump into them kind of cheese him out of the lead a little bit I wonder if I can jump like I don't see if I can jump and dodge something but wait for the next n to get locked on to find chips out of like their nitro booth pick somebody pissed all right here we go don't know if that got him or not this polar bear man what I forget the character's name already for like super good not even a polar bear what am I talking about oh my god man if I don't get it this time I don't know what to do like I gotta keep trying I guess I might just kind of cut to me getting it but all I can do there they're gonna little thing where they slide a lot gonna grind the corn stuff I didn't think that really mattered too much I should have grabbed something right there oh yes my chance got old on the don't you bounce are you kidding they bounced across the finish line no way try it again keep it go okay something I'm starting to notice I think might be like up your bump like or something but that no matter what happens of what happened that same tears always gives the front always doesn't matter like what watch this it'll just match to get to second place and then it'll start creeping up on me it's just naturally a faster bike so I don't know I don't know it's a I think it's just kind of how the level is I'm gonna have this perfect lap otherwise I don't think is gonna happen yeah I'm in the lead right now but all it takes is one like little messed up but I'm done again you know I almost lost again that would have been so messed up yeah it's just I don't know if there's anything you can do better I know sliding around turns I'll try it I tried that a couple times I lost like five times the road felt like just took a little while but we're good now we got three three wins nice a little celebration dance is fun the character models just look really good it's the same ones from the insane trilogy but edge is really well liked done on these graduations you win a trophy when you get a TNT crate on your head start hopping immediately if you react fast and hop enough times the TNT crate will fall off your head before it explodes nice all right back to game customer I don't go to customization with cribs I don't know like card sets I mean I think Dee's matter I just wonder if there's a way like did certain wills make it better retro team bandicoot I like these I look clean I like the gold rims all right nice well now we got that thing unlocked so let's go over here okay so I do like how this game is structured you must have a boss key to open this door you can race a boss after beating all four tracks in an area beat the boss in the boss race and the key is your prize all right let's do this next let me get a crate on my head um start jumping a lot here we go alright guys well I think i'ma try so I've been struggling with that same one I think it's because the overall speed now this doesn't make sense cuz polar was uh that is polar bear I don't know I always thinking I need some of a top speed acceleration is nice but I might try crunch what if you can like change the stats at all because I keep getting I keep getting beat by polar this guy I might trying to tiger I think I should alright get past this race I still like aggression alright start again and this turns me a little more okay I can kind of see it yeah nothing's got as good as the other one a little drifting I like it hi here we go I don't know I feel like this is a pretty straight track I just think the speed is an issue right now cuz you guys think it's a few notches down on crash bandicoot so maybe he can and those long stretches the top speed is just better so it also prevents me having to race against that character as well so it's like a 2-1 switch I guess here we go I shall fight I'm just gonna have to just be cautious be very careful and all that type of thing I have is also an issue get a pic of all the people that got singled out of course defeat of course take this first place Thanks oh come on ghost over and firstly I like right in front of me oh my goodness jump you know yeah I feel like I'm doing better consistently right now but that's the only problem I'm having is I don't know oh my god how did I miss yo what is going on with this part right here I sometimes make that sometimes I don't it's so straight now I'm really not gonna catch up I don't think I will it plays catching up I want to be trapped into the game oh my god couldn't do anything there oh well these funnies we can beat by Crash Bandicoot gonna be like the icing on the cake all right it's like that TNT on them so there's small hope we're all kind of clumped together right here I don't know laughs laughs I got a minute no are you kidding I don't know why I'm doing like everything right I feel like it is just not enough out the wave coming through I have a race to win all right this polar man where if you beat the commute missus please yo yo yo yo oh no they're not I'm just uh fast enough are you kidding are you kidding hey I did better though I think I got this I gotta have a perfect run though Oh guys I'm gonna try this time so here's the thing so if you collect the little love things ruffle letters you joke bats on the back because I haven't been this way action elephant battle think it is I'm doing a little bit better right here alright if I can get this yeah it goes faster the more these you get to like an actual right here what is it oh no they're next to me we're tying to get more of a boost yo what's this it goes away dude so when you get hit a foreman the polar is so far up and that's crazy and when you're in first you basically get all the stuff before anybody else can oh my god he hit all of this I gotta have the perfect one right here alright here's my problem yeah hit him oh I shouldn't say that I got smoosh the show nice stuff it's the one where is this the run I'm gonna get pass right here I feel it I can feel it yo don't do it yeah it's tough trying to slide a little bit more get the Nitro booze collect those things during the level to go faster I swap to have more higher speed so if you get stuck on that that was my straddle East Doberman for the way alright now I don't know what's gonna happen I think that was a pretty big thing right I still like crash better but I'll take it I had had to get it done right his top speed was just a little bit more so I thought it is kind of like a boss fight I guess team bandicoot Ripper ooze challenge all right go try this in it I'm gonna it it's done or not but I'll try it once or twice and then appropriate for the video I've been playing for over an hour right now so after editing is probably like not even half hour I had a lot of mistakes I were going back to this map okay so 1v1 situation yeah I swear I'm hitting that I don't know what maybe I need to like start I don't know how this niggas is a 1v1 this doesn't actually kill it all in the graph these are lists of are you kidding hopefully he didn't rip original game go on Miss pretty game they did – I guess them what he lay down double triple what what kind of cheating is that stuff everywhere maybe that's part of the challenge that other I gotta watch out I guess he can also run over those two so it's like fair fair game I guess I gotta get this seven okay oh no they're gonna do it again no you go faster guess it's only God knows might nervous them take up I might as well just save these because this is a pretty good one part oh my god oh no jumping booth get up here oh lucky I think I got the max which is 10 so my speed should be fine oh yeah I'm so far ahead I just can't run over any tMT's man I'm nervous about that dentures are behind me how it's easy first tries all right nice this games a lot of fun it's definitely different every year there's always a game like this that comes out I think we had that Jurassic world game one time it's like the Summer Games are always just so unique and different congratulations on opening this new area here you will find four more tracks to race good luck nice unlock the new character ripperoo so after you feet after you defeat the boss I guess then you can play a zip wonder what the speed on Ripper Roo is alright man that is awesome hard I really like this game a lot I think it really has potential to good summer game I think the crash bandicoot stuff came out last year as well we got so it looks like this little area I kind of let me sleep with the customization is like quick characters let me go to him or his Ripper Roo hat oh here he is I don't look at that face all right on that note guys first off thank you guys for 18 I'll support you drop on this I don't how long the video is but I wanted to just to show the first area I got it done so that was my goal overall the game is good it's got cool customizations has all the characters like if you like crash bandicoot's like I guess lore and all that stuff I don't the word is a little ores kind of extreme but I feel like this is a great game so alright guys I love you you want a part too you know what to do for now this is it you guys have been amazing take it easy yes

43 thoughts on “CRASH TEAM RACING NITRO FUELED Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO (CTR)

  1. So I was going to make this video sooner since I know the game launched a few weeks back just didn’t have time with moving. Appreciate any support you drop on this video! Just wanted to make one for it. Much love fam

  2. Brad. Powersliding is religion. R1/L1 to hop, then hold. Press the opposite of R1/L1 (L1 if you started sliding with R1 or vice versa) to boost after you see the meter turn red on the bottom. If not this game is gonna be a pain, it already is a pain if you dont powerslide.

  3. I used to love this game on the ps1. I love the fact that this game kept the characters outlook similar to the original game! All previous crash games should have followed this recipe.

  4. How to be faster:
    1. At the start, to get a boost, press x when it's about to turn green, not when it turns green. (there's an indicator at the bottom right, fill that up as it turns green).
    2. Power slide, you get a turbo boost when you turn. Fill that bar at the bottom right. If you master that, you can get a boost throughout the game 😂😂
    3. When going off the edge of an incline, or when you're about to drop, press jump. You get a boost when you land.

  5. to boost at the start u have to follow the ryhmes of the light (not just at the green), use powerslide more (when jumping too). as i remember, u can launch the trap items (chemical bottle, tnt) to the front (hold up while launching it). and use the goddamn shortcuts!

  6. you're not drifting, I mean using turbo, you should press R1 and when the red bar fills press L1 three three times , and then start again.

  7. You need to drift to get turbo , that the tips , learn in TaraArtsGame Indonesia video about CTR Nitro Fueled

  8. so ways to get boost

    starting boost – so each light is like to seconds apart, on the last red light wait half to a second before starting to accelerate for the best chance to get a boost without burning out.
    when going over ramps jumps and some drops, a timed jump can cause you to land while giving you a short boost (similar to Mario kart).
    last is what the game suggested after winning your first race, powerside aka drifting similar to mario kart jump (and hold) into your turns to build it and use what ever you gained when released (longer you slide the more you boost)

  9. Bro i can understand you actually don't have games to play…. But hold up cause golden era of gaming is on its way

  10. I wouldn't say you played this those 20 years ago as you seem not to know anything about it and react to it all like a complete newbie..
    NOT saying being new to it is a crime or something but why saying it brings back memories??
    Btw the gane clearly tryed to let you go faster with the slide boosts but none was used (25:30 atm and still watching)
    And JUMP at the end of a ledge for boosts too!

  11. ctr game is all about play the l1+r1 button
    all about power slide & boost
    and also jump at the right time

    if you play just like other race game
    it just too difficult brad
    you just need too used to it for the game mechanics
    thx brad u'r the best

  12. Awesome gameplay as always, Brad. Makes me miss the original CB. Great times, haha. Thanks for doing a playthrough of this! 🙂

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